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  1. You seem to know a bit about bluetooth 5. Instead of me trying to sift through tons of documentation, perhaps you can help me. When the dongles eventually launch for 5, will we be able to use dual audio mode with older bluetooth speakers/headphones?
  2. The wall that isn't pictured. The wall opposite of where you desk is.
  3. @Cookiecrumbles222 Your Dad found out what forums you frequent And he's correct of course
  4. Savage response.
  5. expandable up to six
  6. I've had this happen. In my case, it was one of the usb devices I had connected that was holding things up. It was happening in both windows and Linux. If you have a ton of usb hubs and devices attached, try disconnecting some, or try different ports. hope that helps.
  7. Them minimums doe.... i'll wait until the next generation of cards if I want 4k
  8. If I'm going to be staying at a hotel for more than one night, I bring a raspberry pi and a keyboard/remote. It has saved me a number of times. Connecting to hotel wifi with a phone isn't exactly safe and I don't want to use my phone's data to watch videos or browse stuff online.
  9. Yeah, sometimes you need a driver for your motherboard's network interface. You can have a hard time trying to download a driver if that's the case.
  10. it's only a matter of time... All that data is just sitting there, waiting for someone to take it..... Or purchase it.
  11. We can only speculate as to how much money Apple would lose. Just as we can only speculate as to how much it would cost them to make their product "repairable". More importantly, you are correct that there can't be an "equal" playing field for everyone. This is why the congress and the Supreme Court use words like "reasonable" when talking about fees and taxation so much. for the record, I'm sort of indifferent on "right to repair." But I feel it only works if the federal government somehow were to mandate it.
  12. You are correct. Individual states could pass a "right to repair law". But it doesn't actually work, unless all 50 pass it individually (unlikely), or the federal government does. For exactly the example you used with Apple. Imagine Apple just decides to not sell its products in 12 states? Ok those states get their "right to repair". But they stand to lose millions in business. That isn't how it works. Those states need the federal government to step in for the sake of a level playing fields. Basically the impetus for the Interstate Commerce Act with the railroads.
  13. True. And sometimes states make laws and the federal government decides that they don't matter. This would be one of those instances.
  14. It would have to be the U.S. federal government. States can really do anything here.
  15. You're correct. They in fact can not enforce any bills that may pass.