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  1. I have an obd2 Bluetooth reader and I believe the app I have supports data logging so I can try that maybe Nothing is garbage with it, just slightly down and I'm not sure if the power feels slightly down too that was all
  2. Yeah I was thinking it could be a placebo effect I was comparing how many miles were done for a certain amount of movement on the fuel gauge but I know there are many variables. I was saying it was down still from the original box but has got better the more I have driven it The reading when cold was off the display as it seems to drop on the average mpg pretty quick and it didn't used to prior OEM is just the standard one, I might plug in my obd2 Bluetooth reader and check stuff, is there anything I should look for? It's a 2007 fiesta 1.25 zetec climate with about 73k miles
  3. Hi all again Sorry for reigniting this post but it's been a while and I have some questions. My biggest issue that I'm finding at the moment is that I find it seems to be lacking some power on acceleration in comparison to what it used to have (I'm not sure if it's placebo but I don't think it is) and i didn't think an exhaust would cause a noticeable difference but I could be massively wrong. Also I have found the mpg is slightly down on what it used to get although it has got slightly better. It's much worse when the engine is could though. Would you recommend I purchase an oem backbox and just run that instead? Many thanks again Pro
  4. The diameter of the pipe is slighter wider but this is after the cat only as my cat is fairly close to the exhaust manifold
  5. Ah okay thank you for the detailed explanation, I guess there's no way I can fix that then It's a well looked after car really so maybe tripled the value Thank you for the reply, I will give it a few tanks and see how it goes and adjusts, it has been with the stock exhaust for years so its probably confused! For the record I do try to keep my pressures in check.
  6. Yeah the centre pipe as they called it is slightly larger in diameter but the actual muffling bit of the muffler is alot smaller which makes the sound. I will see how it adjusts, would there be any way to return it to the original mpg if it has dropped or do I have to live with it lol
  7. I will try to drive it normally then lol Will the fuel trims adjust or will that be how it is now consumption wise?
  8. Yeah that was my thoughts too, I'll see how it goes for a while and see what I think
  9. Yeah that was the plan, I was gonna see how the mpg was differing after a while. I just noticed so wondered if the exhaust could make a difference
  10. Hmm I guess that won't be it then, it's all past the cat.
  11. Ah okay no worries, I've done about 25 miles but it may take a while for it to adjust. Anything else I should measure or check?
  12. I have a Bluetooth one somewhere which I could try. How long would you say it takes to fix it, just so I know when it should be okay.
  13. That's a good point actually, I didn't think it would effect it that much though. I guess there's not really an easy way to tell that or fix it
  14. Hey everyone I'm not sure if anyone will know but recently I installed an exhaust to my fiesta (I'm not a boy racer I just like a good sounding car lol) which is basically the same as the oem straight pipe but the muffler is alot smaller. I think the newer exhaust is a slightly bigger diameter but not by much Would my mpg be effected at all? I haven't driven much but my average mpg is down a couple and the gauge seems to be going down quicker to me. This could be entirely placebo or me driving with higher revs more often but I was wondering if it could actually be an issue and if so how would I solve it? Many thanks again guys Pro
  15. Yeah thats true, once I get it I will set it up right away and see how I like it