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  1. Velcade

    Asus Prime z390-p fan headers

    The manual is a great place to start. I'd grab two fan spliters and and use one for your intake and one for your exhaust.
  2. Velcade

    Am I dumb, or did I get a lemon?

    Are you familiar with the logical fallacy "Affirming the consequent"? All i said was that the memory wasn't on the QVL, it might work but it isn't a guarantee. You want something that will work go with the QVL.
  3. Velcade

    Am I dumb, or did I get a lemon?

    Please don't assume that because parts are bought they should be. Enjoy your fish. Good luck with your memory.
  4. Velcade

    Am I dumb, or did I get a lemon?

    Right... so if you choose RAM that has been tested by the manufacturer you don't run into the issues you're having.
  5. Velcade

    Am I dumb, or did I get a lemon?

    According to the memory QVL it isn't supported. https://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/X470 Taichi Ultimate/index.asp#MemoryPR
  6. Velcade

    what to do w/ my life

    I meant country... I don't need your address I also edited my first post a little while you were replying.
  7. Velcade

    what to do w/ my life

    Not sure where you live but you could try joining a local YMCA. Get into a couple pick up basketball games. Do you like to read? Head over to the library. There are book clubs you can join. Or just go for a walk. If you want some non-human interaction local animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to help walk the dogs.
  8. Velcade

    Current M.2 NVMe comparable to Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    Can you describe your application? You mention you're thinking about the EVO plus then list NVME drives from WD and Corsair.
  9. Velcade

    How Do You Like to Dress?

    Why censor my comment? What was wrong with the question I asked?
  10. Velcade

    Selling pcs

    Don't do your grandma dirty like that...
  11. The pump, on most, is on the block.
  12. Oh baby. Those things are notorious for air in the system. It's not a huge issue as long as the rad inlet and outlet are above the pump. Most manufacturers tell you this in the manual.
  13. Throw your CPU rad in the front and your GPU rad in the rear. Keep your rad inlet and outlet above your pump, this will help prevent air in the pump.
  14. They make Smart Watches for kids that work without a cellphone.
  15. @Bouzoo good catch. Went back to Lew's video and his doesn't show a warning either.
  16. Velcade

    Hotel Suggestions?

    Are they as creepy as they are in the US?
  17. Velcade

    I built a 'Computer' desk.

    Please tell me you're going to seal that wood?! Nice build. I like this type of computer desk. The external AIO is a cool touch.
  18. Velcade

    WHY would ANYONE want this??

    @VegetableStu they make them without the Memory mount You could slap these bad boys all over your case.
  19. Velcade

    Other Larger Content Creators & LTX 2019

    Wow! That's a line up. I only know less than half of these channels.
  20. Velcade

    Low temps for longevity?

    You're GPU shouldn't be getting that warm. If it is something else is going on... poor air flow, etc
  21. Velcade

    Low temps for longevity?

    I wouldn't worry too much about your temps as long as they're below 80oC on the CPU and 90oC on the GPU
  22. Velcade

    First Plex/NAS server build

    FreeNAS is great for Plex. Here's a picture of my setup. Check out the FreeNAS forum and read up on hardware requirements. You really want to use Intel and ECC memory. AMD doesn't always play nice with FreeNAS. What's your system budget? ZFS isn't cheap for maintaining storage. Old Xeon hardware is great if you're looking for multiple streams and E5-26xx V2 chips are inexpensive now.
  23. Velcade

    WHY would ANYONE want this??

    My favorite color is DDR3; I just finished painting the baby's room that color.