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  1. Please read this >>> https://telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/covid-19-lockdown-drags-network-speeds/74881768 The speed keeps fluctuating all day. Sometimes the speed is good, sometimes the speed falls so much I cant Youtube videos even at 720p. What's the situation in your country ? Is Internet working same as before ?
  2. I read that inability to get in that Android image mode means that its not a software issue but a hardware issue. So I just sold the Tab at a cheap price.
  3. I did exactly what the guide says. Problem is when I press & hold the Volume Up+Power at the same time I am still getting that same Intel screen. That is the image that the attached with my first post. Why do you think I am not getting that "Android image" ?
  4. My Asus Fonepad (FE170CG) refuses to boot. It hangs on the Intel logo (please see attachment) Is it possible to fix this at home ? I don't want to go to the service center & spend money for such an old device. If anyone knows a way please reply. ****Note**** I use Linux. I don't have a single Windows PC at home. This is the device
  5. I am not. I purchased this phone on 2013 & I am still using it. I use my phone for outgoing & incoming calls only. I don't even do web browsing on my phone. My phone have Opera Mini but frankly I prefer using my desktop for web browsing. All my friends keep buying new phones every 5-6 years. In my opinion this is complete waste of money. Personally instead of spending cash for a phone I will rather buy a good soundbar. I know this comparison between a smartphone & soundbar doesn't make any sense. I am just trying to explain what my priorities are. How frequently do you
  6. I listen to music almost all day. Even when I am working but the weird part is I listen to music while taking a shower too. I was using a FM radio for like 5-6 years. Today I purchased this speaker. Anyone here shares this (weird) habit ?
  7. Thanks to everyone who replied. I learned a lot. This forum is awesome but I don't like only one thing & that is I don't receive email notification when someone replies. If an admin reads this post please do something.
  8. Please read this >>> https://www.appliance-insurance.co.uk/appliance-insurance-articles/11-tips-to-make-your-led-tv-last-longer/ I purchased my Panasonic TV on 2018. I had read that article like a week after buying my TV & since then I am using the preset called "MILD". Is this a sensible thing to do ? Do you think this is necessary in order to maintain longevity of a LED TV ?
  9. @dalekphalm@Skiiwee29 Okay I understand. I will purchase this device very soon. @Arika S By "staff" I mean the people who deliver items to owner's doorstep
  10. @Blue4130 I understand your logic but its not impossible. I login to my Amazon account, I request for Prime membership & then they send staff to my residence & finally they activate my Prime membership once I make the payment. @dalekphalm Linux in 2021 can play DRM-controlled content. Its Amazon which refuses to cooperate. Please see attachment.
  11. The first is mode of payment. At least in my country Amazon only accepts digital payments for Prime membership. I purchase from Amazon several times a year & I always choose the COD that is cash on delivery but sadly if someone wants to purchase the Prime membership COD is not an option The second one is the neglect towards the Linux platform. I use only Linux at home. I have no Windows or Mac clients. I read that although it is possible to stream Amazon Prime video under Linux but the downside is that the resolution will be limited to SD. No HD under Linux. Please re
  12. @martward My onboard graphics is working fine. No issues at all. This is my onboard graphics : $ inxi -G Graphics: Device-1: Intel HD Graphics 530 driver: i915 v: kernel Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.20.4 driver: modesetting unloaded: fbdev,vesa resolution: 1366x768~60Hz OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel HD Graphics 530 (Skylake GT2) v: 4.5 Mesa 18.3.6
  13. I have connected my desktop to my Panasonic LED TV. I have cancelled my digital cable subscription. I stream everything from news to music using Youtube. I don't play any games. At the moment I am using the onboard Intel graphics. Some years back I purchased this Nvidia Card. Its lying unused collecting dust. Again, I don't play games. So does it make any sense using a discrete graphics card ?
  14. Before Blu-ray discs reached the market when DVDs were the most popular optical media almost all desktops/laptops here in my country had a DVD writer. Then came Blu-ray discs which can hold much more data in comparison to a DVD even when compared to the dual layer DVDs. But I hardly know anyone in my friend circle who have installed a Blu-ray writer in their desktops or laptops. All are using usb flash drives, external spinning HDDs, or external SSDs. When it comes to watching movies almost everyone here is using a FireTV stick. Why do you think
  15. @CookieKittu@el_murdoque You both are absolutely right. I just replaced the battery & everything if fine now. Thanks a lot.