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    I like keyboards
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    Intel i7 8700k
  • Motherboard
    ROG STRIX LGA1151 Z370-E
  • RAM
    G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 3200 16GB (2 x 8GB)
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1080ti SC2
  • Case
    Phanteks EVOLV ATX TG
  • Storage
    Crucial 500GB MX500, 2TB WD Black
  • PSU
    Evga Supernova G3 750Wtt
  • Display(s)
    LG 24UD58, Benq Zowie XL2730
  • Cooling
    EK XTREME KIT X360 Complete Triple 120mm Liquid Cooling Kit
  • Keyboard
    HHKB Type-S, HHKB Pro 2 (With BKE Heavies), Topre Realforce 87u 55g r2, Leopold FC750r (Tunned Mx Blues), Leopold FC750r Beige (With Mx Clears), Blue Badge IBM Model M 1992, IBM Model M 1988 Grey Badge, MiniVan with Mx Tactile Grey, [Pre-Ordered] Ramaworks Koyu Moon (Holy Pandas, Godspeed Mt3), Ramaworks M6-b Sage (80g Aliaz Switches), [Pre-Ordered] Ramaworks M60a Seq 2 Milk (GMK Bento, R11 Zealios 67g)
  • Mouse
    G Pro Wireless, Zowie Ec2-B, Logitech G703, Mx Master 2s
  • Sound
    DT990 Pro and Audio Engine A2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit & Arch

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  1. b emoji

    Looking for a new mouse, suggestions?

    I mean, if you trust Luke more than anyone in the keyboard community, like Haata who invests in equipment like force measuring machines, designs switches himself, has a collection of 500+ boards. It's not just preferences here, unless you want a switch that is less durable or scratchier. Just look at the differences between a zealio stem and a mx brown stem, note how grainy the mx stem is. As well as scratchiness of modern mx switches compared to older designs (Before cherry changed their plastic composition and tooling). I won't stop you from thinking that Luke is the all knowing god of everything, but here are just some points and evidence to say that mx switches are far from the best. Also Luke doesn't always do his research.
  2. b emoji

    Looking for a new mouse, suggestions?

    There's mainly 2 types of keycap materials PBT and ABS, PBT is for the most part the superior material, it has a higher melting temperature, and does not yellow, however, production of double shot pbt is difficult and often POM or another material is used for the legends in doubleshot pbt caps, also PBT spacebars are difficult to make without warping issues. PBT also retains its texture better, where as ABS can have a "shine" after usage. Dye sublimation is only possible with PBT due to the higher melting temperature. Do note that the material it self does not mean one keycap set is better than the other. GMK, regarded as one of the best keycap makers in the industry uses ABS. There's 5 main types of keycap printing methods Pad printing, pad printing is the least durable and creates an uneven surface, also lasts the shortest amount of time common in cheap keyboards and special keycaps Laser engraving + filament, this printing method is more durable than pad printing but the filament degrades over time as well. Keyboards like the Daskeyboard 4 use it. Painted + Laser etched, this is the most common type of keycap on rgb gaming keyboards, the legends look sharp when new, however, after a while the paint can start to come off. Dye sublimation, one of the highest quality printing methods, lasts basically forever, however, dye sublimation often times looks less crisp and the legend colours must be darker than the plastic colour. Double shot injection, regarded as the highest quality printing method, this method requires a keycap to be formed with 2 pieces of plastic, this produces very sharp and high contrast legends that basically lasts forever. There are many keycap profiles, but the most common ones are: Flat, low profile no sculpt XDA DSA Both mainly made from dye sub pbt, best quality ones are made by signature plastics Lower profile, sculpted Cherry profile High quality ABS double shots -> GMK or JTK PBT Dye sub -> EnjoyPBT, NKPC PBT Double shots -> Idk the manufacturer but kbdfans used to have them, also Leopold makes them, note that these kits often use abs spacebars and pom or another material for the legends instead of pbt. Mid profile, sculpted Doubleshot pbt -> Ducky, Taihao High profile, scuplted SA PBT/ABS Doubleshot -> Maxkeys, Signature Plastics MT3 PBT Dyesub -> Matt30, Massdrop
  3. b emoji

    Looking for a new mouse, suggestions?

    MX switches are definitely not the best of the best right now. There are switches that last much longer than mx switches, like Kailh's box switches 80mil + water resistant, Optical Switches (Flaretech B is 100+ Million cycles), and hall effect switches. And in terms of keyfeel, most keyboard enthusiasts would say modern cherry switches are very scratchy and have very minute tactility, in general just a very mediocre switch.
  4. b emoji

    Where to get 60% keyboard from?

    Anne pros are quite cheap, you could also do a gk64 build from kbdfans.
  5. b emoji

    What is called?

    Hmmm, I don't actually know what the actual name for it is, most people I've seen call it a a mounting plate, or just a plate.
  6. What data? This is inherently flawed, 1- the data set is very small and is limited to 1 person, 2- The only thing you are measuring here is the typing speed and again that will vary from person to person, its great to hear that you type faster on your AmazonBasics keyboard, but someone else may type faster on a mechanical or even a touchscreen keyboard than they do on a Amazon Basics board. There are other factors in why people get mechanical boards, like longevity, the Amazon Basics board most likely uses cheap abs lasered or pad printed keycaps, while on mechanical boards you can get great quality doubleshot or dye sublimed abs and pbt caps which will last much longer than those found on boards like the Amazon Basics.
  7. b emoji

    What is called?

    I think you're talking about a switch mounting plate?
  8. b emoji

    Corsair vs Razer

    I wouldn't say good reviews. Also, Razer Opto switch is basically just a re-branded LK Orange switch. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with Cherry itself, but they're not great at anything (At least modern day cherry), Their switches don't last the longest, decent consistency, decent variation, and they don't have that much wobble tbh. What seon's point was I think was that despite how lackluster cherry switches are many mainstream reviewers who describe them as the creme de la creme switch, silky smooth (Not true, they're quite scratchy), fine German engineering and over engineered design (Even though they're an American company and have very unremarkable and rudimentary designs) etc.
  9. Thats legit the most idiotic statement I've ever seen. It's not fucking half membrane because there is no membrane in the board, it uses a pcb, making it not a membrane board. It's not a mix between anything, it's just a low profile mechanical switch. A hybrid mechanical-membrane switch would be something like Acer switches or Cherry MY which use a sensing membrane and discrete switches
  10. b emoji

    Corsair vs Razer

    Both are pretty shit.
  11. b emoji

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

  12. This doesn't mean it's better than any other keyboard, it just means you prefer typing on that board or that you type faster on that board. I personally can not type fast on any board that requires bottoming out.
  13. Ok, so 1 - Why not just buy from novelkeys, their pads are quite affordable and have pretty good quality 2 - Idk, there might be some stores on Aliexpress or Taobao with similar designs, massdrop sometimes has these deskpads or similar ones on sale.