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  1. You can do it but it would be very complex and cost way more then just buying a bigger storage for each computer. LMG actually did it already in their 7 gamers 1 CPU. They have a mega PC that runs 7 VMs. Those VMs are linked clones of a base VM. It is linked so they all think they have there own dedicated copy of a file but in reality all 7 are referencing the same physical data locations on the storage. But this works really well because if a VM changes the data the back end storage is smart enough to give it it own dedicated copy of the file containing the just the changes it mad
  2. I would really really recommend you match resolution more then you match the physical monitor look. Your not going to have a good time using a 1440p monitor with two 1080p monitors of the same size. Windows won't slide over nicely between monitors and the two side monitors will always look bury and crappy right next to the sharp 1440p monitor it just isn't worth it in my opinion. Getting all three the same would be best, If you don't want to then buy the nice center monitor and then buy two of the cheapest 1440p monitors you can find I found Acer V277U 27 is pretty cheap but there
  3. You should be able to change you DNS if not on your router on your PC/phone your using. Just go to the same place you would when your change your IP address but just static the DNS to something like Cloudflare or Google DNS. and leave the IP at obtain automatically.
  4. It is up for me as well, Sounds like an issue on your end. At least for me western US location Youtube-dl website ip is maybe you have a DNS issue. You could try and hard code the DNS name to that ip address and see if that helps. Going directly to the IP you get an uberspace error page in German (I think). Or just change your DNS server to googles or something see if that helps. Also if you really need to download it their github page also has a copy of the program. https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/releases
  5. exFAT is a very basic file system that lacks a lot of features, the biggest one in your case is journaling as it helps in recovering corrupted files caused by a system crash. It also doesn't support things like shadow copies for version control, permissions, and native file encryption although you probably don't care to much about any of those for your use case but they are nice to have. Bottom line is exFAT is designed to be a temporary storage while transferring files between devices but I wouldn't trust it with much else. NTFS would be my choice, ZFS would be an even
  6. I don't know if I would bother with cloning the old HDD on the new SSD. Just copy the files from the old computer to the new computer. Keep the old computer around just in case you miss any files. But most files are stored under the user directory for his user account I just copy the entire user folder to a temporary location on the new computer and then just copy documents and desktop folder to the new user's documents and desktop. Check on any programs he uses and see where it stores the files many will have an export and import options for any settings. Also I would
  7. Yeah that sounds like a graphics card issue to me. You have swapped out everything else. Maybe try a different PCI slot on your motherboard if one is available but that is a long shot.
  8. Yeah I have had that issue before years ago it is terrible because no USB ports = no mouse or keyboard unless your likely enough to have a PS2 keyboard laying around with the motherboard that happens to have PS2. In my situation I lucked out because I had remote desktop enabled and the network card had drivers to work, so I could remote desktop into the computer and fix the driver problems otherwise I think it would have been screwed as even safe mode wasn't working.
  9. If your OK with used market, you may look into Windows Mixed Reality Headset used market. You can get like an Acer, HP, or Lenovo headset for $100-150 just looking on Ebay. I will say hardware wise the Quest 2 is way better and probably the next best option if you don't want used. But you will need to get the linked cabled or try the wireless option assuming you have a high end WiFi router at your house. And you also have the Facebook requirement Unfortunately there isn't any "cheap" headset anymore beside the Quest 2. I think the cheapest new one is the HP Reverb G2
  10. NTFS, exFAT is only good for quick file transfers and shouldn't be considered as reliable long term storage solution. Edit. As @Eviljuchesuggested ZFS is much better. But I am not sure how much of an advantage it would be over NTFS, if your just using it as a single drive backup you stick on a shelf. You really need multiple drives in a ZFS pool (similar to a RAID array) to take full advantage of its feature like bitrot recovery. But even with only a single drive it could still detect bitrot just not recover bitrot.
  11. Glad you found a shop that could fix it. I would hate to have to buy a new card these days. Have fun with the card.
  12. Yikes, That looks like it will need to be soldered back on the board. The good news at least from the photos it doesn't look like the chip or the card is permanently damaged. I would look for a local shop that can do electronic repair at the board level. It should hopefully be an easy fix for them if it just broke the chip off the pads. Some flux and solder and you should be good to go.
  13. Glad you got it working, yeah it is best to get the drivers from the motherboard's website. There support page should have the latest driver and don't need to install any third party program.
  14. Yes you can buy a 2TB drive in place. The extra 500GB will be unusable until you upgrade the rest of the 1.5TB drives. But that will be the only downside. It could also be something with the Green Drives if remember correctly the green drives were notorious unreliable in a hardware RAID array but since your using software ZFS it should be a little more forgiving.