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  1. I have an MSI GL63 laptop, with intel 8750H processor and nvidia 1060 GPU. Recently the fan responsible for cooling the GPU became defective and makes loud rattling noises while providing basically no airflow or cooling. The fan has been damaged and needs to be replaced but the replacement fans are not in stock right now. Until I get those, I cant game but I want to use the laptop for other stuff like checking mail, browsing, excel etc. So I want to completely disable the GPU fan as well as the GPU itself and run only on the integrated GPU for now. How do I make sure both of these
  2. I have a 2.5yr old MSI GL63 8RE laptop, it has two fans and one of them has started making a lot of rattling/scratching noise and spinning very slowly (400-500 rpm, usually spins at about 5k rpm). There is basically no airflow from it. I opened the back panel of the laptop and trying to spin the fan manually and it is providing a lot of resistance and not spinning freely. One thing I did notice is that sometimes for a few moments it gets "unstuck" from whatever problem it is having and spins up to about 1-2k rpm and noise goes down. But that only happens for a second or two and the
  3. For game SSD would you recommend SATA? I already have samsung 970 for boot drive.
  4. Mostly gaming, and some video editing/blender for fun in my free time.
  5. My PC has G. Skill Trident Z RGB F4-3200C16D-16GTZR (16 GB) RAM. I watched a video saying due to less demand RAM prices are little lower at the moment and when I checked a my local retailer the price for another 16GB was about 30% lower than what I originally paid. Now there is no immediate need for more ram but I will want to upgrade at some point in the future and was wondering if now would be a good time when the prices are low and the exact model that I have in my PC is available for purchase. So if have a couple questions - 1. Should I buy the RAM now? 2. If I decid
  6. I just shut down from Windows. PSU switch and UPS both stay on. When turning on I only have to press the power button on the case
  7. ram is in slots 2 and 4. BIOS is what arrived from factory, I did not update it because everything was working fine without updating it.
  8. I have a pc with corsair tx650m psu. According to pcpartpicker the estimated wattage is 409W so even accounting for inefficiencies, power draw from wall should not be more than 500W. I have a UPS that is rated for 1100VA/660W where I have plugged the PC, the monitor (which according to manufacturer uses about 70W power) and a wifi router. Yesterday, while trying to boot it up, the PC shut down itself on the boot screen. I tried powering it on again and it worked, and then after a few hours when I turned on the PC a third time and once again it shut down itself. It does not restart,
  9. I built a new PC couple months ago, it had a Corsair TX650M PSU but after a few weeks its capacitors popped and I had to RMA it. The new one arrived a few days ago, first couple of days it worked fine, but today when I turned it on it shut down itself in a couple of seconds. I turned it on again and it worked fine, after doing my work I shut down the PC again. Then when I turned on the PC again couple hours later, it shut down again in a second. What is causing the problem? Is this PSU also faulty? Edit: I am also using a UPS rated for 1100VA/660W where I have plug
  10. I didnt plug it in to the PSU, just tried to plug it in the wall when the switch was off.
  11. What you posted is what I got with the original PSU. I talked to the RMA support and they said I can visit their store and they'll replace the cord with the correct one
  12. I bought a Corsair TX-650M PSU some time ago, and for the wall connector it had a 3 pin UK type connector, but its capacitors popped after some time so I had to RMA it. The replacement arrived today and I noticed it only has 2 pins for the wall connector and no ground pin. Also, this new connector doesnt fit quite as securely into the plug point as the previous one and a light pull can make it fall out of the socket. Should I be concerned about this or is it fine? The PC is connected through a UPS and not directly to the wall.