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  1. anyone else weirded out that Yahoo answers is using an @verizonmedia.com email address instead of @yahoo.com ?
  2. no worries buddy, I think youll be glad you bought evga when you contact them for support. they really stand behind their products
  3. if its still under warranty cover evga and they will probably let you cross ship RMA it. their warranty service is the best in the business
  4. its supposed to overclock itself
  5. I don't agree with this GPU fans should not be turning on and off frequently enough to cause any longevity issue - for most modern GPU's they only turn on when the gpu is under a significant load and otherwise just slow down and stop when not needed. If anything this reduces running hours and could prolong the life
  6. theres lots of psu wattage calculators out there https://seasonic.com/wattage-calculator I think youll find that the difference would be very marginal
  7. itd be pretty janky, the pump is usually built into the cpu heatsink on the aio. no idea if this is possible. also, with the value of your parts you should probably just get it professionally done or purchase a purpose built custom aio for the 3090 instead of trying to make some frankenstein cooler.
  8. cable management makes almost no difference for temps, only looks pretty
  9. @MartinAlvarez7 No actually, the rad should be upside down so that the pipes are coming out the bottom. Your config isnt that bad, but can result in air bubbles getting trapped/cycled through to the pump/cpu. Watch the video for more details. edit: my bad didnt realse it was top mounted the LED aurora borealis was blocking my view lol - that should be fine. doubt its air bubbles then. maybe an actually dead aio..
  10. yeah, could try a different channel on 2.4ghz bandwith you set it in your router settings.. look up which channels to use though I dont think all are the same..
  11. .. are you mixing ram ticks with slower chips? enabling XMP should have taken care of it.
  12. make sure your AIO doesn't have a big air bubble in the pump, happened to me one time after working inside the pc with it on its side. give it a little shake/turn upside down and stuff. see if that makes the sound go away. Also consider your mounting position per the new GN video