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  1. image.png.5a99c9dfe16062cb98fe7b3c53de4948.png


    The elusive 2%... I will find you.

  2. Help! I have a problem... Picked up an in-wall AP and the new 24port POE switch
  3. Pics or it didn't happen It's called show off your purchase, lets see it.
  4. Noctua still remains king. Nice review and valid arguments against the product.
  5. Big difference is the mic and speaker on the 2. If you want to use it as a speaker phone from time to time I'd get the 2. It should be obvious but please only consider the Galaxy watches if you're already in the Samsung environment.
  6. Technically they're using THEIR router to create this network, as you don't own it. If you, as you should, were to use your own Modem and Router this wouldn't be an issue.
  7. Well sign me up for the Space Force. I need to find this nebula
  8. Behold, the filter! EDIT: Did you even watch the video you posted? Paul pulled the filter off the top... He shows the damn filter.
  9. I like that protect is built in. I plan to move my security system over to Ubiquiti as well. So far so good. I was surprised at how small the NanoHD is, should blend in nicely with the ceiling. thanks! I love the exploded view TEKIMATs
  10. These show up right before I need to leave...
  11. I spend, on average, $43 a week on gas. Roughly $2,236.00 a year.
  12. If it works just fine at home and you only have issues at the rented room it sounds like dirty power. You could buy a UPS and connect the PC to the rented room's power through that. It will help even out the signal.
  13. I didn't really learn to type well until I was in college. I had a keyboarding and a formatting class in high school but it wasn't until college, I had to write a ton of reports, that I really learned where the keys were on the keyboard and how to type quickly. High school was a hunt and peck style of typing, mostly index fingers.
  14. That's not a "trick" you don't want to give the government more money than you need to. That money could be yours through the year and be put to work.
  15. My return is less than $100 if I've done my work correctly through the year. I guess I could buy a game with it but it'll probably just sit there.
  16. Let him live his life, gosh Ronnie...
  17. Ah, I must have missed the cad currency requirement. In the US they can be had for $520 per.
  18. https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/ProArt-PA27AC/overview/ Good color reproduction, VESA, ASUS 'eye care', 1440p, thunderbolt 3.
  19. 2080TI still dips below the 165fps on ultra. If you're okay with a target lower, say 120 or 144, you could get a 2070 super.
  20. This is old news and completely different than Boeing which is complete different than Sonos. You can still fix the tractor. Flat tire, you can change it. Engine oil, you can change it. Need new AC, you can replace it. Preventing software modification and locking down ECUs isn't a new thing. Lots, I'd argue most, car manufacturers do the same thing. As tech evolves you're going to run into this more and more. The authors analogy to owning a book should be the same as owning a tractor is ridiculous.
  21. Please link me to JD tractors exploding due to rushed engine design.