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  1. CRT monitors/TVs are also something you need to be careful with.
  2. Well, it sort of is a matter of TVs because if I'm worrying about input lag over nothing then it makes the decision. A retro pi is just one of my use cases.
  3. After much research and such eye strain, wow, I've narrowed the choice of a new TV down to two models: Sony X900F (55 inch) Samsung RU8000 (55inch) Both are the same price ($999 CAD). I'm leaning towards the Sony, but the Samsung has better input lag for gaming. Now, input lag isn't a huge deal for me for modern titles, but I have a retro-pi and am worried about input lag for old platformers like Super Mario World. Could someone help me understand the input lag numbers? https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x900f Would a retro pi output 1080 at 60hz or 120hz? I'm outside my wheelhouse here.
  4. I personally use the MATE desktop, but I know I'm in the minority there. I never thought an OS could be exciting, but switching to Mint changed that.
  5. I switched to Linux when Windows 10 first came out as I didn't like the lack of privacy in 10. Check out Linux Mint. It's designed to be pretty friendly to uses coming from a Windows environment; it's what I've switched to.
  6. I'm in the market for a new TV. I don't need anything fancy or feature rich. I just need something decent for playing some console games (not a hardcore gamer so I don't need a "gaming" TV and I'm mostly playing Nintendo Switch titles), watching netflix (anime mostly), etc. These two appealed to me because they're not smart TVs (I'm very privacy conscious), they're big, and the price is right. I just want something decent; doesn't have to be amazing. Ideally, I'd like 1080, but the kijiji and FB marketplace market isn't great in my area right now and they only seem to make TVs of this size in 4k these days. Would either of these TVs be a bad idea? https://www.visions.ca/product-detail/50227/hitachi_58_4k_uhd_led_tv_with_block_noise_reduction_pictureperfect_processor_and_anti_glare_screen?categoryId=525&sku=C58M6 https://www.visions.ca/product-detail/50226/hitachi_55_4k_uhd_led_tv_with_block_noise_reduction_pictureperfect_processor_and_anti_glare_screen?categoryId=525&sku=C55M6
  7. A guy on the Vancouver-Inuvik ride had the model above the TCX-1 (TCX-0?) and the dust, dirt, and grit of the Dempster Highway resulted in his rear derailer being torn right off. Mine was fine. I like the cyclocross style. It feels a bit more robust than a road bike.
  8. I wrote out a whole post and then lost it due to some kind of host error. My first "proper" road bike was a Giant OCR-1. That's the one I did Victoria to St. Johns with and is currently retired. My current bike is a Giant TCX-1 cyclocross, but I use it as a road bike. I got it because my Vancouver to Inuvik ride involved riding the Dempster Highway, which is an 800km dirt "road" through the low Arctic, so I wanted something that I could put some bigger tyres on. We had 5 out of 8 days of rain on the Dempster and the road was just mush. 3C, windy as hell, rainy, cold, and miserable. I haven't done any fully self-supported trips. My long trips were through a company through Cycle Canada, so we had a truck carrying our camping gear from site to site and we only needed to bring what was needed for the day. I've done the Icefields Parkway a few times from Banff to Jasper, but I was staying at huts along the way, so I didn't need to bring a tent or stove.
  9. Good travel camera, too. I'm into bicycles. I've done Canada coast to coast to coast. A bit of a nutter.
  10. I half expected this episode's sponsor to be Robitussin or something. Jeez, if I sounded like Linus, I'd have to be doped up to my eyeballs to even show up to work that day.