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    evga 1080 ti FE
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    motu 624
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  1. kilgore_T

    Games to play on high end systems?

    crysis 3, metro exodus ,resident evil 2 remake, dmc5
  2. kilgore_T

    Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer

    not sure tbh, left me feeling meh, and i loved the first 2 looks like the same old same old, but i will still get it
  3. kilgore_T

    Disappointment with LMG

    i find it all entertaining, thats the point for me, entertain me LMG lol
  4. kilgore_T

    Doom 3

    it had Carmack magic which is always better than rays
  5. kilgore_T

    PS4 controller

    i dug out an ancient saitek controller and steam recognized it and i could program it through steam
  6. kilgore_T

    Free Speech and Censorship

  7. so much software is grey...enough with grey already
  8. kilgore_T

    Have games become more graphic demanding over current years?

    i have noticed performance these days is all about resolution rather than features so most games are a breeze to run at 1080p or even 1440p well until RTX that is
  9. kilgore_T


    you using any anti virus software other than windows defender?
  10. ye totally agree, where is the creative content? makes me a little sad, but hopefully this is the wake up call for them to get some games out the door and stop relying on all that steam money
  11. Tim Sweeney at gdc yesterday said he especially thanked Sony for some lifting of restrictions or something like that im sure it was in connection with fortnite but these games were sony exclusives so who knows making dem deals with sony cant be cheap but Tim is worth about 7 billion himself so no worries lol
  12. i now deeply regret watching faraaz khan playing the entirety of Detroit last year
  13. been on steam since it launched, I love valve games, i think gaben is a genuinely great dude but valve been sleeping on the job tim and tencent just giving them a little wake up smack,
  14. kilgore_T

    Is Guitar Course Worth It?

    and you missed my point ... the most influential guitarists of the 20th century didnt read or write music...whether you rate them or not is irrelevant they were the most influential who inspired yngwie to play that guitar? Hendrix
  15. kilgore_T

    Is Guitar Course Worth It?

    we both have assumptions about which guitar god is more godlike, for me its hendrix for you its Yngwie by the sounds of it, let the age old battle for axe supremacy continue..... just not in this thread man we derailed it enough Hendrix FTW lol