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  1. Deus Ex og only portal 2 doom 3 machinarium mass effect 1 alien isolation nier automata
  2. cd project red doing a sci fi fps rpg is exciting stuff
  3. agree with worstcaster outer worlds looks so good in my opinion and alien isolation is a cracking game played it right through 4 times now
  4. do not worry Wolfycapt life will throw all kinds of teachers and situations at you that will make you feel like you really didnt know that much to begin with.... and its beautiful
  5. "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" - the horror elements are incredibly subtle?
  6. i wonder if in the future i will be able to go into used game store and next to the 1000s of used console games on disc i will be able to buy a slip of paper with the serial code for a used digital game inside...steam killed off the second hand pc games market maybe this will rejuvenate it
  7. i was real enjoying it up until l the beacon bug forced me to replay act3 ch3 then my enthusiasm just vanished, beautiful looking game, feels like gears, plays like gears
  8. crysis 3, metro exodus ,resident evil 2 remake, dmc5
  9. not sure tbh, left me feeling meh, and i loved the first 2 looks like the same old same old, but i will still get it
  10. i find it all entertaining, thats the point for me, entertain me LMG lol
  11. kilgore_T

    Doom 3

    it had Carmack magic which is always better than rays
  12. i dug out an ancient saitek controller and steam recognized it and i could program it through steam