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  1. After scrolling through reviews of external HDDs and seeing common situation where is no matter what brand you look at 90% of them die in 2-3 years of active use. I came to the conclusion you either buy a nice expensive external SSD (which is unnecessary for my use case) or don't buy anything at all. So i was like "hmm i don't mind using NAS Drive". Yes it's not comfortable, yes it's a pain in the ass but as far as i'm concerned it's 20x times more reliable than external HDD. Do you agree or you have some suggestions?
  2. Huh? You said for the listed uses, b550 will work fine for me. Now you say it won't?
  3. I consider Gigabyte B550 Aourus Pro. But i suppose my gen 4 SSD nor my GPU won't suffer after adding gen 3 NVME to other PCI-E slot if i understand correctly.
  4. So after watching GN's video about B550 vs X570 and other tech youtubers i still don't get the idea behind B550 chipset's PCI-E lanes. I plan to build myself a new PC in 2021 with 5000 Ryzen CPU. I want gen 4 NVME SSD and in the future will get gen 3 NVME SSD for more storage. I heard after you add more than 2 PCI-E devices your PCI bandwith will share lanes between each other therefore less perfomance i suppose. My question is what happens to my gen 4 system NVME SSD and my graphics card perfomances? Will i experience less perfomance in reads/writes, rendering or just casual tasks. And as for
  5. Hey guys. So i bought a pair of my first stuido monitors. Plugged them in with balanced XLR to Jack cables. Played some music through them and then when i stopped playback and sat in silence i heard hiss noise. It's not extremely loud but quite audible and annoying. I tried different network filters from cheap ones to expensive ones. I tried an expensive power conditioner didn't work as well. I went to my friends house, plugged them and it was still there. I have an option to send them on an expertise to find out if they're alright. But i'm wondering is this kind of a thing normal or i have ba
  6. I just got MOTU M2 and Shure SM7B. Tried to monitor myself through windows and got audio only in left channel and i can't set it to 1 channel 48khz in the settings. I keep getting the same error "format is not supported by this device". It's stuck on 2 channels 48khz. I reinstalled drivers, i tried switching between usb ports, i updated windows to the latest version and even every small unnessecary update as well, i tried using windows audio recording troubleshooter (didn't find any problems), I tried different buffer sizes. And on the interface itself it's showing audio only in one channel. S
  7. I'm not into gigabyte boards well at least for Intel. And since that i would like to know if it's possible to run Gigabyte TB3 pci-card with non-gigabyte board? Any usability problems, bugs or compatibility issues?
  8. Hi. I want to buy a large mousepad (900*400 mm/35.4*15.7 inches) with equal horizontal and vertical tracking and thickness at least of 4mm. It needs to be hard or medium hard since i come from SS QcK Heavy. And also no stiching on the edges (cuz i don't like it). Waiting for your recommendations guys. And please do not recommend products available only in certain territories like NA, Canada, UK, etc. I'm not a citizen of those countries. I don't have an opportunity to buy those products.
  9. 5 pin regular Gaterons for example?
  10. Oh so there's no difference then?
  11. Hi. I'm planning to build a custom keyboard. I like the idea of hotswappable sockets. So whenever i feel like trying out new switches i can just pop them in with no need to solder. But i'm concerned about switch wobble since it's hotswappable. So how noticable is it? I'm currently using Corsair K63. Comparing GK61 to Corsair K63 how much wobble is there?