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  1. How have I not heard of this before, I am running pfSense at a few of my locations I manage. Welp I guess I know what I am going to be doing.
  2. I haven't looked into these but I have seen adverts about very high end security appliances that monitors and stores network traffic and it will try and figure out network patterns. It is detects something abnormal it will alert you or do something depending on the abnormality. I think it was something from FireEye but I was awhile ago. But you need like Fortune 500 money to get it If you want to play around for free you could look at security onion. (You basically need to be a network security background to really use it.) https://securityonionsolutions
  3. If a devices can detect the attack like an IPS system then it can just block the attack. There isn't a need to disconnect your computer as the attack got blocked. I don't see a real advantage of auto disconnecting your computer over the attack that got blocked. If I did that my computer would be disconnecting all of the time. There are a bunch of bots and crap hitting servers and networks all of the time. If the attack didn't get blocked then it obviously wasn't detected so how exactly is your computer going to know it is being attacked.
  4. This is probably a bit over engineering in the crappy direction . But if you have an shelf or board and two C claps, You could C clamp the the shelf to the front of your desk (C Clamp on both sides) give it a little overhang to make the shelf the edge of your desk so you can attach the racing wheel to the overhanging part of the shelf.
  5. Hopefully you figured it out but if you haven't turn off Intel VDM Controller in the BIOS that should fix it.
  6. Bigger CPU cooler Run the fans faster (this makes then louder). Add more fans.
  7. Why can't the local service center test the PSU? Or at least test your system with one of their PSUs?
  8. I agree with @leadeaterAt your scale you need to separate your infrastructure out to be more redundant A setup they are suggesting is very redundant. Backend storage will have redundant controllers,data connections, power supplies and drives. You then have two or more compute nodes. aka standard server running VMware ESXI. If one compute node dies you can just migrate the VMs over to the other one and get the downed server fixed. I also agree with @Electronics Wizardythis kind of sounds like your in over your head. Your looking at tens of thousands for this type of setup that
  9. I have seen cheaper brands also have less input lag. It really just depends on the TV not necessarily the brand. Most TV will have some option to disable any "video enhancements" that is what increases the input lag. Ironically the input lag is more of a feature as they try and process the video to make it look nicer for movies and TV Shows. I always loot at https://www.rtings.com/tv they have great reviews and test the input lag. I have 4 27" 1440p monitors. 3 are in normal landscape and one is in rotated 90 degrees in to portrait. Some day I might try out ultra wide scree
  10. I wouldn't worry about the input lag at all. Most TVs now a days have a "gaming" mode that you can turn on so it will reduce the input lag to be more like a monitor. Also your playing poker I wouldn't consider that game to have a high frame rate and low latency a requirement like I would if you are playing a first person shooter online. As for the screen size it really comes down to personal preference. I have a few friends who love having a 43" TV as their monitor. They will usually use programs like Display Fusion to split the screen into quadrants kind of making the TV more of l
  11. It is SATA plus power connection but the power isn't the standard desktop sata power connection it is a lot more squished. If your trying to use a laptop DVD drive in a desktop you will probably need an adapter like this. https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-Slimline-SATA-Adapter-Power/dp/B009JXKQ9O/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=laptop+sata+power+to+normal&qid=1606756559&sr=8-3 Note I have seen some OEM mini/micro desktops that use these slim laptop style drives (as well as servers) so this connection isn't universal to laptops.
  12. Search the use market, I wouldn't look for anything specific just sort based on price and see what is available, you might even look for entire computers that happen to have a GPU that old your could probable get something for free or $25-50.
  13. Get a Nintendo Switch. That is probably your cheapest option that will give you the best experience on a tablet form factor. Any Windows tablets are not in your price point at all. Or get some cheap Android tablit and use gaming streaming to stream from your existing computer to the tablet over WiFi. Playing out side the house is possible but gets complicated depending on your internet connection.
  14. It depends on what games your playing, are you playing something that you just want to look beautiful like story mode games like Tomb Raider/Last of us type games? (Alot of the PS5 exclusives are this type) Or are you playing competitive esports type games like Apex where frame rate is more important then graphics details. If it was me a super cheap person I would probably just wait and see if the PS5 will support it in the future. https://www.pcgamer.com/sony-ps5-1440p-update-resolution/ This isn't a confirmation they will do anything but at least they are
  15. It has been awhile since I have looked for a good webcam last I check Logitech was the industry standard. I think it was like the C920 HD PRO was the most popular. But if price is no option why not go for the top of the line Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro? 4K HRD, and Windows Hello support. As for a mic I can't really help you their. There are a bunch of options out there anywhere from crappy built in mics on the webcam to headsets to desk mounted mics.