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  1. cable management makes almost no difference for temps, only looks pretty
  2. @MartinAlvarez7 No actually, the rad should be upside down so that the pipes are coming out the bottom. Your config isnt that bad, but can result in air bubbles getting trapped/cycled through to the pump/cpu. Watch the video for more details. edit: my bad didnt realse it was top mounted the LED aurora borealis was blocking my view lol - that should be fine. doubt its air bubbles then. maybe an actually dead aio..
  3. yeah, could try a different channel on 2.4ghz bandwith you set it in your router settings.. look up which channels to use though I dont think all are the same..
  4. .. are you mixing ram ticks with slower chips? enabling XMP should have taken care of it.
  5. make sure your AIO doesn't have a big air bubble in the pump, happened to me one time after working inside the pc with it on its side. give it a little shake/turn upside down and stuff. see if that makes the sound go away. Also consider your mounting position per the new GN video
  6. jeez I hope so too, what an awful experience. Hopefully once they have it in hand they will actually flipping test the thing to make sure it works before sending it to you. Anyone from origin PC on here that can get this guy a swag pack or something for his troubles..?
  7. i mean they could stamp their seal of approval on a 3rd party computer manufacturers pc and collect a sweet comission but I would probably have alot of concerns about their journalistic integrity if they move from reviewing pc's to selling them.
  8. great advice, you're 100% correct here yeah I remember the derbaur kit was the bees knees back in the day I wonder if I can pick up a used one somewhere, now that intel switched back to soldering people might be selling.
  9. well thats nice to hear, yeah could have been. maybe something bumped it pretty hard. I'd recheck everything is seated properly and call it a win
  10. unplug everything, and pop out the watch battery on the motherboad for about 30 seconds. replace the battery and see if it boots up. disclaimer: this will reset the bios to default settings
  11. yeah I mean I really cant complain about performance in anything, its just the because factor is creeping in again just curious how did you delid, did you buy one of the tools or did you do the vice method? I was considering shipping to silicon lottery for a professional delid/binning
  12. by the way I feel this post, my 8700k is starting to feel dated.. I may go for the delid / max overclock as well soon... if I kill it I'll have an excuse to go ryzen..
  13. as long as its not crashing, overheating and throttling and if longevity is not a concern then yes anything is ok