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  1. YellowJersey

    Sony A6000 lens suggestions?

    IIRC, the A6000 supports charging via USB. So plugging it into an external battery bank can help prolong your battery life. I'm not sure if you can have it charging while the camera is on and in use, though. Edit: Seems like the A6000 can only be charged via USB while the camera is off. It looks like the A6300 and A6500 can be charged while the camera is on.
  2. YellowJersey

    Replacing Aging Camera Gear

    I'm not crazy about the Z6 or Z7. While they're impressive, I'd wait until the system has matured a bit and more lenses are out. Benefits of DSLR: -tend to be more robust and durable with better weather sealing -less sensor cleaning -better battery life -more extensive lens options due to mature lens lineup -Nikon DSLR 3D tracking continuous autofocus Benefits of mirrorless: -can see your exposure in-viewfinder -smaller/lighter cameras and lenses (though some lenses offer minimal weight savings) -no autofocus microadjustments required -USB charging (on some models) -in-body image stablisation Your budget excludes the D850, but the D500, A7III, and XT3 are still on the table. What's your application? What do you shoot?
  3. YellowJersey

    New Camera Advice

    Nice point about the GH5 and a valid concern, though I'd still seriously consider it. Would you be into using a gimbal? If so, the XT-3 might be worth looking into. It doesn't have IBIS, hence the gimbal. If IBIS is a must, maybe check out the GH4. Again, Panasonic's commitment to MFT may be in question, but a used GH4 would be great value for money. The XH-1 isn't a bad option either, though I'd wait to see what the XH-2 has to offer before pulling the trigger on that. Do you need autofocus during video? That would narrow down the options a lot.
  4. YellowJersey

    Replacing Aging Camera Gear

    What's your budget? That would really narrow things down. My picks would be: DSLR (full frame) Nikon D850 w/ a few Sigma Art or Tamron G2 lenses DSLR (APS-C) Nikon D500 Mirrorless (full frame) Sony A7III Mirrorless (APS-C) Fuji XT-3
  5. Anyone know of a free tool I can download to switch between various colour profiles for my monitor on Windows 7? I used to have one, but I recently had to reinstall Windows 7 and lost it without a backup of the tool or even what it was called. I calibrated my monitor, but Windows 7 is VERY inconsistent about loading that particular colour profile. Any ideas?
  6. YellowJersey

    University - What to do after graduation?

    You're quite right; it isn't always possible to know in advance. My first lawyer job was terrible and it's what made me decide to pursue teaching instead of practice, hence why I'm doing the Master's. Part of the problem is that the market is flooded with university grads coupled with the devaluing of education. So employers expect a university degree for jobs that don't even remotely require one while simultaneously not valuing said degree. It's weird, one minute an employer says "We need a bachelor's degree for a receptionist position" and then says "You have a degree? So what?" Couple that with the fact that many employers see paying their employees at all, let alone paying them a living wage, as employees being "entitled." Meanwhile, Sears Canada executives all got their nice bonuses as a reward for the business going under while all the employees got totally screwed. It's a crappy time to be trying to look for a job that you could consider a "career" rather than just a "pays the bills while waiting for something better to come along."
  7. YellowJersey

    University - What to do after graduation?

    A good question. Here's my take. I graduated with a BA in English and no idea what to do next. So I went to law school. I didn't really want to be a lawyer, but I didn't know what else to do. I finished law school and accidentally fell into teaching law and fell in love with it. Right now, I'm trying to make a career out of teaching because it's something I genuinely enjoy doing. Now, I'm not necessarily endorsing the teaching route. My point is: is there anything you enjoy doing that you can make money doing, regardless of its relevance to your degree? I'd strongly encourage you to ponder this question. I've worked a lot of different jobs in my life and as I approach my 40s, I can tell you that settling into a job you hate, even if it pays well, is probably not going to be something you'll be happy with. A mate of mine went into the civil service already knowing he'd hate it and he's pretty miserable, despite the fact that he's paid well. I make far less money and teaching work has been far from steady, but I find myself enjoying life more despite all that. I dabble in a few other things to help pay the bills, but the goal is to try and finish my Master's and secure something more permanent on the teaching front. It's frustrating sometimes, but I'd rather be where I am than be more "successful" while miserable. Don't feel chained to your degree, by which I mean you shouldn't feel compelled to find something in your field. Consider other paths, even if they have no relevance to your degree. I've seriously contemplated giving up on law entirely and learning a trade instead. I know a guy who practised law for 10 years before he gave it up and took up coding.
  8. YellowJersey


    I've always preferred Mr. Sub over Subway.
  9. YellowJersey

    Power surges and resulting paranoia

    I thought my original post made it clear I wanted to complain about this, not actually do anything about it. :P
  10. YellowJersey

    Power surges and resulting paranoia

    Looks like I have some reading up to do.
  11. YellowJersey

    Power surges and resulting paranoia

    So I grew up in a house that was struck by lightning one night. Every light in the house turned on for about 5 seconds and the microwave as well as several TVs and other appliances were fried. My grandparents also have a cottage in rural Ontario where power surges are also common; we've gone through quite a few microwaves (we now leave it unplugged if no one's there). It's always the microwave for some reason. As a result, I'm something of a paranoid parrot when it comes to my fear of power surges frying my expensive electronics. As a result, not only do I turn off the powerbars for my TV, gaming consoles, and computer station when they're not in use, I also unplug the powerbars altogether. I realise that I'm probably worrying over nothing, but nevertheless, I still can't help but worry about it. Anyone else have these kinds of fears?
  12. YellowJersey

    Not enough camera reviews

    The odd camera review, particularly of interesting cameras with new/odd features, wouldn't be out of place.
  13. Linus always seems so frustrated with Jake.
  14. YellowJersey

    Nikon D750 vs D7500

    Ifit's between the D750 and D7500, D750 all the way. The highest ISO ranges are all software for marketing. The D750 is likely to have less noise due to it being a larger sensor with larger pixels. Plus, you get the benefit of dual card slots. Like cc143 said, the catch is your application. If you're shooting fast moving subjects (sports, wildlife) and in particularly need good continuous AF tracking, then the D500 is going to be a killer camera due to its autofocus points covering nearly the entire frame.
  15. YellowJersey

    My display journey is finally over!

    I paid $1,000 CAD. It was on sale, reduced from $1,250 CAD