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  1. Complete agree. Please understand that all I am asking for right now is if I select 720p resolution which the max of my TV I must be able to enjoy 720p at its fullest. Why that's not happening ? Why I have to waste bandwidth streaming 1080p content on a 720p TV ? Ans: Low Bitrate.
  2. Yes I have seen 4K on large screens. The electronics shops put those on display to attract buyer but they use Bluray. The average customer sees it & says wow without knowing that he will never see that kind of picture quality under any streaming service. Companies will spend billions if they see an opportunity for profit. The technology already exists. I mean higher bitrate videos exist it just that no one wants will want to invest unless some competitor does it first. If there is even one new streaming service launched all the rest will follow. These people are qui
  3. @HairlessMonkeyBoy I wonder why doesn't some new streaming service appear whose USP is higher quality video. I mean "If you buy our subscription you will enjoy movies in high quality". Is that not attractive ?
  4. I mean there is hardly anyone who doesn't love watching movies. The kind of movies people like may differ. The situation indicates the fact that there a huge lack of awareness amongst the general public. Someone who has power should come forward and do something. Bluray discs are expensive so not everyone can afford them. Popular streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and even Youtube must at least consider increasing their bitrate to an acceptable value.
  5. So the conclusion is people are obsessed with only the resolution & they completely ignore the bitrate factor. People just buy devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick 4K & all they get is compressed sh**.
  6. I guess I will have to do the same from now on. Is there any hope the situation will improve ?
  7. I am dissapointed to hear that. I was planning to take an Amazon Prime subscription hoping for high quality videos. Where I live there are no bluray renting services available.
  8. No don't think its placebo. I tested like 15-18 videos & got the same result.
  9. So if someone wants to watch uncompressed true HD videos which video streaming service should he use ?
  10. This is the video that I am using as an example >>> Click here but I am seeing increase in picture quality in all videos. I am using this TV as my desktop's monitor so sometimes I am sitting right in front of it so the I am able to tell the difference. This is my TV >>>> Click here. Why is this happening & how is this even possible ? I mean if my TV's resolution is limited to 1366x768 why am I seeing an increase in picture clarity while playing 1080p videos ?
  11. @Commodus After reading your reply I checked the prices of Apple phones. They are ridiculously expensive. So I tried to find out the reason for that & found this : https://www.businesstoday.in/current/corporate/iphone-12-way-costlier-in-india-than-countries-like-us-dubai-singapore/story/419505.html
  12. Please read this & you will understand why I think updates are so important. https://www.howtogeek.com/711886/what-are-android-security-updates-and-why-are-they-important/ Its good to know that Google is working on this. The problem with installing third party roms like Lineage OS is the fact that it doesn't support all phones. If your phone is on their list of supported list you are lucky otherwise you are stuck with your existing Android install.
  13. I am not using a smartphone at the moment coz I don't need a smartphone. All I do with my phone is make outgoing calls, receive call, send & receive SMS(s). I am planning to buy a smartphone in the near future & the only reason for that is I want to communicate with my family via video calls. I am using this phone now. I had purchased this phone on 2013 and its still working like new. The build quality is simply awesome. Since I don't connect to the internet using this phone I am not bothered about security updates. But when it comes to smartphones internet conn
  14. Please read this >>> https://telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/covid-19-lockdown-drags-network-speeds/74881768 The speed keeps fluctuating all day. Sometimes the speed is good, sometimes the speed falls so much I cant Youtube videos even at 720p. What's the situation in your country ? Is Internet working same as before ?
  15. I read that inability to get in that Android image mode means that its not a software issue but a hardware issue. So I just sold the Tab at a cheap price.