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  1. Whaaaaa, IDK where your aldi is mate but all the ones I been to they do card
  2. What is the best gaming laptop under £600, cheers to any responces
  3. Holy crap is that a nice rig, my cousin has a similar setup but the top rad is push and pull config with same rad size and 2 other 240mm rads, so over kill
  4. So the 2nd phone line port will not work without paying money to ISP
  5. Is it possible to have 2 BT Routers running in a single house, one upstairs and one downstairs. Both rooms have a phone line port.
  6. Yes they do, they do pretty much everything cable related
  7. Anker make the best cables on the market
  8. Ah ok, yeah I have a working mac VM but its so slow
  9. Yes I knew it, thanks for sloving this big question.
  10. I have been trying to get some version of mac installed onto my pc so I can use logic pro, I have been trying to install hackintosh onto my pc and had no luck with it working. I reformated the HDD I was using and also re installed the install files onto a USB drive, I used all the recommended bios settings. Any ideas how to make it work please help if you can. System being used, I7 6700K 16GB DDR4 HyperX GTX 1060 6GB Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura Cheers to anyone who replys
  11. Ah cool ok, so what are the benerfits of the high impedance version
  12. Yikes, thanks for the help again , but for any future upgrades, are high impedance headphones worth it for audio quality or is 32ohms fine.