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    PC games, more PC games and even more PC games. Oh and Motorbikes, Books, RPG, Tech, Computers, Networking, Programming, Web Design, Outdoor stuff like Hiking, camping and so on also
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    Intel Core i7-3770K CPU @ 4.05GHz
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    G.Skill SNIPER 16 GB 1600
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    Razer MambaLogitech G602
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    On-board atm
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    Win7 64 bit & Steam OS

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  1. Oh man, i think some research will be needed on that one, are the reliable? Also, if it comes from the US I've to pay export tax and import tax I do like Ducky plus it comes with the Luke certificate of guarantee
  2. So i'm looking to finally take the plunge and while I have used mechanical keyboards before I've never owned anything outside of a Model M and not in the last 20 years. I'm looking at Cherry MX Browns, Red or Blacks (Or the Kahl equivalent) as I'm not particularly enamored with the idea of lots of clicky noise but think I would like the tactile feel of the brown so leading in the Brown direction but sure I'd be happy with Red or black. I have a tester Cherry MX Tester board at home so reasonably confident in this (as best as one can be without actually buying it ) So I have been looking around and finding it difficult to narrow down as there seems to be way too many options and most of them not attractive to me. I am hoping that someone can give me some recommendations, I am looking for something good and reliable. I want something simple but a full keyboard, media keys would be nice but not essential, Macro keys not important, back-lighting is extremely important but RGB is not, I dont particularly care about Wireless (in fact unless every other box is ticked I don't see why I would as the keyboard wont be moving from my desk), I am not interested in the Logitech G910 Orion as I do not think I would like the oddly shaped key caps. I however do like Logitech, been using their mice for almost 20 years now with each time I strayed I regretted it. I am also leaning towards Ducky. I'm not looking to cheap out, I am hoping that I will get 10+ years out of this keyboard. I would ideally like to buy it, fall in love and pull a Luke and fix it down the line replacing switches and so on as needed. Budget, that is the important part. Under roughly €200 ($220 or £180) Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I actually have not been overclocking it actually but I might start at this point. I'm playing Witcher 3 tight now but I'll be back playing some more demanding games after that. MSI's overclocking built in system had it at I think 4.2 or 4.4 stable without any hassle
  4. I suspected as much, thanks guys. It is sad though, my little baby can't be upgraded. In fairness though, I have that system since Oct 2012 bloody CPU was only out, owes me nothing at this point I'll just run it into the ground, playing Witcher 3 on max on a 1080 monitor and most other games without any issues so I'll just get what I can and upgrade when I'm having issues with performance
  5. So I'm running a MSI Z77 (32 gig 1600 ram, 1070 oc with some ssd's) with an Intel i3770k and was curious about what I was restricted to with my upgrade path, its not what I expected tbh, seems I'm almost at the limit with the i7's but Zeon might be an option. See this link http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-MSI/Z77_MPOWER.html Seems I can pick the best Zeon up fairly cheap... Can I just through the Zeon in there? Does it require ECC memory or anything?
