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  1. I'll be short. Does anyone here have this board? I'm on the latest bios (4.60) which supports Ryzen 5000 cpus, however I can't find the option to enable the resizable BAR anywhere in the bios. It should be near ''above 4g decoding''. What am I missing?
  2. IT LIVES! Thanks man, I did what you told me as last resort, and it works!!!
  3. I tried it in another system, still no post. I think I need to rma it...
  4. The system boots with a geforce 315 in the second slot. Im really starting to think that the 6800 just died on me...
  5. Asrock b450m pro4. The card was working fine before uninstalling it. I tried it in another slot and it is the same thing. One thing I noticed, the error it gives me through the beeps is the same as if the gpu is not plugged in.
  6. Basically, my rig was fine and healthy. Today my new ssd nvme arrived, and I needed to unistall my gpu to install it. I did it and boom. My system doesn't post anymore, the buzzer does 5 short beeps and a separate long one. The PC is fine if I install my old rx 480. What could have happened? The rx 6800 isn't dead, the logo lits up and the fans run at low rpms. What can I try?
  7. Aside from that, it is not available here in italy
  8. I was just going to watch said review. Well, I might get this viewsonic then
  9. here in Italy the pixio px277 goes for 350€, I think I might go with that, it seems like a cheaper version of the px7 prime and hardware unboxed reviewed it well. I'm not going all out and spend too much on the monitor because I'm waiting for some oled monitors to come out; when, and if they do, I will get one of those as my ultimate display.
  10. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'm gioing through many reviews, it is sad that I must say goodbye to the ultrawide factor, but it seems that all VA panels have some degree of smearing, and I really can't stand it. I just tried replacing my asus 35 uw with my previous 24 inch lg ips from like 2011 and it doesn't smear anything, it is crazy that this piece of trash that is 10 years old is better than the other one. I'm lucky that amazon agreed for the refund
  11. Hello. I managed to get a refund on my Ultrawide 35'' panel, and I'm waiting amazon to pick it up. The problem my panel had is this one depicted in the video , and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. I mean, some games were amazing on the ultrawide, but darker one were simply unplayable to me, totally unacceptable. So, here I ask the big question: what kind of panel do I need to get to avoid this smear-fest as much as possible? Are there ultrawides in this price range that doesn't suffer from this problem? If not, what are the best 27 inch panels with decent black levels?
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the answers. Yes, I tried pretty much everything you said, but sadly the situation is still the same. With ulmb it overshoots, without it it trails very visibly. I love the ultrawide experience, but I guess I'll get a refund if I can and buy a 27'' ips, I can't stand this smearing/ghosting whatever it is called, I can't literally play some games due to their visual nature (see Horizon Zero Dawn or something dark like Metro.)
  13. It is not the card, I tried on a cheap LCD TV from like 2010 that I have laying around and the problem is much much less pronounced. I will ask amazon to refund me, after some digging on the internet I found that this problem is pretty common with va panels. Mine does exactly like in this video:
  14. Hello. Long story short, I bought an ASUS ultrawide 35 inch 100hz like two months ago, but because I had only a rx 480 4gb to drive it at the time I just played Genshin Impact on it, which is locked at 60 fps. Two days ago I received my rx 6800, and I was eager to try some graphically demanding games at 100hz. Oh boy, the disappointment. As you can see in this video, my panel just shifts in color/brightness/whatever as soon as you move the camera. Wtf is this? Is this supposed to be normal with a VA panel or is mine broke? This effect vanish with the ultra low blur mod