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  1. Well I am happy and they sound amazing. It sounds like I am getting SS through movies and shows through streaming services such as Netflix
  2. IDK I bought a splitter and am very happy now. I get virtual SS anyways through windows and with these being THX tated as well I get movie theater sound quality. Its amazing
  3. So something like this is all I need? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-3-5mm-stereo-splitter-cable-black/4399300.p?skuId=4399300&ref=212&loc=1&extStoreId=298
  4. I got 2 of these..... https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Z623-Watt-Speaker-System/dp/B003VAHYTG/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2RHGB2VI2F2UJ&dchild=1&keywords=logitech+z623&qid=1620505799&sprefix=logitech+z%2Caps%2C222&sr=8-1 I was wondering if its possible to hook them up together and have them act as a single unit
  5. Well I guess something happened somewhere and now my controller isn't even recognized by Windows anymore. The light goes to an orange color and not blue and turns off. I tried the old versing of DS4 you provided and installed the driver and nothing works with it either. Edit 1: OK I was able to to get the controller to turn on now but still not showing up in DS4Windows. Edit 2: I got everything working now. Hopefully it stays this way and not run into anymore problems Thanks for the help
  6. That shouldn't get THAT hot. Something is wrong with that.
  7. Windows 10 x64 pro Version 10.0.19042 Service Pack 1 Build 19042
  8. I guess if I'm looking at that correctly that you have faulty RAM and your slots are good? I guess to make sure is to run a Mem test and see what happens. It's looking like that you will be RMA'ing the RAM though.
  9. In the very long run if its ran like that for often enough it could loose a year or 2 out of an average 10 year or so lifespan. I would look into some better cooling or redo the thermal paste on it. That's just way too high for that. On a stock cooler it should only get to around 82c max.
  10. Well considering that AMD cpu does not have integrated graphics on it, it would be hard to game on that setup.
  11. If your CPU was bad I don't think it would boot to begin with. Have you tested all your RAM slots with a single stick of RAM? You may have found the perfect only working one. I would say if it posts with the single RAM stick in all other slots than I would say they are good.
  12. I tried DS4 windows but can't install it. It needs .net framework 5.0 and when I try to install it it says my OS is not supported. I tried looking this up and turned on the features for .net and it still wont install 5.0. It says my OS is not supported still
  13. Windows sees the controller fine and tests fine but going in games it does not work at all
  14. I believe that guide is what I followed but for some reason it didn't save the settings, hopefully I fixed it now