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  1. It says the etherum mining is going up lately and the cost of gpu will again rise up.
  2. Which one should i go for? 1050 ti 4g is 249 aud 1060 3g is 339 aud 1050 ti has more vram than 1060. Help me.
  3. Which one should i go for? I Am confused. Both of them cost 489 aud. To play PUBG.
  4. I have a s8plus never had this issue. You mist have done something wrong. Charged it overnight. Using the phone while charging. Playing games while charging. Contact samsung for repair. Cant do much about it.
  5. Clean it. Remove the heat sink. Reapply thermal paste. Re apply the thermal pads. Make sure of the thickness you are using in thermal pad. Just test it out. It might work. Better than nothing!
  6. I have had the normal heating problem with gpu! I tried cleaning it myself removing the heat sink and applying a new paste and pad. After doing the cleaning i ran it on my pc. The pc just shuts down when playing a youtube or game. I checked the tem. It was aroung above 90. Which did freak me out. After a long research i found out its not the paste, the pads i used was just a little thicker than it was originally before for the vrams, which didnt allow the proper contact of gpu with the heatsink. If i were you i would check the thickness of the pad to replace it and get the sa
  7. @Adreyu 300aud! My pc resolution at 1920x1080 Zotac gtx 1060 good?? One of my friends say zotac is not a good one. But they are the one selling cheapest ones!
  8. Hi there! My old gpu saphire hd 7950 single fan 3g became weird. I served me good 4 years. The problem with it was it freezes my pc when in game like pubg, csgo, dota 2. So i think that the gpu is bad. Because without the gpu every thing works fine. Now after so long i looked at the gpu market and it got me too confused. I want to buy something not too big and like in the cheap are, which allows me to run pubg, csgo, titanfall, bf smooth enough.
  9. @thanos999hi thanks! I will try the ones you suggested and post the results, as soon as i reach home. Fingers crossed ?? @CapitalistVN
  10. @IAnthonyFX here you go my friend. You trust me now!
  11. @CapitalistVN hi yean i dont know actually where the motherboard heat sensor is located. It cold weather right now so its cols in here. Not liquid nitrogen i am sure of! I worries me. It sounds nice that the processor is cold but it looks very abnormal to go so low!