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    I7 8700k all cores at 4.9GHZ
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    Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi
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    Trident Z RGB 32 GB 3200mhz
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    Aerocool P7 C0 Pro
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    250gb samsung SSD & 2TB crucial mx500 & 1 Terabyte WD drive 7200 rpm
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    850W Super Flower ARGB leadex 3 gold
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    Asus VG278Q 144hz 1080p 1 mil
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    NZXT X72
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    Corsair K70
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    Steel series Rival 600
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    Steel series pro
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. So I have a quest 2 and would really like to play some seated games using my KB&M that is connected to my PC that my headset is streaming from, I want to play using the headset as a larger screen/more immersion. only issue is when I open up something like Dota 2 its in my headsaet as a bigscreen but my mouse doesn't show up only the controllers do and they tend to be buggy when I'm in Bigscreen and trying to control Dota, So I would like to know how could I use a KB&M to play games like mobas and RTS which need QWER and things and quick reaction times faster than using a hand cont
  2. hmmmm okay well I guess I can try it and report back as to whether it helps I will try my old voltage settings with some added LLC and hope it boots x-x
  3. but why would I need to use LLC then if its to give more voltage, If I'm already over volting as LLC is so you don't have to over volt it, I just don't get why the manual OC voltage setting causes the system not to boot.
  4. okay so if I wanna hit 4.9Ghz on all core and in the past I used to have that with no LLC on my old Mobo, I had 4.9Ghz at 1.27Vcore so if I wanna try get back to that would I wanna increase the LLC or set a negative amount, so I set Vcore to 1.27 and then set LLC higher or lower? sorry I'm probably asking stupid questions but I dont know these settings too well as in the past I never had to mess with them.
  5. but would I need load line if I'm already over volting the CPU (my understanding for load line is it just overvolts to compensate for Vdroop) like I said when its set to Auto the Vcore according to CPUZ uses between 1.23-1.36 with 5.0ghz all core OC, but even if I set it to 1.38v on Vcore and set my CPU to run at 4.7Ghz all core it wont boot even with voltages set for higher than what the 5Ghz OC needed, it wont boot just BSOD, but if Vcore is set to auto I can boot at any speed and seem stable I used my pc for 24 hours on auto and monitored the voltages through gaming and at idle and things t
  6. I bought a new Gigabyte Z390 pro for my 8700k, previously I had a Asrock killer sli Z370 and had my cpu at 4.9 with 1.27v all cores, but since I swapped over to this board I cant seem to set the overclock back to what it was and infact no matter what I set my cpu ratio to and the voltage, It wont boot, I get BSOD even with 4.7 at 1.36v but If I set the board to auto on VCore it boots at any speed I've tried even up to 5.0ghz and CPU Z reports that at 5.0 Ghz it uses anywhere between 1.23-1.34v but if I try manually set the Vcore in the BIOS it wont boot, does anyone know what might be causing
  7. okay I didnt open the plug in the wall I just rewired the cable that came with my PSU, I cut the end off and attached a 3 pin and plugged it in and I've been randomly touching the components to see if anything shocks me and its been 24 hours and not one shock yet so I think its grounded and my issues are gone thanks so much for the help. I attached a picture of what the old cable looked download (1).jfif and I changed the end to one of these.images.jfif
  8. good news my plugs arrived and one was a 3 pin that fit in the socket so I rewired my PC plug to use the 3 pin plug and plugged it in, then I stroked my hand along the PSU and keyboard and water block and no shocks ... yet, I'm not yet convinced its fixed but it might be I just hope that in the wall itself that its also been wired up properly.
  9. well I wasnt concerned at first that you might be trying to get me killed but now I am, JK yeah I know what I'm doing is risky, but at the same time I have also taken the time to look further into this so I'm not totally following the help of any internet stranger just blindly, as before I made this post I searched for a good few days through forums and looked up how things work and I obviously appreciate all the advise and know none of this is 100% going to work or be safe, I don't expect that from anyone's advice just over the internet but I am still grateful for the advice and time you have
  10. okay so I could run a wire from some pipe in my bathroom or kitchen as long as its in contact with a metal pipe, I'm assuming a copper one preferably but then where do I attach the other end to? my pcs PSU or like the prongs on my pcs plug or where?
  11. I already looked into it but im trying to avoid making my land lord hate me or make my landlord charge me extra for having someone come and look at my wiring.
  12. I do obviously have access to water but there doesnt seem to be any exposed pipes in my apartment, my geysers have have exposed wires red, green and blue but then Id need to run a cable to my geyser from my pc plug point which sounds dodgy AF xD, I do appreciate all the advise you have given me but I feel like thats a little too janky for my liking so im now looking at the laws to see if theres a way that I can get my land lord to sort this out but without making her angry or having her charge me for an electrician because I know people can be bitches about petty things.
  13. I wouldn't touch the lightning rod in general.
  14. my issue is I cant attach a copper pipe to the line as where would I put the copper pipe if Im on the 20th floor of my building could I just leave the pipe on the ground in my apartment? that doesnt sound safe to me , my mobo is resting on the mobo box like I said do you think if I put the PSU on a rubber mat it would help it and then attach something like a anti static wrist band to my psu then connect it to a metal surface it would help ground the PSU?
  15. yeah I actually looked it up already but most people said RMA but I'm not currently in the country where I purchased it so I cant RMA till I'm back there so for now I can live with it but my PSU and water block shocking me I'm not comfortable with as the shocks actually hurt so it concerns me that it could be damaging my components which is why I'm trying to find a way to help ground it or insulate it.