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  1. Which one ?

    Is your budget 1500 CHF for the body only? Or is that for body + lens? Option 1) I wouldn't recommend a Sony a7ii or a7rii unless you're ok with relying primarily on manual focus. If you can swing it, I'd go with the A7iii as it's probably the best all-around camera on the market right now. The only problem is that leaves very little room for lenses, but you could get yourself a Rokinon 14mm 2.8 and a Rokinon 50mm 1.4 for a decent price. After that, save up for a Sony 24-105mm f/4 lens. Option 2) The Fuji XT-2 is fantastic. I'd recommend buying 3 batteries as well as a USB power bank. You can charge the camera via USB when it's not in use, so that would be a good way to get around the poor battery life issue. Option 3) Sony A6300 or A6500 would also be worth investigating.
  2. I dream of... Linus?

    So I'm on holiday right now, chilling at the cottage, and Linus has been showing up in my dreams the past few nights. First, he was the host of some cooking show I was on. Then last night, I dreamt I was teaching a course at UBC and passed by him and the LTT crew in the hallway. (he looked grumpy so I didn't say "hi") To add to the weirdness, I haven't even been watching LMG videos for the past few days, as being on holiday means I'm not clutching my phone watching his videos to take the pain of the ordinary day away. Is this some sort of subliminal message activating in my brain to watch more videos and generate more of that sweet sweet youtube money for his digital media empire? Any of you had Linus show up in your dreams?
  3. Best Small lens for Sony E mount

    I have the Tokina 20mm f/2 Firin lens. It might be too big and it's manual focus only, but I love mine. I use it for the stars. But with a small filter thread and wide angle, it would be a good lens to take hiking as it would be great for landscapes. /2cents
  4. WAN Show June.22 2018 - Wan show document

    Dear Linus, I hope you find your cat. Let us know if he comes home!
  5. Why do we need SO MANY SERVERS??

    I loved the video of Linus introducing the Red camera and watching him have a melt down over the cost. I always thought going with Red was a bit excessive, but that's Linus Media Group for you. I was glad to see you guys also use an A7s(ii?) as I kept thinking, "Why use an 8k Red Weapon when a Sony a7sII would probably be far more practical?"
  6. Friend's PC is haunted?

    A mate of mine has a peculiar problem with his custom built PC. It randomly turns itself on. Anyone ever experienced this? It's creepy. Just sitting there, watching tv, when it just randomly boots up. Poor guy has to turn it off at the back whenever he leaves the house. Not looking for solutions. Just sharing for a laugh. Hence why I didn't post this in troubleshooting.
  7. Lighting hit my house fried computer

    Something similar happened to me when I was a kid. Lightning struck the house, all the lights turned on for a moment, and half the electronics were fried. No computers died, oddly enough.
  8. What would I need for my purposes?

    Yeah, I was thinking that it's probably not worth it. I'll just start saving for a new machine. Thanks for all the help.Very helpful. Much appreciated. Wow. Amaze.
  9. What would I need for my purposes?

    I priced it out and I'm looking at around $350-$450 CAD. Probably looking to get another 2-4 years out of my current machine (hopefully). I am using SSDs exclusively, got three of them crammed into various orifices in my laptop. Just filled the second unpopulated mini PCIE slot with a 500gb Samsung 860 EVO.
  10. What would I need for my purposes?

    One final question. My current laptop runs an i7 3820QM @ 2.7GHz and I've got 16gb of DDR3 1666MHz memory (max speed supported). Do you think it makes any sense to spend the money upgrade to 32gb of memory? Or would my money be better spent saving up for a whole new system?
  11. What would I need for my purposes?

    So prioritise clock speed and boost speed over number of cores. I just rewatched Linus' review of the i7-8700K and it really does confirm what you said. It seems better suited for productivity tasks. Thanks!
  12. What would I need for my purposes?

    Just out of curiosity, what about an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X? You get 8 cores instead of 6 and 3.7GHz instead of 3.2GHz. They seem relatively similar in terms of price. To my limited knowledge, Ryzen seems more geared towards gaming, though. Any thoughts?
  13. My only reason for needing a PC with some oomph behind it is photo editing. I work with Sony A7rIII raw files (around 85mb) in Capture One and 250mb TIFF files in Photoshop CS5. What specs should I prioritise? CPU speed over number of cores? Ram over Graphics card? I don't want to spend money on,say, a high end graphics card if it's not going to make a difference for my use. What would people recommend in a build? My budget is between $1000-$2000 CAD. I generally go with something a step up from what I need just for the sake of future proofing. I like getting a long life out of my machines (around 10 years with around $500ish of upgrades during that time). Only running one monitor. I've got all the peripherals I need. Looking at getting a new machine as my old one is a bit sluggish thanks to the new camera files.
  14. (RESOLVED) Windows7 update suck at 0%

    Solved! Woke up this morning to find the updates downloaded and installed. Thanks to all who commented.
  15. (RESOLVED) Windows7 update suck at 0%

    I fell in love with Linux Mint back in 2015 after my old laptop stopped being able to run Windows 7. It really breathed new life into a machine that's now approaching 10 years old. I keep a Windows partition on my photo editing laptop for my editing software, but other than that I use Mint almost exclusively.