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  • Birthday Dec 24, 1969

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    Soddy-Daisy, TN
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    females, opioids, heroin, money, adult clubs, adult cinema, asian message parlors, multi-week visits to several entertainment hotels in southeast asian countries every month, holding siminars showing the ease of getting info from a tiny credit/debit swipe and collecting my belly button hair since 5th grade.
  • Biography
    Everything sorta ended in 1991 after the 100+ MPH Train crash in Florida. Many dozens of people died that day many were my dear friends.
    I have an associates degree in plumping physics from the Alabama Technical and coressponstance school, graduated 5th in my class.
  • Occupation
    It's been trouble finding work since the 1992 train wreck, finding work is harder than CHESS@


  • CPU
    using i5-4570 building ryzen 2700x, all comps i've owned never go bellow 44C even idle.
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    16gb soon
  • GPU
    nvidia geforce gtx 760 now, 660 soon
  • Case
  • Storage
    3GB HDD, 2 HDD, 256 SSD, 1TB SSD, 2TB SSD
  • PSU
    750 wattage
  • Display(s)
    2, 1=32", and 21"
  • Cooling
    fan on the metal part
  • Keyboard
    qwerty style
  • Mouse
    3 button
  • Sound
    headset now
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. Sorry to all who have tried to help 'but' all scam calls have been on my landline phone
  2. Yes, but as I said we are on the do not call registry with the FCC and it carved in an allowance for 'religious purpose' The DN Call never ended. Do you know how they slip through?
  3. I get Constant scam phone calls and 98.9% are from India, likely in 3-story building in cubicles with 100 people per floor. I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing mostly old people fall for it. WHO can I report to or STOP? We are on the Gov't Do Not Call list and update when allowed. I got a call an hour ago pretending to be from my ISP claiming my IP had been compromised? BUT she didn't know was my ISP is not the same company as my Cell provider. I asked her for her first name, and it was a Western hemisphere English name and she had a thi
  4. Deepest, most sincere apologies for blowing the topic out of proportion. I get super excited with some questions.
  5. The comp I'm building I want to keep using #10 but will Windows BLOCK using #10? What is the DEATH DATE for support/drivers for #10? Does anyone have a list of things that will blow my mind that #11 does better than #10 or improves over #10?? I find change as exciting as being diagnosed with eyeball, brain, and penis cancer at the same time.
  6. ‎Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING And it's going to use AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
  7. Yes, that was/is helpful. The last time I built a Computer was Jan 2015 and that was with help from my Nephew which was about 6 Years ago. He didn't move, but just stopped returning all calls and Emails, basically dropped me like a hot rock. So I am all alone this time to build, and I am SUPER RUSTY AT THIS. I appreciate your help and everyone who has helped me with educated, direct and when need more technical answers to my questions. I still need baby steps in some areas. I am ALMOST finished but troubleshoot is next which in my experience is the hair pulling period.
  8. You know on SATA 3 there is a narrow connection that goes from the SATA connections on the MOBO to the HDD or SSD and this is the Data connection. Then the other is SATA 3 Power that goes from the BACK OF THE SAME HDD/SSD which is 2x-3x wider that the previously mentioned SATA Data cable, but the SATA Power cable then go to the PSU's Peripheral SATA connection. Please tell me that made some sense?
  9. I have 2x SSD's and 2x HDD's, so to be extra safe just connect the less expensive first and if it boots w/o errors or sparks add in the other HDD and add another drive until it's certain no drives were damaged? OR should I put each of those 4 drive, one at a time, into my existing system and scan then, test them, before putting them in the Newer computer? God, I hope that made since ? ..anyone?
  10. Do you mean these portions of PSU are to power the SATA devices like HDD/SSD?
  11. I got COMP to boot to BIOS but no more. Can someone tell me, the smaller SATA wire is the data wire right? And the Wider one is for POWER to HDD's and SSD's right? I connected all SSD's and HDD's with smaller SATA cables but where do I place the Wider SATA cable to? Where on the Motherboard or where? Thanks all who have hung around and helped me so much!
  12. That REPLY was, at least to me, very educating since I had never heard of Lagrange points or the sheer number of satellites orbiting the moon. I was more interesting in helping SETI, which my OP didn't make clear. SETI could use the satellite to vastly speed the process of discarding frequencies that originate from Earth and well known FREQ's that are from 100+ year old place in our galaxies and beyond. We could make SETI 50%-75% faster, thus giving it several fold more chances to find a unique intelligent signal. I thought it was a grand idea, but clearly I am no astrophysicist. But than
  13. That's what I was kinda hinting at. we could eliminate Earth's radio signals in our SETI list very very quickly and cut the time of discarding frequencies by a minimum of 50%-75% especially since the satellite would have one sole purpose. I thought it would be a great idea... Guess not
  14. Why don't we, or can we, place a satellite in geosynchronous, geostatic orbit around the Moon since the moon is always facing one side toward Earth? Nothing expensive, just a few cameras and a few instruments to make meteorological and climate related detections from booth the Moon and Earth. For power you would use solar panels since it would be drowning in sunlight w/o clouds for hours per day. Use a battery system and design a system in which any charge over 24 vdc(or whatever volt is needed) will not go to the battery system thus reduce chances of overheating, degrading the life of the bat