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About jefire411

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  • CPU
    Core 2 Quad 6700
  • Motherboard
    Dell mobo
  • RAM
    6gb DDR2 667 mhz ram
  • GPU
    Zotac gt 1030
  • Case
    dell case
  • Storage
    2 tb Seagate Barracuda Pro
  • PSU
    dell 305w psu
  • Display(s)
    1080p 21.5 IPS Dell monitor
  • Cooling
    1 case fan/cpu fan hybrid
  • Keyboard
    Old Dell keyboard
  • Mouse
    A cheap Logitech wireless mouse
  • Sound
    just Huawei AM16 earbuds
  • Operating System
    Windows 10/ Linux Ubuntu

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  1. jefire411

    FBI Conducted a Sting Operation on Huawei at CES

    I own a mate 10 pro and this is probably my last Huawei phone. In the new EMUI 9 update several of my pictures seem to have been corrupted and the locked boot loader makes it bad for the developer scene, although I already got a code before they shut down their website but it's almost useless with barely any stuff I can do.
  2. jefire411

    Install iOS on poco f1 phone?

    just look up knock off iPhone reviews on youtube.
  3. jefire411

    Should I sell my steam account?

    true, but even with 200 mbps I still get an occasional lag spike, or it would randomly just freeze for 3 seconds.
  4. jefire411

    860 evo dropping even more

    hmmmmmmmm I paid $180 last year for a 500 gb m.2 850 evo. All these cheap parts are making me want to ditch my i5-7500 for Zen 2 when it's out .
  5. basically the title, looking for a good linux (preferably ubuntu if that makes a difference) compatible wifi adaptor that supports AC 5ghz.
  6. jefire411

    Huawei Mate 10 lite

    I hope it's not too late, I wouldn't recommend the Mate 10 lite anymore, see if you can find a Galaxy S8 in mint condition for $280, or the Mate 20 lite if you want a Huawei device.
  7. jefire411


    I've ordered earbuds from there recently and I can update in a few weeks if they arrive.
  8. So this week so far I've been without wifi at my house and only relying on my data for everything :(. Fortunately though I'm getting an upgrade from 100 down 10 up to 200/200 AND all fiber this Monday :)

  9. There's her problem, she wants to make her mediatek based budget device last that long.
  10. jefire411

    Which Huawei?

    looks it up WOAH IT HAS A SNPADRAGON 425??
  11. jefire411

    Phone data recovery

    hey guys, my Huawei Honor 8 took a tumble one day and it wouldn't work after that. I have decided to remove the motherboard try to get another Honor 8 and place the motherboard from the previous phone into the replacement. Could I do this, and is it as easy sit seems? In other words, I want to rescue my data and put the motherboard into another working phone of the same type.
  12. jefire411

    reapply thermal paste in zte axon 7?

    It could make a 1-3 C difference.
  13. jefire411

    Fortnite on kindle fire 7 HD gen 4

    It'd be one hell of a slideshow
  14. jefire411


    my friends iPhone 8 plus would like to disagree Unfortunately, no. Only Huawei's top end phones can play them, not the lite variants; it doesn't run well on my Mate 10 Pro anyways.
  15. jefire411

    The Truth About Building Your Own PC

    You'd be surprised