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  1. Is 10900k going to be the first in a while "mainstream" CPU to hit 300w power draw? 9900k already can reach 250w when overclocked and I doubt binning can help Intel in this case
  2. Rewind videos are surprisingly OK when they are reviewed by Ozzy man:
  3. If both 1650 Super and RX 570 cost the same, get the 1650 Super, it is bit faster than RX 570. But if you can find 8GB RX 580 for around 160, then that one is to go for. RX 570 is a good buy in 120-130 range.
  4. Well, I didn't say it correctly – there is one cable coming out of AIO, but fans and pump cable are connected to that single cable. So 1 PWM header controls and powers fans and the pump. It has somewhat small pump, so it doesn't use that much of power.
  5. Arctic Liquid Freezer has 1 cable in total. Alphacool Eisbaer LT has one PWM cable (but it is recommended to use 7v adapter if you want to run pump at lower speed) + additional cables coming from fans.
  6. Jesus, that cooling performance is impressive. Although I don't think overtightening is a viable option for long term use?
  7. No. What I am saying is that new GPU would give him far bigger increase in FPS than overclocking his CPU.
  8. CPU/RAM saving features, easy access to Twitch and Discord, on default tab it shows information about new games, stuff like that. Gaming audience is bigger I guess?
  9. No, I meant the GPU. He could sell the RX 580 for around 100$, add that to the 200$ he has for CPU cooling and upgrade to RX 5700, giving him far higher performance than CPU overclock would. Better GPU would be far more beneficial than better CPU cooling
  10. ... Get a $30 Gammax 400 and call it a day. Spending $200 on RGB cooler for 2600 is weird decision, considering you could use that money for upgrading your GPU. Not to mention that skipping RGB means skipping extra cancer, but not sure if that will help considering choice of your case.
  11. Opera GX has been released quite a while ago? And why not? Basic Opera is already better than Chrome and GX just offers even more features.
  12. And 5500XT is A Major Disappointment...

    1. dizmo


      Not at all surprised.

  13. Yeah, just make sure to uninstall them with DDU, as manual uninstall can leave behind corrupted registry files and stuff. P.S. How did you check VRAM usage in game? Using MSI Afterburner?
  14. Unless the software he uses shows half of RAM speed, which is the case with Speccy