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  1. I recently started using Spotify. I haven't paid anything. You need to pay only if you want to download music or want higher bitrate. The sound quality of the free version is pretty descent. I too have cancelled my Digital Cable subscription & use Youtube for everything.
  2. I started practicing yoga some 10 years back. Never stopped. Started doing cardio in 2020.
  3. Some of my favorite movies are : COMEDY American Pie 1/2 Road Trip Eurotrip Harold & Kumar 1/2 Sex Drive Gods must be crazy 1/2 Action/Scifi The sum of all fears Behind enemy lines Delta force Clear and Present Danger World War Z Rambo (The entire series including Last Blood) Horror The Exorcist Mention some of your all time favorite Hollywood movies.
  4. I tried Startpage some years back but was really disappointed with the result. I don't know if Startpage has improved or not. I will give it another try. Thanks for mentioning Startpage.
  5. I used to use only Google but now I use DuckDuckGo. The primary reason behind this change is privacy. Which search engine do you use the most ?
  6. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube? From which Internet based service have you benefited the most ? My vote goes to Youtube. I have cancelled my Digital Cable subscription & at the moment I use Youtube to watch all kinds of content including the very same news channels which I used to watch using Digital Cable. Thank God Youtube exists.
  7. I am asking this to everyone who replied. Is it possible to check Gmail using an Amazon Fire TV stick ? The Amazon Fire TV stick runs on Android right ? What about the Facebook app ? Can I install that on Amazon Fire TV stick ?
  8. I don't need a printer. I just need to print only one page once a month. Its the receipt of the electricity bill which I receive via email in case I made the payment electronically. I copy it to a USB flash drive & take it to a nearby cyber cafe for printing.
  9. I purchased my first desktop in 2003. Since then I have assembled (by myself) 4 desktops. The situation right now is quite interesting. I was a happy user of Digital Cable but 2-3 months ago my Set Top Box stopped working. I called my Cable company & after testing the STB they said its not possible to repair it & I will have to buy a new one & that I will save some money if I exchange my old STB. I declined their offer & since then I have connected my desktop to my LED TV & streaming everything. We will be moving to a new house soon & once we move I will buy
  10. I am not really knowledgeable enough to agree or disagree so I asked myself some questions. Q1) Is the size of the TV enough ? A) Yes. My bedroom is not that big. Q2) Am I satisfied with the picture quality ? A) Yes, I watch movies in HD (720p) from approx 5 feet away & the picture quality is impressive. Q3) In future will I buy another 720p TV ? A) No. I will buy the maximum resolution available. Q4) Do I miss any feature in this TV ? A) Yes. This is not a smart TV. If I have to buy a new TV I will definitely buy a smart
  11. I agree & after asking here now I know I am not alone. What is overkill & what is not depends on personal preference.
  12. What my friends & family say about this is they appreciate watching movies & sports in HD but they say its not really sensible to watch the news in HD.
  13. I purchased this TV >>> Click here Its HD-Ready aka 720p. When I purchased this TV on 2018 I knew nothing about subject. The sales guy told me that the difference between HD-Ready & Full HD is so negligible that I wont be able to tell the difference from a certain distance. I know I am the one who should have done the research.
  14. No matter what I am watching. News, sports, movies, music videos I want to watch it in High Definition. The minimum acceptable resolution for me is 720p. Sounds crazy right? Anyone here who shares this (bad?) habit ?
  15. 23 years back when I was a teen there was this intense demand for Mini HiFi Systems. It was not only me but all my friends purchased at least one. What do I mean by a Mini HiFi system ? A typical mini hifi system included a Audio CD Player, Am/FM Radio & 2 Audio Cassette Players. In terms of sound quality Sony was dominating the market. I am attaching a pic of a Mini HiFi System. Now in 2020 if I visit a local electronics shop looking for a Mini HiFi System I will have to return empty handed coz they don't sell them anymore. What is the scenario in your coun