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    Joined the Air Force to make the money to buy the silicon

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  1. i have not tried that, and i may try that. im getting a new SSD anyways and installing a fresh install of windows so i may just not dl those drivers, but i am getting a soundcard and will probably buy a NIC either way just because im already in there so why not
  2. ive tried going both forward and backwards in the drivers, ive tried reconfiguring it on windows side, im just sick of fiddling with it to try to get it to perform correctly. everyone i have talked to has said windows has their stuff together when it comes to networking cards, but i have never been in the market for one and just dont know what to buy. PCPP can only help so much when its most popular offering has pics of an old gen mobo with bright blue PCIE slots lol. i just dont know whats new, whats high quality, etc. never had a need to keep up with networking and dont know what to buy as a
  3. i got a pair of sennheiser game zeros and i am driving them off of my mobo and they sound pretty meh. i know that my oboard audio probably isnt the best for this headset, and was planning to upgrade at some point, but whats the most irritating is how faint the mic is. everyone has me at 200% on discord and its still quite. testing it thru windows and its still quiet. i cant even use in game chat in most games because of how faint i come in. cant add digital gain because then it sounds like crap and picks up everything. is there anything i could buy to solve both issues? already had to RMA one
  4. im looking for a NIC, i am done with the killer lan and its buggy software on my MSI z270 m5. i know i should go with an intel nic, but am unsure of what model or third party board i should go with. i am very undereducated about networking, and have no idea what i am doing. i have build 4 pcs, but all have used the on board networking. that said, screw killer lan, it needs killed. i have a budget of no more then 50 bucks and have a 1 gig connection at home i would like to take advantage of. again i dont know what i am doing, and i appreciate that you guys do and are willing to hel
  5. can anyone tell me what case is in the background of this Linus video? it looks awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXLdIYL30tw
  6. is it a 90 on one side and a straight on the other? if so, just flip the connector around. alot of them are 90 on one end and not on the other. assuming what your plugging it into can take a 90
  7. i have windows 10, i am hardware savy, but struggle a bit with the software side. i have a 250g ssd with windows 10, and im trying to put windows 7 on there as a dual boot so i can run the fallout franchise. i tried creating a partition in windows disk manager, but it says the most i can shrink my current volume by is 75 mb. my current volume is NOWHERE NEAR full. i have no idea what to do to proceed. thanks for any help!
  8. thank you all very much! going with the i5 8500 and a 1050ti. have a great weekend
  9. but the 8350k has higher single core performance, do games these days benefit from the 6 cores over the 4 with the 8350k?
  10. i plan on like a 1070. just looking for cpu and mobo recomendations.
  11. just for gaming as a couple, no workstation uses at all. mostly things like league and games like that, she cant do shooters. any help appreciated this: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/GynqCy or this: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/qCPFgw
  12. he went with a thermaltake view 37, against my advice (horrible thermals). thanks a bunch though man
  13. i mean i have an enthoo luxe now that i love, a buddy saw that case and wants it in his build. so i need one to build for him
  14. cant find it, need to have it, where can i buy it?????? inwin 805 infinity (805i). any backwoods retailers still have some?