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  1. yeah I was watching a few youtube videos last night and I agree about the 50mm I think a 50mm prime lens would work better for my use. They also have the added benefit of being very common and affordableish in the used market. Ill make sure to get and afs or afp one, becuase I do want autofocus capability thanks for your advice
  2. that makes sense to me, too bad about the lenses. So what I gather is that mounting them is one thing, but actually being able to look through them and capture what you see is a whole other ballgame. It seems like adapting lenses isn't as straightforward as I might have believe. I think I will just try and purchase a used 35 or 50mm modern nikon lense for my camera instead. to do portrait shots I have been using my telephoto lens to get the right blurred background effect but it is not always practical.
  3. Thats too bad but thank you very much for the advice.
  4. Hi I have no experience doing this. Is it possible to adapt these old minolta lenses to my nikon d3400 dslr? In your guys opinion is it even worth trying? The 50mm lenses look promising
  5. AntiTrust

    Recommended 1440p 144hz display

    I have a Benq zowie xl2730 its great. Also gsync compatible. If you play with the settings a bit you can get great color accuracy on it as well
  6. AntiTrust

    Nikon D3300 or D3500

    I have a d3400 kit with an 18-55 and a 50-200 lens and im really glad I got it. Im a beginner so I probably wouldnt have went out and bought a telephoto lens (even the kit lens would cost you around $200-300) but now that I have one I really enjoy using it. If the choice is d3300 with 2 lens or d3500 with one I say go for d3300. Check the used market as well, lots of people buy cameras and later sell them and you can get good lightly used cameras at reasonable prices
  7. Well at least that would make sense. I'm not sure why you would fake it though its not like coming by 4 sticks of ram is very difficult if you run a channel on benchmarking pc components. If anyone has a link to a more reliable source doing this test I'd appreciate it,
  8. These videos are showing a 4x4gb ram layout sometimes producing a 10-20% performance increase over 2x8gb layout of the same speed ram / Can anyone explain why this is? I always thought that the difference was negligible, or that 2x8 was slightly better for gaming.
  9. I don't think they are, I believe it goes Ultra then aorus 3, 5, 7 with 7 being the top tier for gigabyte.
  10. Odds are it will continue to be fine if it is fine now, most computer parts I've had were either DOA or worked for years.
  11. Yeah get a business class optiplex or thinkcentre from a local refurbisher with a decent warranty. Those things are cheap and bulletproof. heres a decent option in Aus, I'd get an ssd for it. https://www.reboot-it.com.au/p/Used-Computers/Core-i7/Lenovo-ThinkCentre-SFF-M93p-i7-4770-3.4GHz-4GB-250/71936
  12. AntiTrust

    Best Place to buy Use Components

    I have had good luck selling on craigslist in the Vancouver area, there seems to be a good market for parts on there. (there is a computer components section now under for sale)
  13. I put my OS on an m.2 pcie SSD and it seems pretty quick and snappy, but a regular SSD is still great. The improvement from disk hard drive to SSD is a massive improvement, going from a regular SSD to a pcie SSD is a very marginal improvement. Well hopefully the reinstall works for you, good luck!
  14. right on, Im pretty sure thats whats causing the problem. If you don't have a Solid State hard drive I would STRONGLY recommend you get one for your fresh install of windows. They will make a huge difference for general snappyness in your new rig.
  15. yeah do a fresh install if you havent, cant just swap 90% of your hardware without having some problems with windows. In the old days windows wouldn't even try to work, now it probably just limps along.