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    Xeon E3-1230 v2
  • Motherboard
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    BallistiX 16GB
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon VII
  • Case
    Carbide 300R Window
  • Storage
    240GB SSD + 2TB HDD
  • PSU
    FSP 700W
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    Dell UltraSharp U2414H
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    IBM Model M
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    Logitech BZ96C
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    Win 10, Ubuntu 18.04

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  1. Madgemade

    Need help with University laptop

    I personally would look for a used workstation style laptop. Something like a Dell Precision. These always come with Quadros which could be useful for CAD driver support. I don't think that $1800 CAD would be enough to get anything workstation new, would be enough for a mid range gaming laptop. Edit: I had a look and there doesn't seem to be much availability of these laptops on the Canadian used market. Lots in USA though (to be expected).
  2. Madgemade

    Should I upgrade my CPU or GPU?

    Probably not worth getting the 4790K because they tend to be very overpriced on the used market. If you upgrade to Ryzen then wait until next month when the next generation come out. Even if you buy a 2000 series CPU you will benefit from price cuts.
  3. Madgemade

    New GPU no signal on display

    I doubt DDU will do anything if he can't even see the BIOS screen. The card is most likely faulty.
  4. Madgemade

    New GPU no signal on display

    Have you tried the GPU HDMI. On my Radeon VII I had an issue where if CSM mode was enabled I didn't get any output from Displayport only HDMI so that is a problem that sometimes happens. Not all 2080 Ti has HDMI though.
  5. Madgemade

    display flickering issue

    In that case it won't be the cable. I would return the GPU to where you got it for a refund because it is probably faulty. The GTX 1050 Ti isn't much slower than the RX 570 anyway so it isn't much of an upgrade anyway.
  6. Madgemade

    display flickering issue

    What was your last GPU? What cable are you connecting with.
  7. Madgemade

    GPU Upgrade

    You should also wait for Navi. It comes out as the same time. Even if you don't want it, it's worth waiting because it will cause a price drop of AMDs old cards and Nvidia might cut prices a little as well.
  8. Madgemade

    does my build has a bottleneck ?

    Wait for next Gen before upgrading. Intel 10th Gen will be a step up if it ever releases and AMD's next gen is much better value than the 9700K.
  9. Madgemade

    Benefits of USB 3.0 for Keyboard & Mouse

    No. USB Mice and Keyboards don't use USB 3.0 at all. It will make no difference whatsoever. All USB 3.0 does is increase data transfer speed and makes a few changes to power delivery. None of that effects Mice and Keyboards whatsoever. Most will be using USB 1.1 chips anyway.
  10. Madgemade

    What kind of bottleneck will I get?

    I'm surprised by how sensible these recommendations are. usually I see people saying that old CPUs are useless and to get at least 5th gen i7 or some rubbish. For 4K@60hz you should be fine. I have an 3770 equivalent Xeon and my Radeon VII is still the bottleneck in all games, but only at 4K. I wouldn't worry about the CPU patches for Intel as they don't affect gaming anything like as much and rendering etc. this has been shown in benchmarks. Also older CPU don't actually have full mitigation anyway Intel never updated them. What sort of games will you be playing? Some games need the CPU a lot more than others. Singlethred focused games are where you will have trouble as your CPUs have a decent number of cores but each is weak compared to modern CPUs.
  11. Madgemade

    Multiple GPUs non SLI?

    Yes, for anything that is not gaming then SLI is not required and can't even be used anyway. SLI is only for gaming, it has nothing to do with compute at all. For Tensorflow you could use a mining rig like setup with PCIe x1 and it would work, although I think more bandwidth would probably be preferable.
  12. Madgemade

    Immersion cooling in vacuum. Is it possible?

    Indeed and that's probably what I would recommend for the OP. The idea of reduced pressure loop is interesting but it's only use is shown in that video. Main problem is not being able to achieve lower temps than ambient and only advantage is not needing a pump and potentially better efficiency at the block but that's only in theory.
  13. Madgemade

    Immersion cooling in vacuum. Is it possible?

    This was related to the CPU not being de-lidded as he said in the video. The GPU never got above 26C so it certainly works. The problem moves from getting heat out of the loop to getting heat from the silicon and into the water itself.
  14. Madgemade

    Immersion cooling in vacuum. Is it possible?

    Seeing as this was just a CPU block, the safe liquid could just be water. According to this, if you reduced the pressure to 1 psi or less, then water would boil at 30C or less. This is not much better temp wise than chilled water, but due to boiling it would probably transfer heat quicker. The main problem with this sort of system would be keeping the pressure down and removing the heat from the evaporated water as traditional radiators couldn't be used. That video seems to have a beefed up radiator which can probably withstand the higher external pressure with a normal water radiator couldn't. Edit: After thinking about this a bit more, you wouldn't be able to go below room temp very easily because whatever cooling plate you used would need to be kept at a temperature below the boiling point. I think this is quite doable though, I just don't think it's worth the effort because the same results are achievable by setting up a custom loop with a chiller (or just going outside in winter).
  15. Madgemade

    GPU throttling at 58C +50% power

    If you're on 19.5.1 then run DDU and reinstall last stable drivers. I have seen a few people reporting that the RX 500 series temp limit was changed in those drivers (bug) and the card was throttling at lower temps. Not going to have anything to do with the crash. Wattman resets settings though, so you might want to reboot a few times so that it sorts itself out.