  6. Ideas, tricks, tips for setting up your smart home. How to avoid pitfalls and general annoyances when smart homes are set up incorrectly
  7. So we have been having a little issue with our new Google Home Hubs, when using it our phones go off. Sometimes when family and friends are over there are so many devices going off, it's getting a little bit frustrating. So I've been doing a little bit of reading as I'd hoped that there would be a setting to tell your phone yo ignore voice commands when at home or if a dominant device activates too to just turn bank off but nothing. Even something like do not respond to voice commands when at home or only in car but no. Firstly, but less important, Does anyone have any fixes or suggestions that do not involve turning off always listening or voice match as neither will solve the problem More importantly, does anyone know if Google are working on this? (which is the main point of the thread btw)
  8. Has anyone else watched this video? Can you clarify, I'm sure this can't be accurate, right? Everyone's entire archive open to the public A friend sent me this, but it's very late here and I'm quite tired so I'm sure I'm missing something, someone smarter than me can shed light on this I hope
  9. Not sure if I will, looking at prices but just bought 4x 4TB Hdds for my NAS and 4 more for my PC and backup system, plus RAM and a bunch of other stuff plus Christmas is coming But, given that this is my rough hardware: MSI Z77 mpower i7 3770K 16 gig ram (soon to be 32 gig) 1600 ghz Asus 1070 8gig OS Any thoughts on a CPU upgrade for gaming and photography? (Photoshop and Lightroom) Don't ask budget as I honestly don't know, I'll see at Christmas if I have money and if so how much I have and then decide if its worth upgrading. Just looking to get recommendations but I'm not so sure my CPU is that much of a bottleneck, but depending on prices and what you guys think I might actually go for it
  10. Thank you all, I figured but thought I'd make sure. I over analyse so this way I'm confident. I'm going to buy a legit copy, I think the previous version I had was OEM or something and I had a nightmare moving it to my PC from the ... Laptop if I remember (it was almost a decade if not longer ago) Ssspensive but.... fk it, might as well buy a copy outright for once (anything legit has been OEM before), I've been using Windows software in one way of another for ... 20+ years First time the charm Thanks again all
  11. So I had a pretty serious hardware crash and I've been fixing things, upgrading and re-examining my set up. I do love Win 7 but loosing support means I should probably move on soon. Could use some advice and perspective, not been keeping abreast of the OS behaviour and/or performance. So, what should do move to? WIn 8x or Win 10? Any advice on Pro's / Con's? I use it mainly for Photography (Photoshop and Lightroom) and Gaming, lost of gaming. Planning on dual booting Linux as well but I have 700 games most of which dont run on Linux so Windows is a must Rough hardware: MSI Z77 mpower i7 3770K 16 gig ram (soon to be 32 gig) 1600 ghz Asus 1070 8gig OS 3x 4tb HDD 1x 128 SSD 1x 256 SSD
  12. I think the lack of recovery features for your master password might be an issue for some of the fam. Some of the others have ways that a family admin can access or reset accounts in case something goes wrong, in my experience I'm sure something will at some point Thanks for the suggestion though
  13. One of the few negatives I've heard about 1Password is that because it originally came from IOS its Android integration is not great, most of the fam have moved over to Android now so might give that a miss to be honest (I've been doing research since originally posting this)
  14. So I've been using LastPass for about 4 or 5 years now and I like it. Its not perfect in fairness, the autofill feature craps out sometimes and little things like that but for me its been fine. Enter a new development, my Fiancé's mother seems to be open to the idea of using a password manager but she is not very tech savvy and last night my Fiancé's account on a shopping website got hacked so I think she might be on board with getting one too now finally. Problem is that, like my mother (whom I am also working on trying to get her to start using one), none of them are tech savvy in any way and they have little patience with these things so I am hoping for some recommendations on Password Managers as I've not really looked into them in years and only know LastPass. Hoping that someone out there has advice on getting family members on board with this sort of thing. In fairness I know Lastpass is good but just hoping to have that either confirmed or recommendations to an alternative. Requirements: Has to be simple and easy to use. Has to be able to use multiple devices & OS's (iPad, Android, laptops and so on). Autofill feature needs to be reliable. Ideally multiple users. Ideally 2 factor or other enhanced security features. Good recovery methods. Ideally Here are the ones that I am currently aware of: Dashlane - https://www.dashlane.com/ Keeper - https://keepersecurity.com/ Lastpass - https://www.lastpass.com/ Enpass - https://www.enpass.io/ 1Password - https://1password.com KeePass is not an option unless I have completely misunderstood how it works. PS: Please no one recommend pen and paper or an excel sheet (or something similar), you will be ignored (no offence) but that is how we got into this situation, me having to reset or reclaim accounts that have been lost due to password duplication or poor security in general. This will be the best option available, not the perfect solution.
  15. I'm looking to buy a few digital picture frames, the intention is to have one in my house and others in our parents houses and share pictures using a shared Google Photos folder. I've seen one example from Nixplay (Seed 10.1 inch) but they are not cheap and while I don't mind spending that much I'd really hoped for something slightly bigger. Anyone done a little research or already bought some and have advice?