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  1. If Overwatch, Street Fighter, and Star Citizen ran on Linux natively, I wouldn't even bother dual booting anymore.
  2. After you get to the $300 price point, you're better off sticking with a professional office chair.
  3. There's no price and no release date because this will never make it to market!
  4. This monitor looks better on video than my current displays look in person. How many years before these are affordable? Is it possible that people might just skip 4k altogether in favor of 8k?
  5. Only room for two expansion slots... at $400?
  6. Someone just tag me when user-created alt-Internet is viable with this tech
  7. I bought the last ones on Amazon. mwhahahaha!
  8. If you're recording on your microphone with your computer in the same room then no fans. Alternatively you can put the PC in a different room or closet and run the cables you need to your display.
  9. I can't speak to the software of the camera you are considering, but the webcam software I use allows me to save data to an FTP server or the cloud. You're covered as long as you don't save only to the SD card on the camera.
  10. So the webcams catch them doing stuff the OP already knows they are doing..... step 2 is call the cops?
  11. From the tone of your post, you seem to me like a very nice person. Perhaps you are too nice about it. If I can know this about you, then your neighbors certainly know this.
  12. Thanks for that link, although I can't find it on sale from a reputable retailer though. On second thought, the benchmarks make me a little gun shy. The 1050 ti just doesn't do 60FPS at 1080 in enough titles for me to consider it. Maybe a passive 1060 is the next step then?
  13. They need to figure out how to passively cool their XX50 series of cards, then they would have something compelling.