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  1. I’m hoping that someone here knows how to help me. I need to automate some printing and I am hoping that someone knows a bit about it to help me with some questions. At my work place they have moved some functions from another country to here in Ireland and over there they used to have this odd printing system which I’ve never used before. The staff would drop pdf files into a hot folder which would then be sent to the printer with some special requirements (last page of each document needed the paper sourced from a different printer tray) and then that file would be deleted once spooled by the printer. Another issue we are having is that the person who set all this up years ago has now left and none of the IT guys in the country of origin know anything about it, never mind how it was set up. Oh, not sure if it matters but printer is a Xerox Questions: Can this be done with a simple script? Or is setting up a hot folder more complicated and requires server side software? And if so, does anyone know what this software could be? Does anyone know an easy way to find out what script/software is monitoring the hot folder? Anyone have experience with this and if so, what way to they recommend setting this up?
  2. Can anyone recommend good free software that will be able to scan a flash drive or USB drive and see if there are any issues with it, any bad sectors and so on and possibly even fix issues?
  3. I just did a windows one, I need to try something else. Any recommendations? Nope Its a Samsung MicroSD card, 64 Gig MrcroSD XC Evo 1. Its an original bought on Amazon (I just dont remember when, its not new but not years and years old either) Hmmm..... It might be what Electronics Wizard suggested, its gone read only as its fked If thats the case, any way around it? Any way to close off the bad sectors, format it and get it going again?
  4. I've did a scan looking for bad sectors and nothing, any other programs or advice? If this is the issue, any way around it?
  5. I've an MicroSD Card I used to use for my tablet, I decided to put it into my PC to copy files over to make things go quicker and ever since it wont be ready properly by the tablet. I've since stuck a different card in that tablet and no issues but now I'm trying to give this card to my other half and I cant format it. Windows says that the operation cannot be completed And the same issue when I tried to do it through command I've tried to use Windows manager and I'm having the same issues. I tried to remove the letter (to clear permissions) and no difference, I cant remove the volume ether (which I had hoped would work). The MicroSD card still has the files on it that I copied over too and they all work fine Very confused Any advice welcome.
  6. Ethnod

    Suggestions for parts for a NAS build

    I'd say something like 12tb should be enough, I doubt I will go any larger than 24. I was thinking of using the external HDD's as extra secondary backups (redundancy for my backups) No rack mounting, and ideally no server hardware as for software, I could do with some advice, without putting much thought into it I was going to look into FreeNAS
  7. Ethnod

    Suggestions for parts for a NAS build

    I was actually really hoping to avoid that headache I was just thinking of using half decent retail over the counter hardware. Any advice for hardware? Especially a Motherboard, that’s one I am really stuck on, too many choices
  8. I'm looking to build my own NAS at home. I'm looking for something that will work over the wireless network, will have no issues transcoding but I wont be needing 4k or anything (by the time I get to 2k/4k I'll be upgrading or replacing it) and it won't need to stream to more than just one thing at a time. I'm hoping to keep my budget on the lower end but I'm not going to cheep out in fairness (I don't actually have an actual number in mind, I'll just wait another month if I need to) I've a few external HDD's that I will probably plug in also for extra storage so Motherboard cant be too minimal as I will want at least 5 or 6 usb ports. Will most likely have an SSD as a book drive unless there is a reason not to. I'm also looking to use it as a backup server as well, even if its a manual thing I do myself. Looking for suggestions of hardware so I know where to start looking and so I can keep en eye out for deals over the next few months.
  9. Perfect, I did not know that Draw could edit PDF's, works like a dream, thank you for that I work for what might as well be a bank, government regulation over our systems is quite high (here in Ireland) and as a result our security is quite high. Most things are blocked in fairness, services and websites are almost all blocked. Thank you to all who helped, all the help is very much appreciated
  10. The reader wont edit and then save edited pdf's, which is what I need to do
  11. Free trail is not for commercial use (or so I am told) plus I already have a licenced version of the reader already installed
  12. Google services are blocked here Sorry should have pointed that out
  13. Hi Guys, I’m hoping someone can help me here. I need to see if I can find a free to use for commercial use pdf editor (not reader only, I need to be able to edit and save the edited pdf). So to explain, this is not actually for commercial use but as I am attempting to do this in work they would need to be free for commercial use. I can get a licence from Adobe for later but I’ll need approval and that will also take weeks (or months knowing my companies processes for these things) and right now I’ve some pdf’s that I need to edit for myself and I won’t have time to wait until I get home. I’ll be able to get IT to install a free one for me here now assuming that it is free for commercial use. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi Droidbot, I'd already looked into that. My phone works on the correct signal bands. The phone technically works fine but just the signal is weak compared to most other phones or at least equal or less than most I have compared with. I'd imagine that it is just that the hardware is not very good as its a cheap phone so they had to save money somewhere
  15. I’m looking for some advice from someone who knows more about mobile tech than I do. I bought an Asus Zenfone Max (ZC550KL) and love it, well, loved it. I mean I still like it but I’m having network issues, problem connecting to towers, significantly worse signal than my partner who is on the same network as me. Apart from that I actually really love it, yea it is not the fastest phone on the market but its strikes a great compromise between usability, large phone and great battery life. So specifically what I am hoping for that someone knows, or has an idea, of what could be causing the issue. I am assuming that it is the radio for 3g/4g or maybe the antenna and its weak so I am not getting a signal? I’m hoping to learn what parts to avoid in my search for a new phone so when looking at the specs of a perspective phone I know, oh that might not be a great radio maybe I’ll keep looking. I know it is probably not this simple but I’m hoping to get a better understanding so I can be more informed later in the year as I’m looking to buy a new phone. Thanks