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  1. FrozenCPU Rises from the Dead

    I find the lack of replies on this thread disturbing.
  2. CES: Sony Aibo 2018

    Can I name mine, Skynet?
  3. Intel Releases Microcode Update

    why are we trying to update microcode on every processor from the past 20 years again?
  4. "we suck at making games now, do here's a bunch of old ones that we made when we had talent". -Capcom
  5. Just use KODI on a raspberry pi.... oh wait! seriously though,. I don't understand. There's a multitude of ways to get YouTube on your TV.
  6. pledge never again to buy EA Products

    Anthem isn't going to redeem them. We're never going to get another Mass Effect 2. I've made peace with that.
  7. Triple Monitor set-up.

    hdmi to displayport cable
  8. Wireless Adapter is not achieving desired speed

    that would explain everything.
  9. This just in:. "Every computer can be owned via a keyboard"
  10. Ghost in the Shell prepared us for this! Norton offensive firewall 2020 edition is going to be LIT.
  11. 2 hdmi inputs? more like Nosense amirite? 😀
  12. I like my locks "dumb" thank you very much.
  13. Cutting my fingers on every sharp edge in the case.
  14. "Why build one, when you can have two at twice the price?"