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  1. My friend actually showed me a few of your videos (Linus) and I remember them making me laugh while also being very informative. The oldest video I remember watching is that Moxie shower head review...lol. I still kinda want one. Anyways keep up the great videos!
  2. Nice phone. The Color tone adjusting settings is awesome and honestly should come standard on android. My HTC one max screen is a little too warm for me. How nice of dbrand so actually send a review unit though. I never knew this phone had FF Speakers. Major plus. I love the way dbrands skins look on the back of the phone but im not sure if I like skins on the front.
  3. Pretty sure this isn't meant to replace the old shield. They called it an addition to the shield family and it isn't called the shield 2 (its called Shield Tablet). Anyhew was that a 3.5mm headphone jack on the controller? if it is then its a nice touch.
  4. My favorite part of the g550JK...The IPS display. I cant stand the color shifts in most TN panels.
  5. I know we just had a small argument in another thread about vram but lemme just say I don't think you where getting frame drops because the card weren't fast enough to push over 3gb of vram. I think you had frame drops because the cards vram was maxing out.
  6. sigh* ok. you win. Sorry for not believing you. Don't want to make this thread any more off topic.
  7. So now your saying it can push 3gb+ of vram then? You do realize you said a 780 cant make use of over 3Gb of vram, not that it slows down. why would they make a 6GB 780 if over 3gb couldn't be used?
  8. Still doesn't change the fact that people like to see tested results. I'm sorry, its just the first I've heard of this on a 780.
  9. To alot of people it does. Not everyone can take someones word at face value. They wanna see real tests and results in a controlled environment. I just thought that if a 780 had trouble maxing out over 3GB of vram that it would be a more widely known issue. Edit: fixed
  10. Damn I didn't realize higher frequency ram got so cheap.
  11. Sorry I meant an official source where the cards have been thoroughly tested and benched. A reputable source if possible.
  12. SLIing your 760 is the cheapest way to get 780 Ti like performance period. Most Major AAA title games do support SLI now too. (I actually cant think of one that doesn't or wont in the near future) The only thing holding your card back is the 2GB of vram and memory bandwidth so you're gonna have trouble maxing textures in some demanding games. Still SLI 760s will still perform superb in 1080p and even 1440p. Just remember though that SLI uses more power and creates more heat. I have never heard of this. Do you have source?
  13. If selling the 770s gets you less than what you need for a 780 Ti then I wouldn't do it. If heats that much of an issue you can use a program like MSI afterburner to limit temps by throttling. You can also limit frames in games so the cards don't get pushed as hard. If It was me though I would probably buy some Kraken g10s and put Cheap AIO cooling kits on them lol.
  14. I think you meant 1866 Ram. Anyways some games are starting to take advantage of higher ram. When shopping for ram I try to look at a few things. Price, good reviews, reliability, lower cas latency, and if it matches the look of my MoBo. If you see a good reliable set of 1600MHz thats on sale, then get that. If you see an 1866MHz set thats just a few $$$ more then get that. Just try not to pay way more money for a higher frequency ram. I think this is a little misleading. There are certain applications where higher frequency ram is better and timings can always be adjusted.
  15. Indeed. Sli 760s can run multi monitors fine but I agree with what your saying. More/Faster vram is better for more pixels.
  16. This isn't exactly true. SLI 760s are stronger than a 780 and SLI 770s are stronger than a 780 Ti and they both cost about the same. With that said though it would be wiser to get a 780/780 Ti because of faster/more vram. SLI is good when you already have a card and want the cheapest way to gain massive performance.
  17. I've had SLI for about a year now and I have had almost no SLI related problems. Game compatibility can be a problem on new games but chances are they will get fixed or updated to support SLI pretty quickly. The main things to look out for when running cards in SLI are Power consumption and heat.
  18. I feel like everyone's ignoring this on purpose. #BlindedByRage
  19. What I Want to see: - A smarter Google now. - Full implementation of Art instead of Dalvik. I like the increased speed. - A Way to adjust Color tone natively. The screen on my phone is too warm for me (HTC one Max) would like it to be a little cooler. - More options for tweaking/improving audio sound quality. Not an equalizer but more like Oversampling or something. - Desktop mode maybe? If Companies keep making android laptops or dockable tablet keyboards then maybe its time for a desktop mode. - A Native tether without needing to pay companies a subscription fee. We should be able to choose what we do with our data. I had more but I cant remember.
  20. From the benchmarks I've seen they perform pretty similar in games. The 650 Ti boost has an 192 bit memory bus vs the 750 Ti's 128 Bit and much higher memory bandwidth. The 750 Ti also cant SLI. The 750 Ti does use way less power and produces much less heat though (not that the 650 ti boost runs hot. the 750 ti is just that cool). To each his own I guess. Edit: I just realized you were referring to a regular 650 Ti and not the Boost. The 650 Ti and 650 Ti Boosts are completely different cards. The Boost is actually more of a watered down 660 than a fixed up 650 Ti. Infact specs have you believe that the 650 Ti Boost IS a 660 with less cores.
  21. Newegg Has Refurbished Gigabyte 650 Ti Boosts for only 115$! 2GB model with dual fans! For this price this cards a steal. The 650 Ti Boost is actually a good entry level gaming card that performs similarly to a 750 Ti. You can google benchmarks. Getting two of these in SLI can perform equal to or better than a GTX 770 in games and the cost would be about what you pay for a 760! You also get a free 256MB ATi FireMX 2250 Graphic card with your purchase (Oh the irony). -> Link http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125601&cm_re=650_ti_boost-_-14-125-601-_-Product Just remember its refurbished and this card is only capable of 2 way SLI. You CANT SLI 3. Also if you have never ran SLI please make sure to look up the pros and cons. Edit: Clearing up some confusion. Don't confuse a 650 Ti with a 650 Ti Boost. They are not the same Card. The Boost is more like the GTX 660 than a 650 TI. The cards are completely different.
  22. Since you already have a 770 I would just get another. Its Cheaper and faster than a 780. Just make sure its a 4GB 770.
  23. The newer models have improved over the old but yeah, Beats are bass emphasized headphones. Its what most young people want and that's who the company is targeting.
  24. Although I agree Beats by Dre headphones are overpriced (You pay for brand Swag) their newer stuff isn't that bad. Most people hating on them in this thread probably haven't even heard them before. With that said their headphones are what you would expect. Very "fun" sounding with a V shaped sound sig. This means boomy bass, recessed mids and exaggerated highs. Their 2.0 Tours and New studio are a vast improvement over the old models though. They lowered some of the bass so the mids aren't as over powered. I guess splitting from Monster was the best thing that ever happened to them. Wonder how this will turn out if its true.