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  1. I just converted and figured it out thanks
  2. I'm currently running a watercooled Strix 2080ti OC with a 9900K running 3 480 RADS. Can anyone tell me how I can dial in my OC settings on the software?
  3. Is there some secret way of removing the collar from the fitting? I have been going at it with some of my fittings refusing to loosen.
  4. no no I never raised it cause it was happening, I raised it to 4.7 from 4.5 and 1.2 to 1.27 and then it happened
  5. I'm currently running 1.27 volts at 4.7Ghz on my 9900K and I'm wondering if that should be stable and not cause any problems? I'm currently on a custom loop with my GPU running 3 480 Rads at 1000 Rpms, the highest the package has ever gotten to was 74C but lately ill get a blue screen when playing warzone, started yesterday and has only happened twice once a day. Using a Z390 Gigabyte Aorus master board.
  6. yes because initially it wasnt a problem it sat in fine and i got a connection and a gpu recognized but when i had to clean the blocks 3 times in like the first month of having it started to be a problem.... and i stopped getting a post screen and through further checking it stopped being recognized.. thats when i went down the riser cable hopefully that fix the problem.. i went through two motherboard returns and two gpu returns.
  7. yeah I think my only option is to swap motherboards because all of the PCBs between manufacturers from what ive been checking since this problem all have that conflicting piece
  8. well since december i had the issue of it not connecting and first thought it was the motherboard or the gpu pins or faulty riser cables but it wasnt the motherboard wasnt the pins wasnt the riser cable but that piece coming in conflict with the motherboard shield not giving the connection from the very beginning.
  9. If the card was working I never would have made this post.
  10. That’s the thing I’ve been looking at other cards. They still have that piece in the first picture that will always cause the conflict of the GPU not sitting right.
  11. So I’ve been trying to trouble shoot my GPU problems since back in December. I have a 9900K on a Maximus XI hero WiFi trying to run a 2080ti Strix Edition card. I’m guessing every custom PCB has that little piece sticking out as shown in my first picture. Here’s why that little piece is causing a problem. In the second picture that piece that’s sticking is coming in conflict with the motherboard shield as shown in picture 2 thus not letting my GPU sit all the way into the PCIE slot thus not giving me a solid connection and I’m gonna assume even if I finally get pass that problem the third p
  12. When I look at the PCIE slot I see the very start of the gold pins on the GPU, the little hook on the right side of the GPU that hooks into the release latch doesn’t even get pushed out it’s already out
  13. Yes it’s pretty unbelievable but when I first installed in the normal way it worked then after 3 weeks all of a sudden it stopped connecting I take a closer look and the GPU isn’t fully seated I try to push it in more but the GPU block pushes against the sata ports