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    ASUS Z97-K (LGA-1150)
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  1. why on earth would a literal threaded piece of metal cost $15
  2. yes but you gotta tell us what your ordering so we have context. it's like holding up a random bolt and asking "will this fit on my car?" edit: for all we know it could be a ddr3 motherboard but we wouldn't be able to tell you the RAM won't work because we hav,t a clue which board you're getting edit2: it's almost rhetorical edit:3 would've been better to ask before ordering the parts edit4: not trying to be a dick man. just trying to help you get the info you need in the most efficient manor
  3. the only two that fit togeth is the case and gpu. the gpu screws into back of case but after that you still don't have a computer
  4. I'm trying to incorporate RTX voice on my work laptop. with only integrated graphics built in. my Idea was to somehow connect send the Mic audio to my home server with an Nvidia GPU, have that server take out the background noise with RTX Voice and pump it back to the laptop through it's onboard audio. As a LAN configuration would be useless with the work VPN. any Ideas on how this could be done or what I need to order?
  5. please make a diagram. why aren't you connecting Dac usb...to computer? out of ports edit; just seems like you're over complicating it
  6. TBH if it's just an adapter it's going to be sh!t. if you wanna start out, then I would go with a Schiit Fulla 2 $100. it sounds great and is a good start
  7. if you want quality sound...neither. get a headset made by a company in the audio industry rather than the gaming/peripheral industry. try Sennheiser
  8. hello guys.I recently bought an old Intel S3420 server board that I was able to install windows on using the only boot setting in the bios" efi mode" when I connect the GPU(M2000) the fans indicate it posted but no video wven when monitor connected to card. tried a cmos clear, nothing. will try a bios update ater work but am doubtful. GPU works just fin with EFI disabled. is there a setting that should be in the bios but not present? really not good at explaing things so feel free to ask questions. thanks for any help you can provide
  9. well does your phone have good signal where you're at?
  10. I'm looking for a replacement motherboard for my IBM System X3200 m3 that can be easily hot swapped with Raid card and everything but have a full length PCIe instead of the useless half length one. does such a motherboard exist? here's the system https://lenovopress.com/tips0802 Thanks!
  11. do you have speare chip of the same socket? or a spare GPU to test?
  12. try a boot with a single DIMM. and if it doesn't boot try another one. memory might be bad so if it boots keep trying till you find culprit DIMM
  13. have you tried using a metal pointing object to jump the switch header. the power SW might be bad
  14. if you can find the MAC address you can good the first octet and find manufacturer which might tell you what hte device is
  15. if you got win 10 pro just install security updates