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    Ryzen 7 3700x
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    ASUS B450-F Gaming
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    32gb GSkill Trident-Z RGB 3200mhz
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    Powercolor Red Devil RX 5700 XT
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  1. Yeah hes tried both of these as well, it shows up in device manager as well but i have no clue why its not showing up in disk manager.
  2. So my friend recently got a new hard drive for his gaming pc and its not showing up in disk manager so he can create a new volume. He says it shows up in the bios and even in the storage settings in windows but not in disk manager. Hes already tried reconnecting power/data cables, swapping out cables and ports, and poking around in windows to see if there anything off but it still wont show up. I dont know what this could be.
  3. So I have NDI setup for streaming but for some reason the preview on the streaming pc is super stutter-y and unwatchable. After some hours of tinkering I've narrowed it down to obs on the gaming pc side. Whenever I minimize obs or let a game run while obs is capturing in the background, the footage stutters, even while recording locally on the gaming pc, but if I tab out to the desktop or to obs, the game capture is perfectly smooth. I've basically run out of settings to tinker with so I don't even know whats happening with it but any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the email advice, changed both passwords so if I keep getting notifications I dont even know anymore.
  5. I keep getting security codes sent to my email as if someone is trying to log in my uplay account. I've changed my password multiple times and they still come back, the weird part is that I've resorted to using lastpass's random fill feature with a password made up of 16 random numbers and symbols, that I don't think could be easily cracked within a couple hours, but i still get emails, so im starting to wonder is this is just a problem on ubisofts end or someone is successfully getting my password.Any insight from anyone else?
  6. I guess you could but that sounds like a really getto way of going about that.
  7. I've had this psu for almost a year now and its never turned itself on so it might have been a one time fluke.
  8. Lets hope thats not the case here lol It only happened this one time and the system was shut down completely through windows with the psu switch (obviously) still on.
  9. Yeah it was an amd system but this is the first time I've ever encountered it first-hand. At least I'm not the only one. Was this a reoccurring issue or a one time thing for you.
  10. So yeah, was laying in bed, pc was shut off completely, next thing I know pc and rgb lights turn on and it completely boots into windows. Any explanation? Ghosts? Aliens? The shadow-y figure that follows me around?
  11. So my parents have this old inspiron from quite literally almost a decade ago with an old celeron g470 for work at their family business. From the Hardware specs i could gather this seems to be it: https://www.cnet.com/products/dell-inspiron-660s-slim-tower-celeron-g470-2-ghz-4-gb-500-gb-us/. And recently was looking into upgrading but was put off by the cost of a new machine that their IT guy quoted them. Anyways their current pc is, obviously, very slow and affects their work flow quite often because of this, so I thought a basic cpu, ram, ssd upgrade on the cheap might be enough. As far as
  12. The 590 buy i havent heard of a 4gb version
  13. Uh I dont think it would be an upgrade, at best a "side grade" since the 5600xt competes with the rtx 2060 which is a little better than last gens 1070.
  14. I mean at this point i think they've beat the naming for the usb standards XD