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  1. Wireless Adapter is not achieving desired speed

    that would explain everything.
  2. This just in:. "Every computer can be owned via a keyboard"
  3. Ghost in the Shell prepared us for this! Norton offensive firewall 2020 edition is going to be LIT.
  4. 2 hdmi inputs? more like Nosense amirite? 😀
  5. I like my locks "dumb" thank you very much.
  6. Cutting my fingers on every sharp edge in the case.
  7. "Why build one, when you can have two at twice the price?"
  8. Naw, just used text for dramatic effect. Are people serious about this? I get that people hate ads, but are they that willing to hand over their CPU and risk further intrusion? I mean ad block is widely used, now we are going to be clamoring for "mining block plus"?
  9. Using 1 computer in two rooms (not simultaneous)

    There's a million different ways to go about this. It all depends on what you are willing/able to do. Can you move your PC so that it's equidistant? If so, you can mitigate a long cable run for two shorter ones for display. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse should be fine for your needs, right? 15 meters really isn't that far. You can run cables under carpet, over doorways, or through walls without cutting if you need to.
  10. You can install as many OS's as your SD card will hold. No reformatting required. It allows you the chance to try out different OS's at your leisure without the commitment.
  11. For what it's worth, I highly recommend berryboot as the boot loader to install on your SD card. It will give you lots of distros to choose from. Just make sure you connect an ethernet cable at boot.
  12. The pace of obsolescence.

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Storage solutions are seeing advancements now as much as they ever have. This makes sense because average consumers have the need for TBs of fast access storage. CPU advancements seem marginal, until you look at what the average consumer needs. What games or programs are being released that require vast improvements to consumer CPU power? The user case that comes up the most often that I see is, "I want to game and stream on the same box". You can do that currently without the need for cutting edge hardware. You've to find ridiculous LTT setups to find a real need for better CPUs (20 gamers 1 CPU). Video editing is is the one area I can see consumers really lacking for vast improvements, but that market is still smaller than the gaming market that tends to drive demands for more performance.
  13. SanDisk announces 400GB MicroSD cards

    It sucks that many of the devices I would use this in don't support capacities that large. i think the limit on my security camera is like 32GB
  14. I really want 8k to be pushed so that the prices for quality 4k displays become cheap. Display manufacturers are trying to get us to spend money on HDR and other features that aren't fully supported... Just give us those pixels and everything else will follow. Except internet speeds. i I don't want to think about trying to stream 8k content with some of these ISPs.