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  1. Have a nice life Faa. Messaged the moderator and told him to ban me. Keep on astroturfing bud. I lost faith in this forum when you attacked someone who was a new user and posted his overclock on an AMD CPU, and told him his new computer he just built was crap. That is who LTT allows on this site. Funny thing? I usually recommend the I5... Anyways people like you who are literally criminals have to live with yourselves. Have fun with benchmarks that go against what honest sites like Sweclockers showed. You know. Like the Evolve benchmark from the Russian site where an I3>4770k. Poin
  2. You should be laughing. We have "company insiders with connections" whom don't know the difference between CPU bound/GPU bound showing up on this thread on a new account to defend a company, and being upvoted.... Most hilarious thing I have ever seen. Funny thing is people think I am upset? I am rolling on the floor at this thread. Company lied, company issued spec statements that were false on ROPs/Cache. Lawsuit will be successful. Pretty much it, cept we have people thinking they can get lawyers to turn down free money by swaying opinion of something that is no longer in their hand
  3. You must be exhausted from uttering the same old insults when empirical proof is offered of what you call "theories". Probably have a sore finger from upvoting the exact same people in every thread, just like they upvote you as well. Sucker is born every minute though, maybe you can convince them there is no such thing as astroturfers, when tech companies engage in this often and are caught. Good luck with that. I guess when you can't argue court documents, numerous occasions of forum manipulation and HARASSMENT of people just trying to use a forum? You result to insults. Fortunately
  4. ^ 9 total posts on this forum. EVER. Most of it coming to the aid of Nvidia on this thread. Claims to have "insider privileged information" and talks down to people attempting to sway opinion with garbage. I am sure he just showed up on this thread and forum randomly though. Also "astroturfing" is not a "consipracy", it is criminal activity that is practiced by big companies like Microsoft. Examples of astroturfing with Microsoft. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2365060/microsoft-caught-astroturfing-bloggers-again-to-promote-internet-explorer.html http://www.zdnet.com/blog/hardware/an
  5. BS. Anyone can take tessellation on or off on these Nvidia Game Works closed library titles and see that it IS what the problem is. It is also the same reason the garbage 750TI does exceedingly well in these games, despite being laughable as far as how powerful a card it is. It is a Maxwell card for a Maxwell optimized over tessellated game that Nvidia paid to make it that way. Btw Evolve is an NVIDIA TITLE, they just did not sabotage the damn game with tessellation. Per Sweclockers since sites like LTT and Tom's Hardware refuse to benchmark this game (guarantee we have a Witcher 3 benchm
  6. If you can't reply without an insult and arguing anything? Don't reply. There is nothing tin foil hat there. That is how the review industry now works. Also smaller sites HAVE called out Game Works and they are not sponsored by Nvidia, nor do they have advertising deals with Nvidia, nor are they invited to closed door tech previews. Again I am not calling the journalists themselves bad, I am saying they can't give an honest non biased opinion if they want to run a SUCCESSFUL review site, and that the industry is a joke. People with GTX 770's are already being forced to turn off/down t
  7. As I said someone would just take their place and the same can be said if AMD went under. Also I clearly said "Nvidia is not going under" anytime soon. They have more money than they know what to do with atm and what they are using it for is not great for PC Gaming in general. It allows idiotic comparisons like Gamespot just did with a 780ti, when that 780ti should be able to run every game shown at a 4k downsample or 4k native. Instead they ran games like Far Cry 4 and AC Unity at 1080p due to Gameworks BS. That is Nvidia hurting the PC Gaming industry for personal gain. There is no
  8. You can search some of these people as far as past posts. They literally admitted to being shareholders LOL. 1) Sites like Tom's Hardware are owned by media groups. "Tom" was a real person. He sold the site a long time ago. 2) Evolve is a massive title which you would expect to see benchmarks everywhere. You don't. You also did not see Ryse benchmarks. Why? AMD killed Nvidia in performance. 3) If someone like Linus called out Game Works he would lose sponsorship money, advertising money, no longer be invited to events where he is given privileged information which he has TALKED
  9. Why, because Nvidia is god's gift to PC Gaming? PC Gaming got along fine before Nvidia, and at one time Nvidia was considered the crappy, budget option that fanboys of 3DFX LAUGHED at. PC Gaming could get along fine after, just like they did when 3DFX folded, who was the ONLY option for high end gaming. Nvidia skyrocketed forward after they inherited 3DFX tech, and that was a company that did some really stupid things with their money and also deserved it's fall. We have multiple companies who want to get involved with GPU's. I would rather have some of them involved than Nvidia who is ref
  10. That is an "opinion" based on fact and false Nvidia statements about their hardware. If you want a passionate argument on why people should not sue based on opinion? Listen to someone who does promotions for Nvidia, is sponsored by Nvidia or has advertising on their sites from Nvidia, and does not want to lose Nvidia previews on tech (which generate ad revenue), promotional deal revenue, direct ad revenue, vacations/trips/gifts to see things in closed events, free hardware to test and benchmark things. You know...damn near the entire tech journalism industry. That is why I could care less wha
  11. A "miscommunication" is not press releases of false specifications. Nvidia is responsible for those statements and provided specifications, and people bought products based on those statements. Just because you CLAIM to have "screwed up" doesn't mean you are not guilty of false advertising. Nvidia claimed two false specifications on the GTX 970 that are not RAM. That is in addition to any statements made where they claimed bandwidth and it being a 4 Gig card which would also be false. If Nvidia wants to blame a low level secretary, and claim stupidity on oversight they can. Doesn't mat
  12. /thread. When you have press correct a lie on two specifications on the card that you gave to press to sell a product? You lied. You can argue ram/bandwidth all you want, but in the end that is now what the lawyers will go after. Why would they bother. Nvidia flat out lied about ROPs/cache and gave that lie to press. That is called false advertising. Book em Danno.
  13. Probably not even that. Maybe a coupon for AC Unity Definitive Edition remake for next, next gen consoles and PC. Now with TXAA 2. Even more blur. Requires Tri SLI GTX 1080's to run at 1080p 30 FPS.
  14. Might be as simple as what was advertised on their box. Other vendors might have been smarter. They may have posted the false ROPs/cache size that Nvidia claimed. Don't know. Never seen the G1 box. Anyone have one?