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  1. You can probably fit in another i5-4460 in that H81 motherboard, and add in another 4gb of RAM and it would be as fast as most modern computers today. We got Lazada here as well and it's full of old stuff for cheap. Put in a GTX 1050 and you should be OK for everything. Edit: Careful with that PSU. Although it says 600W, that can be a low-quality stuff and delivers much less power than that. And it's from a brand that I never heard of sooooo... yeah.
  2. Probably it's your drivers that's causing trouble. Try reinstalling the drivers
  3. Get Windows on a USB drive and save you some hassle. About the question, yes it can be install from an external optical drive.
  4. It should work normally, but the performance would be affected because it needs 16 PCIe lanes and it only got 4.
  5. There are three probabilities that I can think of. One, is that the sensor might be broken. Two, you are using the PC in the Arctic or something. Three, the Cooler Master AIO probably has liquid nitrogen in it lol.
  6. That Rosewill cooler is just another Intel stock cooler lol. A Gammax 400 could solve the heat issue, or a Hyper 212 Evo is also very nice as well. Adding 1-2 more case fans is probably a good idea as well.
  7. Does the graphics card appears in the Device Manager?
  8. Have you tried installing it in a different PCIe slot?
  9. An i5-8400 with a B360-F or something like that would be very nice. The added premium for an i5-8500 is not needed at all. And LoL won't need a 1070 to drive it. Maybe a Ryzen APU would be more suited to your purposes.
  10. Razer Stealth doesn't have a dGPU I think
  11. Well I'm using a B360-F Gaming and it's served me well. But if you got the Z370 option, go for it. It will almost certainly got better power delivery and more features
  12. Uh... This might be more suitable in the General Discussion topic, not here
  13. Like @RollinLower said, and I also got a CM ML240L as well and experience barely any sound at all. A little bit, but still not much.
  14. I don't care if my laptop sounds like a freaking jet engine, as long as it keeps my sweet FPS high always lol
  15. AMD once got better CPUs with their K7 (Athlon) chips in 1999, and that's the first 1Ghz chips in the history
  16. Well if you want the best (for now) in gaming, the 8700 is still a better choice. But as some people have mentioned above, LGA 1151v2 is a dead platform now, and it won't be supported in the future (probably). I'd say go for a 2700X, as AMD is going to support AM4 socket for a long time, and you will still be able to upgrade in the future, while with Intel you have to pay a hefty premium to upgrade to their latest and greatest (as always).
  17. You mean 4 USB 2.0 headers? No modern motherboards now would have that many headers. You will need a NZXT USB 2.0 hub for it
  18. Hmm, no they do not supports Coffee Lake, as they use a different kind of sockets (LGA 1151v2). But technically you COULD use that motherboard to run Coffee Lake chips, and I have seen guys out there done it before. But that would require a lot of BIOS tweaking, and might potentially brick your mobo. Why not push out and get a Maximus IX Hero?
  19. You gotta wait for the BFGD monitors from Nvidia's partners to roll out later this year. It will have 4k at 120hz and will be able to dial down to 1080p 120hz.
  20. Ah then. If so, you don't need to put in a Xeon. The Core 2 Duo is going to be just fine. Beware though, if the Excel document is very large, it might not even open with 8gb of RAM.