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  1. Also i found this(attached) file in the system disk, it can be opened with notepad. I have spotted that there is Linus Torvald's name in it. COPYING.linux
  2. Hi I was planing to build myself a portable computer based around RPi Zero and RiscOS Pi and i was wondering if this os would have drivers needed to run mouse based on arduino leonardo? Thanks for all answers
  3. Hi I just wanted to ask if Ichigo Jam BASIC an OS for RPi, is based on Linux kernel. I found some kernel files on the system disk but i was not able to open them. Thanks for all answers
  4. I should have specified that by VLC media player equivalent i ment program for audio playback, my bad sry.
  5. Pentium III 128MB RAM, also it is not gonna be used as my main or anything like that, i just wanted to expirence DOS (Yes i know i could use virtual machine for DOS but it's not the same)
  6. Hi Recently i got an old Compaq on which i installed DOS 5. The system runs fine, but it lacks built in applications, becouse of that I would like to ask for help in finding DOS equivalents of according Windows applications: -Tiny CAD -GIMP -VLC media player -Microsoft Photos Also it would be nice if those DOS applications would be open source. Thanks for all answers
  7. Good day I was wondering if it is possible to use 2 GPU's at the same time one being NVIDIA GTX 1650 Super and the second being Intel HD Graphics 4000 from my i7-3770, i have one of my monitors connected to GTX via DP and i was planning to connect second monitor via D-SUB to Intel HD, hoever Intel HD does not even show in the Device Menager. Is there any possibility to use those two GPU's at the same time or should i try to obtain an adapter from HDMI to D-SUB. Thank you for all answers Yours faithfully Amforev
  8. I thought about using one of the earlier models such as Z10 or Leap, they are still using BlackBerry OS
  9. Hello Reacently i have decided that i want to swap my current phone (Nokia 515). I do not want a phone with Android, I have used it in the past and i do not like it. Also i would not like to buy apple products, becouse of their price. While serching the web i have found another alternatives which were BlackBerry Z10 and Leap. I would like to know if BlackBerry is a safe os (spectre meltodwn, security updates etc.) and which one should i choose. I will probably be using it to: browse the web, use messeging apps, create notes and listen to music. Thanks for all answers
  10. HI Could you pls tell me how to enable ironsights in MMod? Thanks for all answers
  11. Sorry but i do not come from England and i do not speak this language very well could you pls explain me what those shortcuts means?
  12. I am afraid this pc is going to be often used to work in office programs. Also i found in the comments of andropenoffice that you have to pay for Pro subscriction...... In open source app. And this app contains adds, office program with apps is not a good idea at all (in my opinion). So thanks for your engagment @SupaKomputa I appriciate what have you done, but I wont for sure buy android TV as my main PC.