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  1. I dont think anyone really cares, the real GNU/linux problem is not the UI, or the goddamn "new" wallpapers every other new distro has.
  2. Not anymore, the cost of building new fabs, and R&D for new process node outweights the little gain in lower production cost per chip from stacking more chips per wafer, at least thats what i understand from various tech sites. But if you actually increase core count/transistors count per chip you might end up with chips of similar size as previous node hence your cost for a similar sized chip will be much higher, which is most likely the reason we still dont have 6-8 core i7's at 3-400$ mark and 6-8 core i5 at 2-300$. But im no expert might be wrong.
  3. Actually the biggest problem with the UI is that they do not allow people and real UI designer artists create their own themes and share them freely, that and the fact that this "UI Update" is going to be for UWP alone and thats it. Imagine how terrible and frustrating it will be when you open some new UI modern UWP app with transparency do to whatever, and then go into old Explorer.exe to search for some file... the impact of that experience will trigger my OCD over and over again until ill break something. Windows 7 is unnacceptable at this point,the UI is great, but installing stuff sometimes just halts or breaks completely, updates are impossible to install unless you have an updated .iso, and i dont trust the torrent ones. Even if i hate MS im actually hoping for them to succeed, at this point we have no option. Linux community is gone living in their own bubble, w7/8.1 is becoming severely outdated and unsuported largely because of MS agressiveness. Microsoft is so so stupid, if they would actually implement again Aero theme for OLD UI, and once and for all implement all control panel options into Settings, and allow a bit of custom Aero themes, holy shit... Windows 10 adoption will skyrocket. I really dont understand why they dont solve these little issues, and few more problems 10 has, wasnt their objective to reach 1Bil win 10 users, this is almost too easy, i dont understand, if apple or google would have such an obvious user pool left on the table why just why not take it? its like having cake on your plate.
  4. Please use linux, please use linux.... fuck, its windows...
  5. The costs arent the problem, Intel is, they have no competition as we know, hence they can do whatever with prices. Like the recent i3 7350k dual core 200$, wtf dual core 200$. AMD is like "moar cores for cheaper". Intel does the opposite.
  6. Just FYI, all intel cpu's that are from same slice of wafer or binned, i7 non extreme, i5 ,i3 , pentiums and maybe even celerons, can run hyperthreading if intel decided to switch it on inside the cpu. The only reason they dont is either the chip is broken in that regard or most commonly intel has no competition so they turn it off and sell as dual/quad core without HT for less performance to convince people to buy i7's with HT, just because they can.
  7. Honestly i dont care about programming for such a weak gpu. If you invest your time learning all of that, at least program for a true GPU like pascals,vega or prof grade quadro/radeon, such that when you give it some "real work" it actually finishes this century. I honestly dont care about "OMG my GPU dieded and i cant fix it without iGPU" scenario, old entry level gt 210,410, 710 or whatever sell for scrap change used, if you are a enthusiast/high end PC gamer or developer(especially dev)and you dont have an old gpu layin around in your nerd stash, boi you are doing something wrong. Lets face it, most of us probably want (especially ME), a 6-core i5/i7 for the same price OR a 4-core i5/i7 for cheaper $ without iGPU. I love AMD way of segmenting the market, APU's are one thing, powerfull CPU's are another. Lets face it stuff like HSA is dead no real developers use real gpu's for processing, deep learning, folding, video processing, they all have their own GPU's, TitansX, quadro's, ASIC's. No real developer will ever use nonesense igpu. Dont get triggered, if you like intel, or intel's way of doing things then arguments are pointless. The real truth is the same either way, if you have 2-400$ for K cpu and 100$+ for mobo+ 30-50$ cooler, you would be a real faggot to just run iGPU, and not spend at least 100$ on real dGPU, no arguments you add or extra intel features will change that.
  8. Get a better monitor 24inches minimum at 2K resolution 1440p/2560x1440, or 120/144hz 1080p, dont ask just do it. Get a bigger SSD, if you install games on it for fast load times its not enough, get at least 480GB, a 275GB SSD gets capped with windows + 4 modern games (usually 40-50 GB in size). Get a closed loop watercooler if you plan on overclocking, even if you dont its a nice quiet addition to have and it removes the CPU heat very nicely away from motherboard vrm's, ram and graphics card sitting right next to cpu. Closed loop water coolers are pretty cheap on newegg USA, it would be a shame to spend 40-60$ on average air cooler, when you can get water from 60$ up, it looks like you are saving money now here and there but in the long run its worth it, after all this aint a hobo PC, its high end. Get a 7200 RPM WD Blue 2TB drive or nothing. The power supply seems pricey for what it offers, its very good but feels too pricey. For the same money you could get Seasonic S12-G750Watt Gold+ or Seasonic SS-660xp2 660Watt Platinum+ (based on newegg, probably can find even cheaper). You dont need that much power yeah i know, but it doesnt hurt to buy a better PSU for the same price, maybe you want to SLi 2x 1070 in the future when you buy a new 4K monitor who knows. If you are throwing that kind of money away at least buy the best you can dont cut corners, i learned the hard way. Its much better to pay a bit more now then it is to pay a lot more down the road when you feel any of your parts arent good enough. Anyway if you cant or dont want to, the very least you can do is change that crappy monitor, and 7200rpm drive.
  9. Even if its true i completely disagree with such decisions. If intel wants to sell APU's they need to make a separate line of APU's outside of high end cpu's. Its mindblowing that they still sell i5/i7 for enthusiasts with fucking iGPU, get fucking lost, instead of that extra useless silicon that i will never use put 2 core's and more cache extra on i5's/i7 7600k/7700k FOR THE SAME PRICE, else fuck of intel. If you want a real APU get one from AMD A10/A8 whatever, it has great graphics.
  10. Its called CoolLaboratory Liquid Pro/Ultra its been known for years https://www.amazon.com/Coollaboratory-Liquid-Thermal-Compound-Syringe/dp/B001PE5XAC
  11. Please create a rule against click bait titles i so fucking hate these threads they are top of the shitposting. 10 quintilion asteroid and collapsed economy f you and your senzationalist news this has nothing to do with reality, unless NASA itself announces a plan to bring the asteroid close to earth and actually mine it stop posting fake titles. Not to mention such an operation would be meaningless since the cost of operation would outweight that of the materials which would devalue quickly. Also you cant bring an asteroid down to eart without burning in atmosphere and causing a massie impact scene.