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    vopos got a reaction from Eddprzz in 1st Build - Ironhide   
    Where did you get those parts they are sooo cheap
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    vopos reacted to Feveredbike in Buy Guide   
    Be warned child, this land be (relatively) hostile toward gaming headsets. Take heed and prepare yourself.
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    vopos reacted to Kayn in Movie (Frozen)   
    Nope. I haven't seen it yet either
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    vopos reacted to MangoJuiceStain in Movie (Frozen)   
    Well, it's official. I'm the only person left on this planet who still hasn't seen Frozen...
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    vopos reacted to cartdog in Chair *sigh* again   
    ErgoHuman. Look's nice and snappy, may also offer "ergonomic" support which is vital if you intend to sit in it for extended periods. 
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    vopos reacted to Dudenstein in Science problem.. :/   
    This seems appropriate

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    vopos reacted to coen113 in Science problem.. :/   
    such speed. much skill. wow.
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    vopos reacted to Adnanklink in Science problem.. :/   
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    vopos got a reaction from Latislapaloie in Science problem.. :/   
    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those were really fast answers oh my god
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    vopos reacted to DEcobra11 in Let's cheap out!: 0$ FTW!   
    Meh wouldn't call it lift...

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    vopos reacted to DEcobra11 in Let's cheap out!: 0$ FTW!   

    Smells good!
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    vopos reacted to LogicDeifying in Whats The Best Looking Full Tower Case   
    Ask on the correct subforum
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    vopos reacted to Kiukaz in 800D Revamped [3770k, GTX 780, 2x360 rads] [CANCELLED]   
    Holly Doge... This will be good... Doge approves, such large case, so mod, many cut, wow.
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    vopos reacted to mopman94 in DIY Headset stand   
    But it won't have your name engraved in it
    How about a 2D puzzle design made of metal as a second attempt at building a stand? Basically two flat pieces that slot into each other and into a solid wooden base (high quality wood though, let's stay classy).It will be cheap because it will be flat pieces of aluminum and you don't need to worry about how to hold it together because it would just slot into place.
    Like this:

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    vopos reacted to Kiukaz in UPC's Ultimate Build Painted Mobo, 900d LED Midplate COMPLETE   
    Merry Christmas Fellow Doge, Other Doge, Is Doge friend, What do, such confuse, wow.
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    vopos reacted to WoodenMarker in Pc Colour scheme   
    Since when have you seen a computer that's green, pink, and yellow?
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    vopos reacted to DaMagicalManiac in Pc Colour scheme