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Everything posted by Velcade

  1. Velcade

    Favourite Jelly/Preserve?

    Raspberry Jam! It's my english muffin go to
  2. Too afraid to read the article, eh?
  3. Velcade

    Is there a 2.5" 7200RPM 2TB SSHD?

    I'll second this drive. I threw in my PS4 a little over 2 years ago and it's been great.
  4. Velcade

    How to watercool my 1080Ti mini ?

  5. I've used a rubber band before. Slow with force.
  6. Velcade

    Survey for School v2

    You gotta expand your Gender selection. It's 2019... there's thousands of genders
  7. Velcade

    Why is the Titan V so expensive even nowadays?

    Check out the price on a NEW 1080 Ti card. Hint it's insane. Low supply (no longer in production) = higher price. Until it's no longer relevant.
  8. Velcade

    Strix 2080ti ( Aura Sync ) Vs Gaming X Trio

    agreed. there's a ton of headroom on the FTW3 cards.
  9. Sekiro!


    Now where the hell is my steam controller...

  10. Velcade

    what game do you like da best?

    oh yeah... I'm pumped for this as well. I actually bought the steam controller for this, we'll see how it works out. I prefer to play Dark Souls and Bloodborne with a controller. I find myself going back to bloodborne the most out of all the games I have. For something mindless I love the Civ series.
  11. You should buy a DisplayPort cable. They're a few bucks on Amazon, no biggie.
  12. Velcade

    Der8auer's phase change cooling update?

    Tweet Der8auer, ask him what's up
  13. Velcade

    how to wreck your parrents tv?

    YOLO that TV bruh. Throw a brick right through it. When you mom confronts you just tell her you're going through changes and don't know how to control yourself. BOOM! new TV Stock up on bricks until she buys a proper TV, settle for no less than 8k OLED.
  14. This isn't news... who cares?? People asking for a refund because they're in a different time zone are babies.
  15. So what's your issue? Games gets released earlier in Asia? And you're mad because you have to wait an extra day>?
  16. Velcade


    Buy an SSD. Install windows 10 on it. Transfer the data from the HDD to the SSD. Prices have fallen for SSDs lately. Wipe the HDD and then use it for backups of the SSD.
  17. Velcade

    Leaked Intel GPU Shroud Designs

    Come on Intel... be what AMD cannot.
  18. Velcade

    Visualize 1920x1080 vs 2560x1440?

    Interesting... a few of the trees on the right picture look 'fuzzier' against the sky background. But it is hard to tell. Now on my monitors at home it's quite easy to tell and see the pixel difference between 1440p and 1080p
  19. Velcade

    2 Month old BeQuiet! Silent Loop 360mm AIO

    lol Ol' Leon is older than Depp.
  20. Velcade

    2 Month old BeQuiet! Silent Loop 360mm AIO

    I'd just pop the pump off and let it hang will maxing out pump speed for a bit. You'll know when the bubble is freed.
  21. Velcade

    2 Month old BeQuiet! Silent Loop 360mm AIO

    Most AIOs recommend keeping the hoses on the radiator as the highest point in the loop. Better to keep a little air in the rad than the pump.
  22. Velcade

    2 Month old BeQuiet! Silent Loop 360mm AIO

    You could fill it, or you could remove it, power it up and shake it a bit. Keep the pump the lowest point in your system to avoid air in the pump.
  23. If she's a coworker, keep it professional at work. Check your HR policies on dating at work and be aware that you might need to announce your relationship to local HR if the relationship moves forward. Other than that... enjoy your movie.