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  1. Hello people. I'm buying a rx 6800 to replace my rx 480. I play on a recently purchased UW 34" 100hz screen. Thing is, I'm kinda stuck on getting the 6800, because 600€ is reaaaaaally my limit for a gpu, but I'm not too happy with the pricing, which imho is too close to the 6800xt. I can't go Nvidia either, since their gpus are not available at msrp and 8gb on a 500+ € card are a no go for me. The question is: how close are the rx 6800 and the 6800xt? Is it reasonable to think that with the 6800 in most games I can just turn a bunch of settings from ul
  2. Hi! I'll be brief. I have a very good specimen of 3600, that I found out being able to hit 4.5ghz all cores at 1.26v. OCCT stable, Aida stable, all that stuff. Now, before acquiring this chip I read all sorts of info I could find online about overclocking zen2, and some of them were very alarmistic, going as far as telling that the only way to be safe with Ryzen is to let pbo do his thing, leave all at stock and don't set a manual static voltage, because some users have seen degradation with as little a 1.25v static. I want to keep this 3600 until ddr5 hit
  3. it is just how ryzen 3000 behave
  4. Hello folks I'm slowing investing money in my pc, and my primary aim is to buy high end stuff that will last me some years. Recently I got a good monitor (asus TUF ultrawide 35 inch 100hz) and a good psu (corsair rm750x), to give you an idea. Now, I got a sufficient cpu cooler (a Gelid Tornado something) for now, but I would like to get something bigger and cooler so I can run my Ryzen 3600 at 4.5ghz without going into the 70s Here's come the question: if I invest in something like a Noctua d-15 or a Deepcool Assassin 3, how is it likely that
  5. I checked some reviews on tftcentral and a pair of videos from Hardware Unboxed. It seems like the thing I consider ''blur'' goes away on +200hz monitors, which are not in my budget
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I guess I'm pretty much ''stuck'' with my UW monitor then. I checked reviews of other monitor in the same range (350-400€) as mine, but it seems like that only the really high end ones have a much lower response time; budget stuff like the pixio px277 have lower response time than mine, but nothing huge
  7. Hello nice people of LTT forum. I'll try to keep it short, and sorry for any grammatical mistake, english in not my first language. So, I spent a little more time with an ASUS VG35VQ ultrawide 100hz monitor that I purchased two days ago, the price was reeeeeally good on it, but I have mixed feelings. I come from a cheap 27 inch 70hz TN panel, so in nearly every aspect this new monitor is a HUGE upgrade (black depth, colours, contrast, screen size, refresh rate), but I'm asking myself if I made the right decision. I get the so called ''VA smearing'', but honest
  8. I decided to try to get used to it for a couple months, it is not like it's a deal breaker for me. Probably gonna keep it until I start working and I'm gonna get a really high end monitor for once
  9. I'm in the process of upgrading my pc, as I'm stuck on an old ryzen 1600 and a rx 480 that I'm planning to change with the new ryzen's that are coming out and an rtx 3070. So, while I'm waiting on the release of those products, I decided to look into a monitor upgrade. My old panel was a TN 70hz cheapo 27 inch 1440p screen, that serve me well for over a year but was nothing fantastic. I kept an eye on amazon warehouse deals for a good offer on an ultrawide monitor for months, and when the Asus VG35VQ surfaced for just 350€ in ''
  10. This hyperx raid should be equipped with 20M Omron, but I really dislike them. I am afraid to buy another mouse and have to send it back again... It's getting frustrating
  11. Recently I purchased a g502, and sent it back because I didn't like it. I got a hyperx raid as replacement, but as you can see in the video it has this clicking problem; when I click rapidly (even just a double click) it seems that the button can't get up fast enough, and I end clicking an already clicked left button. Is so damn annoying. Now I don't know if it is a quality control problem or I am just used to different mice, so here is the question: to avoid the problem, what kind of mouse should I get? One with longer pretravel? I didn't have this issue with the g502 or with this 5
  12. I understand. I have made this post since people on Facebook basically called me stupid for bringing this up, telling me that I shouldn't even use a joypad on PC, that this "issue" doesn't even exists and such, so I wanted to ask here for some more "intelligent" replies. Thanks man
  13. Hey guys, lately I noticed a ''problem'' while playing third person games. I mean, the camera movement while playing with a mouse seems less ''fluid'', while on the other hand if I connect a joypad and try to move the camera, the movement seems better. This effect is ''fixed'' applying motion blur for me, and is more noticeable if I move the camera slowly. To sum it up, I can't be as fluid with the mouse as I am with the joypad, and I'm wondering if I'm just crazy or what. It is more evident if I try to "mimic" the camera movement smoothness I get with the pad when I use the
  14. First I want to thank @huilun02 for letting me know of the existance of the rocket jump ninja site, it is really an awesome resource. I want to remain in the 50-60€ budget, because I will use the money that amazon give me back for the g502. I don't really need anything exceptional, I need it to be lighter (if customizable it would be the best) than the g502, and with a normal scroll wheel. Of course any extra feature like being wireless would be a bonus.
  15. Hello guys. I'll be short, I don't want to be boring. I had a Titanwolf mouse for around two year, that kind of mouse with a ton of side buttons (12), and when it failed on me, I bought a Logitech g502 since it was very very well reviewed on the internet. I have two problems with it thought, and I want to return it. Problems I have are: 1- The weight of it. It is a bit on the heavy side, and since I am a fingertip user, and I just grip the mouse with my finger to move, it is heavy. I would like something lighter. 2- THE GODDAMN WHEEL. Now, when it is in free spin