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    Duck TCV3 Black | Black Inks 205G0 70g TX Springs | Gmk Solarized Dark
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  1. Eh, it's just a glorified tray mount tbh. https://mekanisk.co/collections/klippes/products/klippe-sandwhich-mechanical-keyboard-kit?variant=30890629169288 I would get this instead, it's not tray mount. Tray mounts are quite inconsistent in terms of feel and sound.
  2. They are new molds which in theory should make them smoother than normal tealios.
  3. ZealPC's new Tealio switches, new housings, colours and weighting. @sowon, maybe you might be interested.
  4. Dolch is a colourway based on a old Dolch Cherry G80-1813 keyboard and it looks like this Yolch just refers to Yellow on Dolch
  5. Try looking on Mech Market for GMK Pulse, Gmk Sky Dolch, Gmk Modern Dolch, GMK/JTK Yolch, those should be similar to what you are looking for. But aftermarket Gmk caps are quite expensive and can reach 200+ USD.
  6. Gateron is smoother, plus there's much better keycap compatibility
  7. The word you are looking for is rubber domes I think. Membranes are the sensing method and are usually not responsible for key-feel. Membrane =/= Rubber domes!
  8. The best imo are worn in Vintage Cherry switches, after you lube, spring swap and film them they're some of the smoothest and best sounding switches imo. The worst I would say are pre-retooled cherry switches, which were super scratchy and super overrated.
  9. They don't... Membranes refer to the sensing layers.. They're completely different things... You cant really make something act like a membrane unless you force it to only have 2 key native roll over or something. Plus there's some good boards that use a membrane like the model m and acer switches.
  10. Recent Gateron batches especially inks have had terrible loose leaves. Gateron leaves in general aren't great but now they're just getting worse.
  11. I would just get a new keyboard if I were you... Some SS APEX keyboards use rubber domes over membrane and some use proprietary Steel series switches which has a different pin layout than conventional Cherry switches. In addition, replacing switches is a bit of a pain on prebuilt boards. If you want to do all that de-soldering and soldering you may as well get a proper pcb and case.
  12. Cherry silent reds and blacks as well, people use them to make Mx Zilents. Mx Clears as well, people use them to make ergo clears. They are legit however, they have been instances where they have sold fake switches, but those were fake Round 11 ZEALPC Zealio and Tealio switches, but that was a while ago and they've moved on. Cherry switches are pretty cheap, most companies won't scam you for cherrys.
  13. Both are perfect sensors, the Hero sensor's advantages is that it has higher dpi (16k vs 12k) but no one really uses above 1.6k so... The Hero's sensor's real advantage is for wireless mice as they are more battery efficient. I would just get which ever is cheaper.