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  1. Yeah I feel like I may be in the same boat as you, going from Android to iOS. It’s looking like the iPhone 11 for me
  2. I actually find the phone quite responsive and fast to load things which is nice. The screen to small extent only because I had an amoled before but that's something I'm used to now. The camera setup. A camera improvement would be the main thing as the current one is a bit meh. Mainly social media, YouTube, emails, music, nfc payments, photos etc... I've found some apps have been glitchy on me with them crashing or not working as intended. Software. Support so far is not bad but I intend to keep my next phone for longer than this one.
  3. Yeah I guess it does. I was planning on waiting till black Friday for a deal but I guess it's hard to predict what's gonna happen so wanted to gauge other people's opinions on it. Thanks for the input
  4. Hi guys So I am currently rocking an Honor View 20 which has been quite a solid phone for the price I got it for, but I've had it a while so was thinking of upgrading, plus my mum is in need of a new phone as hers is starting to play up so I'd donate her my old one. My dilemma is deciding on which to purchase. At the moment the 2 main contenders are the OnePlus 8T and the iPhone 11. Real word performance is very similar from the research that I've done. The main difference seems to be the 120HZ Amoled in the OP as opposed the LCD in the iPhone but I'm not su
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Authentic-AX200NGW-Wireless-Bluetooth-Internal/dp/B01441VVB2/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?dchild=1&keywords=Ax200&qid=1602599724&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzOEJMWDNXMFhDMFRHJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwNDExOTU4M1ZQUEhCVUhLVTNZTiZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwNDM0MDQ2OVk3TE9SUVFHMTdLJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ== Thats the one I was looking at
  6. That is lucky haha Just to check before I order, I assume it will work all fine? I have compared it to the Realtek one and it looks identical, it just has newer features like WiFi 6 which I’m not sure if they would affect compatibility at all?
  7. Yeah I’ve read that the Realtek ones have loads of issues. Thank you for the help I have found one on amazon, the ax200ngw, I assume that is the same thing and will work fine with my laptop?
  8. Ah I see so CNVi Versions won’t work with AMD? By default it’s a Realtek 8822BE according to Device Manager
  9. Hi everyone So i have a Lenovo e595 and it has issues where it sometimes disconnects from the WiFi or the connection becomes unstable. From further research apparently the oem WiFi card is the culprit. I was just wondering is it as simple as swapping the cards out and doing drivers to change it? I was looking for a suitable card and came across the intel 9260, would this work? Many thanks Kieran
  10. Cheers, if there's a good deal might have to just go for it
  11. I see for the distancing. So would you recommend going for a bit of a bigger one. I did put my mates 40" TV in my room for scale and it was a lot bigger than expected so I genuinely believe a 43" will be great. What do you think of that one you linked? I believe it would be a similar sort of TV.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, I should note I live in England so will most likely purchase from amazon or currys (an electronics store here). It is prime day tomorrow too so there may be some deals on. My main worry is I am not too sure what sort of TVs are good or not as ive heard some horror stories with cheaper ones.
  13. Sorry should have mentioned the TV will be for my room so I will be sitting around 3m away max so I do not think I need bigger than 43"? My budget is around £350 so anything around there really Hmm I might have to take a look, just not sure if I will have the space in my room for one that size
  14. Hi everyone So I will be purchasing an Xbox Series X around Christmas time this year and will want to make full use of the 4K capabilities that it has. I have a budget of around £350 for a new 4K tv and there seems to be good options for this price point. I don't need the biggest tv which is why I was looking at 43 inch ones as that seems to be industry smallest for 4k. It will only be used for gaming, some uni lectures and the odd YouTube video. I was thinking the Hisense 43AE7400FTUK but I'm not sure how this will fare in gaming or
  15. Yeah it is, luckily we have a really long ethernet and just tried this hypothesis and its awesome. It seems the router is a bottleneck so think we will get some of those clips and a new router. Thank You for the help
  16. Honestly I think that might be a better idea, get some things to stick onto the walls and cable manage it and then purchase a new router
  17. Hi guys So im currently at uni living in a house with 5 other people and me and my mate live furthest from our router. We have the Virgin M350 package but we get very slow speeds from our rooms so I used some old bits I had laying around. I used a pair of tplink 600mbps powerlines and an old tplink router. This made the speeds better but it isnt the best still and would like to get it higher. I downloaded the tplink software and our "powerline rate" is 112mbps but my download straight from the powerline into my computers ethernet is around 42mbps. Am i right
  18. I have to agree with you, I'm. Just awaiting delivery of mine now, 1-2weeks shipping time I'd assume because of shortages due to the current situation, can't wait!
  19. In the end I took all the advice given to me and went with an ipad air 3. The tab s7 came out today and looks really good but the software support is a massive deal breaker for me tbh and the ipad air came with free airpods which I'm probably gonna sell so it's alot cheaper than anything else. I'm aware there's meant to be a new one coming but I like the air 3 and its more than powerful enough for what I use it for. Thanks for the help.
  20. Hi everyone So I made a post similar to this a few months back but have managed to get a bit of a bigger budget. I'm going to use it as device for general media consumption, maybe a bit of photo editing and for lecture notes (using a stylus of course) I was waiting for the tab s7 but I have saw rumours that it starts at £699 and it being new I'm not sure how much student discount I'll get off of it. (all will be revealed soon after the unpacked event I will presume). So I was also considering the tab s6 instead as I can get a decent deal on that (15% stude
  21. Okay that seems like a good idea, I just need to wait for the technology shops to open around me again as they are still shut for the moment.
  22. I'm honestly unsure if it's easier or harder as I've never tried it on a tablet before, that's one of the reasons I thought I'd ask on here for the advice lol. It does seem very useful from what I've seen in lectures.
  23. I guess that's very true, maybe I don't require one as much I think I do then. I just have a couple of mates who use them and it seems really useful.
  24. Okay I'll take a look Yeah definitely, I wanted to see what would be best. That's a solid point, I think I just like the ways you can present stuff on there it makes it pop out more and easier to remember