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  1. But i have a question, i searched up online my motherboard name and went to asus official site and it says that the motherboard asus strix b450-f supports up to 4400mhz. But its the 3rd gen, i did update my bios but does that increase my memory limit on the board? I bought it when it was 2nd gen compatible. https://rog.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-Strix/ROG-STRIX-B450-F-GAMING-Model/
  2. Ah, up to 3200, i guess im gonna test that, but it doesnt make sense since my board supports 3200 and the cpu should be fine with it aswell but hey im not that good at understanding these such things so im sure there is a reason for it.
  3. I have found online that the cpu ryzen 7 2700 supports max 3000mhz
  4. I just tried launching modern warfare and it still seems stable so far with everything i normally use running in the background aswell
  5. What would be stable speeds the, cus 3000mhz it seems stable as for now. it hasnt crashed the system yet.
  6. I have the ASUS ROG Strix B450-F GAMING, Socket-AM4 which supports 3200mhz
  7. oh right its 3600mhz sticks its cus my current motherboard doesnt support 3600mhz i just forgot xd
  8. Okay so ive lowered it to 3000mhz and so far nothing has happened i have tried downloading a game on steam and it works fine right now and i have google open. Last time i tried downloading on close to 3200mhz it just crashed right away.
  9. yes i did try using the xmp profile which sets it to 3200, CL 16-19-19-39 and 1.35v voltage. It crashes it right away, even when i lower the mhz to like 3000mhz it crashes the system when i try doing something.
  10. I just got my Trident z royals today and when i installed them they work fine, my motherboard is a asus strix b450-f. it can support speeds up to 3200 mhz. I looked up online and then i realized that the ram arent QVL tested with my cpu which is a Ryzen 7 2700. When i try to lock the mhz to 3200 the pc wont even boot up, it gives me an error, now if i try to lower it a bit like 3000, it can work for some time but if i try downloading something on steam it crashes the pc immediately. I also updated my bios, and it still doesnt work. When i try to set the ram to Auto under b
  11. Thanks for the tips, i found a new vendor that sells 3203 since i have a 80% keyboard will 2 ml be enough?
  12. Thanks for the tips, since im new to lubing i was thinking of getting the 203, but i just wanted to make sure i got the right type. Since the site doesnt mention grade 0 on it. Is this what i should get?