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  1. fans spinning doesn't really mean anything, you hook up power to the motor and the fans spin. no display could be a million reasons why - I'd say not worth the trouble. but for $50 if you've got lots of spare time I mean it could be a learning experience?
  2. well, its going to be really tricky to figure out whats working and whats fried. if you have a spare computer available you can put the psu in and test that to rule it out, same with ram, gpu, hard drives etc testing the motherboard and cpu is trickier, might have to call a local repair shop and ask them to test it. or you could (sort of unethically) buy a motherboard with the same chipset, test it with your cpu and if yours is fried keep it, otherwise return it.
  3. the monitor you paid for is rated for 144hz at 1080p, why would you need to buy an adapter to make it work... you are going into the Nvidia control panel to set the resolution and refresh speed correct?
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum, Im a little confused with the budget - you stated $1,000 but specced out a $650 comp. If youre not super concerned with high end gaming and going for a $650 build I'd agree that an APU build might be the best for your budget and use. APUs combine a processor and a graphics card into one chip and they can be quite respectable for low end gaming. If I were you I would wait until August 5th when the new Ryzen 5000 series APU's come out, then post on here asking for help. Youll have people falling over each other trying to help you build one go
  5. Budget (including currency): between $900-1200CAD Country: Canada (vancouver area) Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: - general business programs like excel, word, emails - watching HD videos, light video / photo editing, - light/medium gaming usage rocket league, dirt rally, cod, fortnite Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Looking for a good all around laptop in the
  6. builds looks good to me, nicely balanced build my only recommendation is to go with a 2TB hard drive, because its a better price point. ie, for $32 you get 1tb but for $44 you get 2tb (only $12 more)
  7. he said he upgraded the psu to an 800w - and you already tried a fresh install of windows? then must be hardware related do you have access to another comp you can try the graphics card in to prove that it actually works? otherwise could just be a doa card
  8. Im a big believer in monitoring heart rate during exercise, I believe that if you can find and keep yourself in your personal "sweet spot" then you wont feel so terribly wiped out after exercising.
  9. I stick to samsung ssd, theyve been really reliable for me. I have used the crucial mx500 though and it is also good with usually a lower price than the samsung
  10. I would just buy a prebuilt for that budget and use case, its going to be very difficult to get your hands on any 3000 series nvidia cards in the components market right now. big players are ibuypower, alienware, origin
  11. nah not really, as long as your temps are in check your probably doing ok (as in minimal damage to the CPU) Obviously any CPU would live longer without the overclock, but what you're doing is in my opnion, reasonable. If one day your cpu becomes unstable you might need to tune it down a bit to squeeze some more life out of the processor.
  12. https://www.pcloud.com/cloud-storage-pricing-plans.html My friend just forwarded me this link, they sell lifetime drive access for 2TB/$350. Seems like a good deal considering google charges $140/year for 2TB and Amazon charges $336/year for 2TB. But obviously google and Amazon are reputable companies that I can trust with my files and I've never heard of pcloud. Anyone heard of them or use them?
  13. Im the same way, I wanted to get a "good" camera, meaning better than point and shoot and cell phones. I managed to find a starter kit of a Nikon D3400 with an 18-55mm and a 70-300mm lens, bag and extra battery used that was really reasonable (like $450Cdn) I then watched this guys video on youtube to set it up and never turned back. highly recommend getting some sort of box kit like I did. I love the 2 lenses I had and I bought a 3rd lens (a 35mm 1.8 aperature) for doing astral photography
  14. yeah should be fine prime95 is a synthetic cpu test and creates extreme heat and stress on your cpu that you probably cannot replicate with real world use. You said you hit less than 44 degrees while gaming - you should be fine. Some people have even stopped recommending using prime95
  15. cyber power should have a customer support phone # maybe try that instead of emails. if you are comfortable checking inside the computer, make sure that your ram is seated securely