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  1. LaserLion

    My First Custom Build

    What a great 4790k build, love it! Built in a time before RGB, when we had to really commit to the details of the aesthetic. Extra points for good cable management.
  2. LaserLion

    Budget Ryzen Build

    Thankyou for the thorough write-up. I was almost tittering with anxiety and anticipation as you described the booting up process, haha. So far, so cool.
  3. LaserLion

    Kalm's nerd corner complete for now

    Hey, I just wanted to get in on this "not rich" action! I myself am in college to get my teaching credentials as well as Liberal Arts degree, and all my income comes from under-the-table gigs, such as dog-walking, house-sitting and even caregiving. I was able to build a pretty nice 9900k rig just about a month ago. You just gotta budget and decide what kind of debt you might be willing to endure! I especially liked the "dreams happen" comment. Folks just gotta focus on what they want and decide to make it happen. Anyway, congrats on the setup and the new job. It's always good to hear that kind of story.
  4. LaserLion

    3rd gen 3920XM desktop project

    Good choice, my 6700k build had one.
  5. LaserLion

    Big, Purple and (Slightly) Overkill Editing Rig

    Looking back at it after awhile, all I can really say is I love it
  6. LaserLion

    AMD Ryzen + Vega ITX Water Cooling Madness!

    Love this build, it's one of those builds that inspires the imagination! You got a lot in there, yet to me it doesn't look cramped at all. It looks like everything is exactly where it ought to be. Your custom cables look ace and your attention to detail, such as cable management, pleases me greatly. Well done!
  7. LaserLion

    Never ending build Lian Li pc-q37 htpc

    This has been really interesting to read and I'm looking forward to your progress! Good job so far.
  8. LaserLion

    Simple 750$ Rig

    Great job, you rocked the Hell out of that Micro ATX build. Excellent budgeting, excellent cable management. Excellent all around. I miss the days when RGB wasn't really an option, so we had to find functional and reasonable ways to add lighting to our systems. This build is a good example of that done well.
  9. LaserLion

    Corsair 570X RGB "Arctic Dot"

    Bravo, beautiful build and beautiful post all-around. Well done! Thankyou for all of this insight. Good pictures too!
  10. LaserLion

    Big, Purple and (Slightly) Overkill Editing Rig

    Love it, love your guitars too. I will file a minor complaint on your cable management. Not that it is especially bad, or that it especially needs improving, but mostly because there are a couple obvious routes you could use to improve it. Here's what I suggest: Tinker with cable management, let it sit for a few days, then tinker some more. Usually time away gives you a little bit of perspective. I love coming back to tinker on a project.
  11. LaserLion

    First build complete!

    I love those colors. Any combination of blues and greens really works for me. Good job.
  12. LaserLion

    (Completed) Project: WhiteNoise

    Extremely cool, I love your documentation style. Solid photography accompanied by simple captions. The build went really well, just just a couple small bumps. But every worthwhile road has a bump or two You did really well aye!
  13. LaserLion

    Pink Floyd Computer

    I love Pink Floyd. Dark Side of The Moon is one of my top five favorite albums.
  14. LaserLion

    My First Gaming PC

    Love it.
  15. LaserLion

    Jack Daniels build