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  1. Quadriplegic

    [Canada] Wireless noise-cancelling headphones

    TaoTronics BH046 are very good option at around $100. Or if you can afford them (are used earphones an option?) Sony WH-1000XM3. But I'd say that IEM are the way to go for passive noise cancel
  2. Quadriplegic

    Lian Li O-11 Dynamic with Alphacool Gpu block

    Lian li has list of all supported water blocks at their home page.
  3. Quadriplegic

    Dauntless bad fps

    Did you delete the drivers with DDU before installing RX 480?
  4. Quadriplegic

    How to get rainbow RGB on Game Max Abyss

    First thing you have to do is that pictures are for illustration purposes only, they do not give you 100% accurate description of the product. The case comes with regular RGB strips, not addressable RGB, so you only get one colour at time. If you want rainbow cancer puke, replace the strip and fan with ARGB variants.
  5. Quadriplegic

    What the F is wrong with people?

    I'm an ass, so all I can say is – tell her to stop being silly b****. It seems like she wants people to feel bad for her, but doesn't want to accept help. It seems like she thinks she knows it all, but doesn't think before acting. Perhaps knowing that she is nothing but a burden to people close to her will force her to actually do something to change? Sorry for talking about your friend like this, but I can't stand people like her. Sure, I am not pretending to be know-it-all just from few posts in random tech forum, but I think it is enough to make first impression
  6. Quadriplegic

    New Graphic cards?

    Says you can buy good graphics card for less than $100. Proceeds to mention RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080... Finishes the post by giving link to crap article.
  7. Quadriplegic

    Fair price for a used 1070?

    Nah, RX 590 is below 1070
  8. Quadriplegic

    Noctua NF-A14 fans rising and falling in speed

    1A header wouldn't be able to fully power 2 140mm Noctua Industrial fans.
  9. Quadriplegic

    Noctua NF-A14 fans rising and falling in speed

    My point was that not all fans are equal. Where did you get that motherboards can handle 3 fans with a splitter? Basically, what @CorruptedSanity said. It is very likely his motherboard header can't manage 2 Industrial fans at high speeds.
  10. Quadriplegic

    Noctua NF-A14 fans rising and falling in speed

    Orly? So you are saying you can connect 3 of these to normal motherboard header? https://www.amazon.com/Delta-Electronics-PFB0912DHE-F00-92x92x38mm-Connector/dp/B0080IZGV2
  11. Quadriplegic

    No 4 pin with psu

    What's your CPU? Quite often the extra 4 pin connector is just a gimmick
  12. Quadriplegic

    PSU for a gaming rig

    Prime Ultra 550w fits in the budget: https://www.1a.lt/kompiuteriu_komponentai_tinklo_produktai/korpusas_ir_ausinimas/maitinimo_blokai/seasonic_prime_ultra_550w_gold (is this the one with updated, more silent fan?) The non-Ultra Primes start at 650W and are out of his budget. At that price point, Straight Power 11 650w/750w is also an option. 650W Whisper M for €92 is a good choice too I guess..
  13. Quadriplegic

    DREVO BladeMaster Pro Mechanical Keyboard any good?

    In worst case scenario, there are retailers that sell barebones board, you can get your own switches and caps. Tho that will end up being more expensive than just buying straight from Glorious. Regarding the caps, some people in comments section claimed these caps will fit (I would say they look pretty much the same as Aurora?): https://www.amazon.com/HyperX-Double-Shot-PBT-Keycaps/dp/B07JDVG4RQ
  14. Quadriplegic

    Vega 56 or 64?

    Well, difference was somewhat small at the beginning, it took some time for drivers to mature and developers to start giving a damn. I am not sure if that counts as fine wine, as it was still AMD's most recent card at that time :V HU's video testing few games.
  15. Quadriplegic

    Vega 56 or 64?

    Vega 64 is roughly 10% faster than Vega 56 if I remember right. Biggest difference comes from HBM 2 clocks, since Vega cards in general are somewhat limited by memory bandwith. However, Vega 56 has much more room for overclocking. On synthetic benchmarks, undervolting, overclocking a bit and raising power limit makes Vega 56 up to 15% faster compared to stock. I am not saying that Vega 64 doesn't have room for OC, but they can have same HBM2 clocks and GPU clocks. Vega 56 has always been faster than 1070 (unless you watch HardwareCannucks comparison video, where they benchmarked every single heavily Nvidia optimized title -.-), hence why 1070 Ti exists