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  1. This is seriously the most boring e3 ive ever personally seen. Although I am excited for mirrors edge 2. none of this farcry 4 bullshit
  2. Linus recommends Bitfenix Alchemy's. I'm not an LED strip expert so i dont know
  3. No lets just throw our bare hard drives on a plane. Throw them in the mailbox too.
  4. I love how its all about resolution now. I'm seeing games coming out at 792p im just like wow.
  5. I've got the option to buy either of these 2 cases for the same price. For a gamin build which one should i get and why? sorry if i left any details out just let me know.
  6. I would personally grab something for better sound, like a new headset or something, and maybe a few new fans. The monitor can come later and you'll be more thankful for it when better G-Sync monitors come out.