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  1. Like @EbinNator2044 mentioned, there's a possible issue with the LED header and it's why we can't say it's compatible. But if you're willing to "modify" your card (shave a bit of your LED header), it should fit.
  2. @RollinLower did you received a reply from the support team for your ticket?
  3. The HAYxxxxxxxxx models are compatible with the V1 and the V2. If Daz currently have blocks in it's store, it's probably V1 since the V2 are very recent. Regarding the fact that you want to keep the original backplate, you will have to modifiy the backplate to be able to use it.
  4. I have a build in an Enthoo Luxe with 2 Titan X (Maxwell) in it. While I modded the case to fit a 360 in the front to go with my 420 in the top. I was able to use an EK fan mounting pump/res bracket without issues after removing the Phanteks reservoir mounting system. You can check some pictures in my build log. I'm not sure I have some specific pictures of the mounting though. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/342613-northern-lights-phanteks-enthoo-luxe/
  5. Unfortunately, I can't confirm you that they would align. It might be close though.
  6. We don't have any compatible block for the 1080Ti AMP Extreme. And also don't plan on making one unfortunately.
  7. It looks like you forgot to remove the protective film on the EK anti-vortex inside the reservoir.
  8. Changes in the management team doesn't mean we're going out.
  9. We don't currently plan on making any hardline options.
  10. Hi, Sorry for the delay of response. We don't sell the black bottom part directly but if you open a support ticket on our website, I think the guys will be able to sell you one in a custom order. Link for the ticket : https://www.ekwb.com/customer-care/
  11. Sorry for the late reply here. Did you get some news from the support team?
  12. We currently don't plan on making fittings for hardline in the Fluid Gaming line.