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    Music, computers, cars, games and food. I'm pretty basic.
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    Just another nerd with too much time on his hands.
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    Focusrite 2i2 + Mackie CR3
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    A bit more? I don't remember Kirk launching missles on a bunch of refugees LOL. IMO that was a bit more than a morally ambiguous action. I think that while Sisko did get the results, he more or less could've jeopardized the federation a lot more with his actions than somebody like a Picard or even a Janeway (or Kirk) would. Take your In the Pale Moonlight example. If it wasn't for Garak taking things into his own hand and assassinating that senator, Sisko would've been in huge trouble for what was more or less deception to incite a war between two parties that Starfleet already was having issues with. He also IMO was quite an emotional guy and acted on them often. That isn't something that I really look for in a commander. To me I think commanding isn't just about being the best Tactician on the battlefield either.
  2. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    I wouldn't want Sisko commanding a fleet personally but between those choices I guess I'd go with Sisko too.
  3. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    Im actually more into Star Wars and have read more about it than I have Trek. I still have my SWTOR account, I still read my young Obi-Wan books and I still buy SW action figures but thanks for assuming my position. IMO SW will always win these debates because more people like Star Wars and know more about it so its always harder to argue against because of bias. IMO I was being pretty objective aside from a couple of jokes about hyperdrive and han being a scumbag but if you think otherwise thats fine. Also TOS isnt even my favorite series nor is Kirk my favorite captain. Han is one of my favorite characters aside from Revan and Bane in the SW Universe though.
  4. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    So its still more or less magic flying
  5. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    So distracting Khan, forceably turning off his shields, hiding in a nebula and then popping the Reliant from the back is your idea of an honorable action? I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Definitely isn't honorable by Klingon standards! I'd also say claiming one universe is more dangerous than the other without direct comparison and scale is a wash myself but feel free to disagree. The safest time in the federation was during TNG and this was hundreds of years prior. Many dangerous wars have taken place and it's not like the Federation had enemies that weren't willing to annihilate a planet like the Imperials do. Also, they definitely aren't the same considering hyperdrive consists of lanes that ships can more or less teleport to something that is from the outer rim all the way to the core worlds. Warp drive produces a field around the ship allowing it to travel FTL, not dissimilar to real warp theories.
  6. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    Kirk literally tricked Khan into letting himself being self destructed. I wouldnt say thats honorable. Starfleet H2H saved Kirk from super human aliens and genetically modified beings so I dont think its fair to dismiss his training vs something that is barely touched on in the current SW canon. Wookies are scary. So are Klingons and Augments. Kirk also is a proven pilot and has maneuvers named after him. He is very adaptable and also uses his surroundings to his advantage. He isnt a slouch even if he does in the chair. Mind you Star Wars ships teleport around with hyperdrive so there is always an in universe advantage in SW.
  7. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    Are we all saying that Kirk isnt beyond playing dirty? He might not shoot first but he'll find a way to shoot last. Ask the Kobayashi Maru test and Khan. Earth might be a Utopia but Qo'noS and Romulus arent!
  8. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    I still want my Revan movie. Emo Revan light doesnt do it for me LOL
  9. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    Unfortunately Disney says that didnt happen. If we drew from trek EU we could dig further too but I figured that was cheating a bit.
  10. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    Hell get you next time, kid. LOL
  11. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    Admiral and General are more or less similar ranks. Kirk was also Chief of Starfleet Ops which is a very high ranking position. Solo was field promoted for Endor and didnt do anything worthwhile for the resistance after he ran away from his kid problems to smuggle again for how many decades? I know who I would trust my life with and it isnt the womanizing smuggler with commitment problems and an aging DL-44
  12. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    The better Captain is the most decorated one. Fun fact, only one of those captains was promoted to Admiral as well. Also you can't prefer something if you haven't even watched any of it!
  13. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    I feel like if you're having this debate, you should be familiar with the source. It would only be logical. Kirk only captained the Enterprise NCC-1701 (and eventually the refitted version) and the Enterprise-A. That means all of the TOS series (the 5 year mission) the Enterprise survived and was eventually refit for the movies and lasted until the 3rd when it was destroyed. He then captained the Enterprise-A. The Excelsior class Enterprise-B he was only a guest on and that ship was captained by John Harriman in 2293. By the time the ambassador class Enterprise-C was commissioned and in service, it was 2344 which is well past the age Kirk could live to. That ship was captained by Rachel Garrett before it was destroyed by Klingons and replaced by the Enterprise-D as you know was captained by Jean-Luc Picard. Kirk captained 2 enterprises and both of them at the time were superseded by bigger ships. A 1970 Mustang is a flagship vehicle for Ford. Do you expect it to perform like a 2019? No? So why are we assuming it's the best? Constitution classes don't just get automatically destroyed when the Excelsior class gets produced. Either way, how good the ship is irrelevant to how good the captain is. The captain chooses and follows through with the action and that's the same no matter the size of the ship. Also what battle does the Falcon take part in where it's the sole ship doing the work? Both Death Star assaults happened with the entire Republic fleet. It's essentially a fly in a swarm. The Enterprise often gets sent as the only ship in dangerous situations and is usually outgunned. Not everything is solved in combat either. Kirk has ended wars, signed treaties and has changed the Federation for the better. Solo was an opportunistic smuggler that had no intention to fight and mostly did it for ass and cash. Also left an offspring that ended up killing him so...
  14. Mutoh

    Han Solo Vs. James T. Kirk

    Kirk lost the Enterprise once over the Genesis planet so IDK where you're getting 'Every movie Kirk wrecks a ship' The Enterprise is a constitution class ship that is much older than most of the ships they come across. The fact that Kirk could routinely beat opponents that outclassed him should speak volumes and considering he isn't a smuggler trying to avoid combat in the first place, I would say it's not fair to say his record is worse than Hans. If Solo was put in half as many front line situations as the enterprise, Han would've been bantha fodder before he could even tell Obiwan that the force is hokey. The Federation also doesn't need bank accounts considering currency was in disuse in the 22rd century within the Federation. Those are matters for Ferengi, not Starfleet Captains. Live long and prosper. :)
  15. Mutoh

    What do you do....

    Sure, but then you should know as well as anybody that you really wouldn't be able to viably treat him over the web considering he wouldn't be your patient, you wouldn't have access to his records and pretty much just have to go on hearsay for a diagnosis which isn't ideal. Of course there are doctors or people looking at getting into the field here but the point being moreso that just being a doctor doesn't mean you're his doctor! Good luck though and early congratulations!