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    Earth - Continent: Europe
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    Gaming, messing around with computers, watching movies/series...
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    N/A (Student)


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    Intel Core i3 8350K 4.00 GHz
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    MSI Z370-A Pro
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    12GB DDR4
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    MSI GeForce GTX1050 Ti
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    Coolermaster Masterbox Lite 5
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    1TB Western Digital HDD & 128GB ADATA SSD & 128GB Kingston SSD
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    Corsair VS450
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    Philips E-Line 227E4LHAB
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    Cooler Master Hyper H412R
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    Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L RGB
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    Logitech G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
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    MS-TECH Speakers & Logitech G430 Headset
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    Windows 10 Pro & Ubuntu 19.04 & MacOS High Sierra
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  1. I wouldn't call the Switch inferior. I'd even argue that it's better than the Vita you mentioned It's known that most people just buy a Nintendo console as a side console for games that are only available on that platform. I understand that some people are going to be frustrated about some features that are missing in this iteration of the Switch as they're making it more handheld. I'm probably going to buy one myself if the reviews sound good and what not.
  2. Master Delta Chief

    Do you have $52 million, now you can visit the ISS for a maximum of 30 days

    Fair enough, but I do believe that when a government gives more funds to a certain research organisation regarding space travel, we may be able to create something sustainable for the future. Doesn't necessarily have to be a space elevator, but at least something that ensures that space travel becomes more viable. It is risk worthy.
  3. Master Delta Chief

    Do you have $52 million, now you can visit the ISS for a maximum of 30 days

    I could honestly care less about the WiFi and instead just enjoy the view and the experience that you can get onboard the ISS. Hopefully one day we can have a space elevator so we can decline the costs of getting a ship into space. If only governments would invest their time in it...
  4. Master Delta Chief

    XBox Game Pass for PC - The Netflix of games (low price)

    I don't think this is a bad idea at all. If there are games out there that you only play so often or like play once indeed, this is a fairly good deal. If there's a game out there that I really like and may play more often, I'll buy it. As long as it doesn't become like some sort of exclusivity thing in where games are only available for subscription.
  5. Master Delta Chief

    [ended] Apple WWDC 2019 Livethread?

    I get what you are saying, and it's true, but in this case you don't really need to be an expert on the mounting setups as these things are fairly straightforward in my opinion. Nevertheless my point regarding the mount still stands. It's way too overpriced (even for the average pro-consumer) and there are others on the market that give the same features (perhaps even more).
  6. Master Delta Chief

    Potential Battlefield 1942 rip-off on Steam

    I'd say it is news worthy only because of the fact that the message should continue to spread regarding this problem. This post wasn't only about the game, but also about the platform in question. The fact remains that Steam isn't strict enough regarding their policies about studios submitting games on the Steam Store and that their screening system is nearly non-existent. I doubt they're ever going to change, but then again, you never know.
  7. Master Delta Chief

    Potential Battlefield 1942 rip-off on Steam

    I'm afraid you have misinterpreted the title and the context of this article. The guys who were behind this 'game' used screenshots from BF1942 and used their trailer as well with slight changes. Regardless, this game has been pulled off from Steam and is no longer available.
  8. Master Delta Chief

    [ended] Apple WWDC 2019 Livethread?

    I do not think it's completely necessary to even give a backup on this particular thing. With a bit of logic sense you should realize that such thing is way too overpriced.
  9. Master Delta Chief

    [ended] Apple WWDC 2019 Livethread?

    They were doing well in the first part of the WWDC presentation... until they've showed the 999$ stand. I thought initially it was some sort of a joke until I actually saw it with my own eyes. It's frustrating me immensely on why they would even sell that. It's just a fucking stand. I get it that such thing might cost between 100 - 200 if you want a high-quality one, but one for like a 1000 bucks... that's just flabbergasting.
  10. Master Delta Chief

    Potential Battlefield 1942 rip-off on Steam

    Thanks for the update. I've made a quick edit on the topic to clarify it. Nevertheless, it's strange that they have used Battlefield 1942 stuff before. Now it appears to be something 'unique'.
  11. Master Delta Chief

    Potential Battlefield 1942 rip-off on Steam

    So while I was browsing the web, I came across this particular article from PCGamer. It’s pretty much something minor, but it is rather interesting nonetheless. Source article: https://www.pcgamer.com/this-upcoming-steam-game-is-actually-just-a-shameless-rip-off-of-battlefield-1942/ Source Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1081530 Summary of article Yesterday (time from when I post this), a few people have discovered something rather peculiar coming up on Steam. Tank Battlegrounds is supposedly developed by a Chinese studio named 自由合伙人 (rough translation from Google translate: Free Partner). This studio has no activity on their page on the Steam Store besides this game. The thing that’s interesting about this ‘game’ is that is a blatant rip-off from Battlefield 1942. It even has the following description on the Steam Store: This is just a basic copy-paste. Valve currently has not responded as of yet regarding this particular problem, but this particular oversight is a widely known issue. It comes at a rather particular time when Steam is becoming more popular on the Chinese marketplace, even though in China there are rather strict laws regarding censorship and so forth. Personal opinion It’s a shame really that this got through the checking system of Valve (If they even have one for that matter). I don’t like the fact that you can ‘easily’ sell your game on Steam and basically have a bootleg of some sort. Valve should honestly strict their policies regarding the selling of games on their store, but that’s just my opinion. EDIT: UPDATE: At this moment, the entire store page of the game has changed and no longer shows any sign of Battlefield 1942 related stuff.
  12. Why does this remind me of people back in the day telling others that Mac OS X couldn't have any viruses or malware of any kind. Each hardware could have it's own vulnerability. Doesn't matter what brand you choose whether it's Intel, Nvidia or AMD. If there really aren't any vulnerabilities, then that's good, but there's no way of knowing it unless proper research has been done. In Intel's case, these things are now finally coming to the light. The more we discover potential exploits and what not, the better. As long as the fixes that are applicable don't compromise too much of the performance.
  13. Well nowadays 6-core or 8-core processors tend to be more on the medium-end price range these days, but that was not the type of processors I was talking about. I meant more the i7 or i9 types or the more expensive AMD options you have out there. These type of processors are meant for getting the best highest performance as much as possible. But for the average consumer, it isn't really that necessary. They're more meant for pro-gamers or for other high tasking software usage. Again, that part most likely had to do with bad optimization. The ones you mentioned were known for some performance issues. And for the record, I don't own a i5 6600, but I do own a i3-8350K which has similarly specs.
  14. Got to keep in mind that the problem usually is software-sided when it comes to high/medium-end processors, especially with games. I still have a 4c/4t processor and I don't notice that much of a problem on multiplayer or singleplayer games. I don't get why there are still people out there that just buy a high-end processor and then at the end of the day complain about the fact that their game isn't running so well.
  15. The i3-8350K outperforms the 6600K to some extent actually according to some benchmark sites. They also have similar specs. If you're just a casual gamer that's on a budget, you might wanna go for the 8350K if you're sticking with Intel.