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    Gaming, IT, PC Building, Media Distribution
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    AMD Ryzen 5 2400g @ 3.6GHz - 3.9GHz Turbo
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    2x4GB Crucial Ballistix LT - Red @ 2933MHz
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    AMD Vega 11 Integrated Graphics
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    Bitfenix Nova TG - White
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    SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD - 250GB & WD Blue 500GB - 7200RPM
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    Corsair CX550M
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    Phillips 227E 21.5" - 1080p 1ms @ 60Hz
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    Nova TG Stock Fans & AMD Wraith Stealth
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    Unknown Brand Mechanical Keyboard - Gold, US Layout, Fake Blue Switches
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    KB&M Bundled
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    Onboard Realtek Audio / HPM1000 Headphones
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    Windows 10
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  1. Dafydd

    NAS/Server for under $100

    Get a used optiplex and an HDD
  2. Dafydd

    What song are you listening to right now.

  3. Dafydd

    Black Friday: What did you buy?

    Google Home Mini, Google Chromecast and Motorola Bluetooth Headphones, £71
  4. Not necessarily. Otherwise nobody would've bought GPUs to mine with lol
  5. https://twitter.com/ICODrops/status/1066623001620303872?s=19 "Mining profit is now around 0 or even negative, depending of the cost of electricity. Source: https://t.co/Js1qlV9JLD https://t.co/ub7aUaQGrR" GPU prices to go down?
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/walmart/comments/9dng58/wow_they_sent_cases_for_the_unannouncedunreleased I wonder if Apple's ditching the numbered approach? Unfortunately there's no comment to copy to the thread since it's a Reddit post.
  7. I forgot to link it the second I hit post. Edited it in while you were reading
  8. "Analysts at Baird said Monday that their channel checks showed potential CPU shortage issues surfacing for Intel Corp (NASDAQ:Intel) that could result in some inventory depletion in the fourth quarter for the chipmaker." Wonder if the prices will go up. The Intel price premium is already high, now we're skyrocketing. Time for another round of "gamers struggle against power users". Link: http://www.proactiveinvestors.com/companies/news/203229/baird-sees-cpu-shortage-issues-for-intel-after-channel-checks-but-reiterates-us64-price-target-on-stock-203229.html (oops)
  9. https://www.techpowerup.com/247028/intel-gags-customers-from-publishing-performance-impact-of-microcode-updates "The company has hence updated the license terms governing the microcode update distribution to explicitly forbid its users from publishing comparative "before/after" performance numbers of patched processors."
  10. Dafydd

    RTX 20 Series Cards Confirmed With Pricing

    RTX 2080 Ti Fastest NVIDIA card right now: https://ift.tt/2nRMcKr
  11. Hello!

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      How you doing?

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      Adorable Cat

      good, took a 40 minute walk first thing in the morning because I can

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      Hey hey! 

  12. Basically a way to try and prevent pirates cracking games. Things like this show how bad this can get tho.
  13. Reddit post by game cracker Voksi: https://www.reddit.com/r/CrackWatch/comments/908pg1/sega_rushes_the_new_denuvo_in_new_sonic_manias TorrentFreak article: https://torrentfreak.com/sega-accused-of-anti-consumer-behavior-with-rushed-sonic-mania-plus-protection-180720/ "I'm gonna focus here on the second post. This slowdown is caused by a trigger in the time attack menu when you scroll down till the last levels, which is not closed properly, which causes Denuvo to continue writing in its section until the game is closed, which causes massive game slowdown." "I've encountered this exact anti-tamper trigger while making my crack, which put the game in the exact same loop, in the exact same spot. So, this trigger is failing for this person on a legit copy. Good job, SEGA!" Proof and steam discussions on it in the Reddit thread. Voksi is a member of notorious game cracking group, REVOLT, and is known for their hard work cracking lots of Denuvo games the last few weeks (check their Reddit history).