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  1. Perhaps one for the WAN show, nvidia did the 3070 Ti drop yesterday and sold 0 FE cards to the UK market (probably same in other countries too). See:
  2. Ye sorry to clarify, that's exactly what happened. We did not get a FE card drop at all, that's why everyone is confused. They dropped a very limited number of AIB cards and that's it. Many thousands were waiting for the FE card to drop and it didn't happened. I even called the retailer Scan (they are the retailer in the UK like BestBuy responsible for handling the FE cards) and they confirmed that nvidia decided not to sell any today and that they don't know why. How tf is nvidia going to do a release day and give 0 FE cards to the UK (and possible rest of the world???). Wast
  3. Hello, I'm from the UK and nobody got a 3070 Ti FE today, -nobody- at all. I am interested as to why nvidia would have a launch of their product and then supply 0 FE cards. It wasted my day and I'm not sure if this situation is worldwide or only in the UK, but I am wondering if anyone knows more. Can LMG investigate? I personally booked a half day off work, have been waiting for a FE card from 1PM all the way up to 6PM and nothing. 5 hours of my life wasted for nvidia's BS paper launch.
  4. You have to keep checking the nvidia website, when stock is available they change it to "Check Availability" and will link you to something unique on scan.co.uk to make a purchase. They do drops at random times during the day, so it's very hard to get hold of them.
  5. I paid £100, I can stretch to £150 but would prefer to lose features like wireless to get better sound quality than stretch the budget upwards.
  6. I purchased a Steelseries Arctis 7 and have tried so hard to like it, in some aspects it's actually very good. But there are too many downsides, having lived with similar downsides on my old headset for 7 years, not prepared to do the same with this new one, so I am now probably going to return it, the problem is I don't know what to go with instead. Can someone recommend a better headset in the same price range as the Arctis 7? I managed to get it on the BLACK FRIDAY sales for £99 (GBP UK). The problems: 1. The surround sound sucks, this is the most important fea
  7. You really don't lol, you made a whole response about how nobody can get a 3080 in general and now you're sticking to it :D. I was literally just talking about the one 3080 that Linus put up. I haven't bothered trying to get a 3080 or anything like that, so couldn't care too much. I was actually due to build a PC before christmas but I scrapped my plans for another year and bought an expensive bike instead. But since you want me to talk about the topic of the 3080's in general, yes there are definitely bots picking them up, yes there is also fake demand by people scalping them,
  8. 3080 string? The product title was "Here" = bot fail bro. But yes, as you illustrate not hard to make a bot for something like this. Probably better if it was a raffle lol.
  9. You don't even know what I'm talking about do you lol? Linus setup a competition to win a GPU on the LTT site and it literally appeared and pretty much insta sold.
  10. How does it sell so fast, surely there must of been bots?
  11. My trusted 2TB Seagate Barracuda has finally decided to throw in the towel yesterday (after 8 years), I tried launching Battle.net and it took a really long time, then threw an error saying files were missing and it couldn't launch. Thought that was strange so rebooted and then all of a sudden the drive is showing 100% utilisation and would not drop, everything on the drive was dog slow to access. Immediately realised something was wrong, shutdown and rebooted with SeaTools Linus utility, done a SMART check, passed fine. Done short self test or short random test and both fail. B
  12. An important thing to note these days is that HDD's with higher cache's *normally* tend to be based on SMR, which personally I would avoid. When buying a HDD to me it always seems to make sense to pick whatever has the best quality / technology, as opposed to looking at performance. Simply because even the slightly higher performance HDD's are still significantly inferior to an SSD. Buy a HDD for long term quality storage, buy an SSD for performance.
  13. How does the performance compare to the Noctua?
  14. What is the difference between that and the u12s? Since I like the chromax black ones.
  15. I am speccing up a new RGB build, I have currently specced it up with an AIO but considering I like to run my PC's for nearly 10 years (with upgrades), I don't think an AIO would work. In this situation I normally buy the big brick, NH-D15. But I have a problem, I want to go RGB this time and the NH-D15 just doesn't quite work, for starters my RGB RAM will be invisible. So I am struggling between giving in and buying an AIO or finding an air cooler that will be epic and allow all my RGB to be visibile. The cooler itself doesn't need RGB, just needs to not take up so m