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  1. Yup. I think that's the next move cause I really think somethings been wrong from the start. I posted this video in the GPU section a while ago. It's even more apparent now that I am using my old 780 in my new computer. Everything is so snappy regarding images. Where with the 6900xt the computer just seemed like it was slow rendering images. VID_20210913_231241.mp4.886b0172224df1175ee3f2f1cb1e7e12.mp4
  2. So I brought the card back to memory express to be tested and they got it running no problem on 2 different computers. I have no idea WTF is going on. Currently I have my old 780 in my computer and it's working no problem. I did a complete uninstall with DDU in safe mode and I don't have any other tuning programs. I also ran CCleaner registry cleaner. Anything else I can try other than a whole new Windows install?
  3. too lazy to go outside and take a pic of the Jack but also got a new impact gun and a fancy dancy pair of kitchen shears.
  4. yes but it was only at 52ºC when it shut down. Does that mean anything? It's the MSI x trio if that means anything.
  5. Power and voltage maxed out at 1.2v and +12% power limit. Card consumes 380w at peak. Max Frequency: 2800mhz Memory: Fast Timing 2150mhz
  6. I just realized my old computer had some extra PCI-e cables and I was able to power the card but still black screen. I will take a look at the link ty.
  7. So uh...I'm a big dummy and did something I shouldn't have done. I was bored and looking through 6900xt Overclocks and basically copied someone's settings in Adrenalin. Started up Timespy and watched my AMD screen overlay. Reached temps of 52ºC and then went to black screen and computer rebooted with no video. I installed my old 780 got video no problem. Booted to safe mode and used DDU to uninstall the AMD drivers and Adrenalin. Rebooted and turned off safe mode, reinstalled 6900xt but still no video. I don't have another computer to test
  8. My man was sitting there for at least half hour like this watching me tear down The Coliseum Lego set. I loved it. He just seemed so calm, cool and relaxed.
  9. It took me a few days when I first built this computer to get l-connect 2 working and I had no problems for 2 months. I opened L-Connect 2 last week so I could raise the fan speeds to do some benchmarking and it just gave me errors and kept disconnecting. I haven't been able to get it running since. I tried everything including uninstalling Armoury Crate, AI Suite and anything else that I could think of, shutting down and running CCleaner registry cleaner, uninstalling and reinstalling L-Connect 2 and it still won’t connect. I have 12 AL120’s in 4 groups of 3 running to the LL hu
  10. It's very hard to go from a 22" high screen to an ultrawide that is only 16" high. I've used friends ultrawides and hated them.
  11. Anything bigger then 43" is too big for me. I think judging by the comments I might just go with the LG43UN700 for now and keep my eyes on what's coming up.
  12. I'm on the cusp of needing a new monitor. I have been using a 40" 4k 3840 x 2160 monitor for a few years and I love it but it's starting to flash on and off and needs to be replaced. I have looked at the Aorus FV43U but it seems to be a hit and miss on the panel and quality with lot's of complaints about dead pixels, and also the ROG monitors but very pricey at $2k. I heard LG is coming with a 42" OLED early next year as it was delayed this year. Can people who have been using the larger ones tell me about text quality and everyday uses ie. photo work, browsi
  13. I have hundreds if not thousands of errors like this in my event viewer. Harddisk 2 is my external WD storage. The device is always locked unless I need it and unlock it. Would this be the reason I get all these errors?