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    Intel Core i3 8350K 4.00 GHz
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    20GB DDR4
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    Windows 10 Pro & Ubuntu 19.10

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  1. There's another way you could go about this: Give users the choice of which kind of software they want to use. If they don't want the app anymore, they can just simply remove it on their own accord instead of a megacorp like Google giving them the option instead. That said, apps that are from the manufacture should be easy to uninstall in order to make this happen.
  2. I live in the Benelux region. The ones I was able to find were a little shady and weren't in great condition. Ideally I want to find one that's completely new and never unpacked, though the likelihood of that happening is small yet not impossible.
  3. (Fyi: I dunno whether if this in the right section to post, but it's not a WTB.) My first laptop was a Dell Inspiron 1564 and unfortunately for me I no longer have it in possession. So I was wondering if I was able to find this old system. I've done a few searches on eBay and some other sites but to no avail. So then I was wondering if warehouses by any chance would keep old tech with them for some time that for whatever reason hasn't been recycled yet. So my question is then: would retailers or perhaps Dell in this case keep some of their old hardware for whatever reason and if so would they sell it?
  4. Summary The subscription mania has been a thing for quite some time now with companies introducing all kinds of services with notable examples like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for games and Netflix as one of the frontrunners of the streaming services. Now, with Twitter seeing a little less income than a year before due to advertising boycotts and other possible factors, they are looking for more ways to gain more money. Recently when CEO Jack Dorsey was talking to investors, he said that Twitter was exploring additional ways to make more money from it’s users which includes the consideration of a subscription model. Dorsey did mention that tests are likely to happen this year of various approaches. Quote CNN: Quote Windows Central: Personal opinion: It’s not new seeing more corporations looking for subscription methods to implement which tend to look more lucrative for some people, however I should mention that it does look worrying that a lot of companies are looking for these kinds of payment options, especially on large social media networks. Whether if this actually gets implemented, it's uncertain if it will be for existing features or for new ones. Time will tell eventually. Sources https://www.windowscentral.com/twitter-exploring-subscription-option-improve-revenue-streams https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/23/tech/twitter-subscription-earnings/index.html
  5. Summary A few months ago, there were reports that Google and most likely Valve were working on the support of the popular gaming platform Steam to come on Chrome OS. Discoveries have been made by 9to5google on how it will work and which Chromebooks it will first support. As of now it will start with the laptops that have the 10th gen Intel processor. ChromeOS supports running Linux apps under the project “Crostini”. It does this via running an entire Linux distribution in a virtual machine. 9to5google tracked a new project within the open-source code of Chromium called “Borealis”. This appears to be related to virtual machines for ChromeOS. It turned out to be a full on distribution, which unlike Crostini that is based on Debian, Borealis appears to be based on Ubuntu. Personal opinion I haven’t heard much about ChromeOS lately (actually nothing), but this is still a rather interesting yet unsurprising news, especially considering that Valve has made a lot of effort into the development of Proton and the fact there have been some reports of it being made earlier this year. Regardless, this feels rather welcoming to the OS, even though it’s marketing share is rather low afaik. Source https://9to5google.com/2020/07/01/chrome-os-preparing-steam-gaming-ubuntu/
  6. For the record, there are people legitimately protesting for proper reasons. And yes, you have those who vandalize and take advantage of the situation but in some cases it's necessary in order to send a message to the government. And let me end it on this: The message is far, far more IMPORTANT than the riots or any other kind of damage done to shops.
  7. Well considering that there are some companies out there that either offer lower quality products, falsely advertise or give no free trial/demo, it's obviously expected to see people pirate the software or game in order to see whether if it's actually worth it to buy. You can make counter-arguments like having people check the reviews or see a video walk-through of the product, but that often isn't enough for the end-consumer. Anyways, the point here is and always has been, Denuvo sucks in terms of providing DRM applications.
  8. Never going to happen. Piracy is something that will always be there no matter what. I personally have much less of a problem with people pirating a game than cheaters. DRM's like Denuvo are known for causing problems by limiting not only the full potential performance of a game, but also the platform which is only going to be Windows. Linux and MacOS are left in the dark by Denuvo. It's a good thing that there are some gaming companies out there that release their games DRM-free in order to not limit the things I have pointed out earlier.
  9. Friendly reminder that Gearbox messed up the lightning, textures and maybe a few other things in the Halo: CE port which is still being used (to an extent) in the anniversary edition. Though this problem will be fixed in the future after all the other Halo games are released in the MCC.
  10. I kind of think the same that people shouldn't mix politics with gaming, especially in tournements. However, on occasions I believe a statement/message can be sent on that platform as long as it isn't something extreme. But banning for this kind of message seems rather excessive.
  11. I wouldn't call the Switch inferior. I'd even argue that it's better than the Vita you mentioned It's known that most people just buy a Nintendo console as a side console for games that are only available on that platform. I understand that some people are going to be frustrated about some features that are missing in this iteration of the Switch as they're making it more handheld. I'm probably going to buy one myself if the reviews sound good and what not.
  12. Fair enough, but I do believe that when a government gives more funds to a certain research organisation regarding space travel, we may be able to create something sustainable for the future. Doesn't necessarily have to be a space elevator, but at least something that ensures that space travel becomes more viable. It is risk worthy.
  13. I could honestly care less about the WiFi and instead just enjoy the view and the experience that you can get onboard the ISS. Hopefully one day we can have a space elevator so we can decline the costs of getting a ship into space. If only governments would invest their time in it...
  14. I don't think this is a bad idea at all. If there are games out there that you only play so often or like play once indeed, this is a fairly good deal. If there's a game out there that I really like and may play more often, I'll buy it. As long as it doesn't become like some sort of exclusivity thing in where games are only available for subscription.
  15. I get what you are saying, and it's true, but in this case you don't really need to be an expert on the mounting setups as these things are fairly straightforward in my opinion. Nevertheless my point regarding the mount still stands. It's way too overpriced (even for the average pro-consumer) and there are others on the market that give the same features (perhaps even more).