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  1. I found this: https://www.techpowerup.com/245401/grab-a-copy-of-shadowrun-returns-deluxe-for-free-from-the-humble-bundle-store Long time ago I finished Shadowrun returns and Dragonfall expansion and I am confused, what is Shadowrun returns anthology dlc?
  2. I see that. Can something be connected with usb port, some usb speakers or something else?
  3. I bought this TV: https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/78e8d13 Is there a way to connect external speakers to it? Picture is great but from sound I expected a little more...
  4. I am thinking to buy this TV: HISENSE H43A5100 https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/1c611315 Is it a good TV? I am a little worried that it has brightness value of only 200cd\m2. Is this a too small value?
  5. ok thank you. What about rubber screws for fans? Is it worth it?
  6. What do you mean by sled? Those white HDD adapter? I am not a native englist speaker, sorry I also contacted FD support and they told me to put screws in holes on HDD cage. Also I have some cheap rubber screws for fans, bought them on ebay long time ago, would it be wise to put them on fans instead of metal screws? It seems to me that fan would be unstable with them.
  7. Thanks. I made some mistake in calculation, it will in the end be 8 hdd anti vibration rubber. It will look like this (picture not mine, I just edited it). Red are parts for rubber. I hope this will stop case vibration.
  8. I have some HDD vibration in my Define R5 and I will put all HDD anti vibration rubber on HDD adapter. Fractal by default tells that 2 rubber are enough but that didn`t stop my HDD from producing vibration. I will put 4 more on each HDD adapter. Two pair of rubber will touch HDD metal part and the last pair will be very close to HDD electronic. If it touches electornic can he do some damage to it?
  9. My friend got some virus on his USB stick on work. She told me that is virus that turn applications in shortcut. Ransomware or something much smaller? Anyway what is the best way to resolve this situation, she is counting on some files from USB, what is the best protection and tool to disinfect? I am afraid that there is a small possibility that virus will break Avast free protection and do some damage to computer. Try to disinfect this by hiren boot (boot form some other USB stick) mini xp and than scan with anti virus programs?
  10. Is there any program in which I can make all fans stops then test one by one? Or do I need do this old fashion way, unplug all and then test it slowly one by one? I think one of my fans are buzzing and I am searching quick way to find which is problematic....
  11. I am thinking to buy used g700 (no warranty). I read thatt this mouse has problems that after some time buttons stop working? Is that true? Can that be fixed with some cheap switches form ebay or this is more a electronic problem?
  12. I found information on doubling the lifecycle here: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2811966/motherboard-10k-capacitors.html I am asking this because I am thinking between Asus x470 pro (5000k) and Asrock x470 K4 (12000k). Maybe this is just a marketing thing, that all will last many many years. So caps will have similar temp like VRM?
  13. 5000h/24h = 208 days at 105C With every 10C lower the lifetime of capacitors doubles?? If that is correct than at 70C duration would`ve been around 2496 days (around 6 years). Did I calculate this correctly?
  14. How long would last 5k capacitors? I know that value represents duration 5000hours at 105C but how much is capacitors temperature at gaming and stress test?
  15. humming noise, it goes up and down. It is irritationg.
  16. It is AMD stock cooler, fan is buzzing.
  17. I know but all components are bought in one store, it is a new PC, so best thing is to send everything to them. Opinion on cooler buzzing noise?
  18. Checked the connection, didn`t help. This is a case from my friend so he will probably RMA it. One more thing. CPU cooler produces some buzzing noise (not so loud), what do you think does that comes into warranty?
  19. Didn`t help. I remembered I have usb voltage control. This is the results, usb 2.0 and usb 3.0. So hardware fail?
  20. Ryzen 2200g Gigabyte B350m gaming 3 Zalman Z1 case Win10 All usb 3.0 are working except one on front panel of the case. Other usb 2.0 on case are working. Everything is connected. This is default settings from BIOS. Can I try some driver or something or this is probably the hardware fault?
  21. My friend bought this card, not the red one, this is the gray version. Should this card have fanlees mode in idle? As far as I noticed fan are always on 45% in idle. Also Geforce expiriance is equivalent to Raden settings? When I enter in that program it ask me to enter mail or some other login. That really necessary?
  22. When I set ot normal voltage I got this results after 15mn of Aida64 stress test. https://i.imgur.com/mN8YRtm.png if I set with some value of +0.00000 offset in win is clock always 1550ghz. even that voltage is higher that stock so this is bios problem? Maybe I put to much voltage in offset +0.xxxx. I tried carefully now with offset -0.048 (if I remember) and it seems it works. Ryzen master always read same wrong voltage, I used CPU-z. In stress test voltage varies from 1.188 to 1.2V - 3.6ghz. I tested in Aida64 (25mn, stress test without gpu) and prime95 (50mn), room tempereture was 15C. Are these voltages or temp ok? I am doing this for a friend so I want it to be stable and in normal tempratures in summer. https://imgur.com/a/5SlwA What is the max temp for this Ryzen? Any more test that I can try? I heard that real bench from Asus is good....
  23. That options optimiza last few seconds, it says that drive is trimmed. So I can turn it off?
  24. Should I leave Win10 optimization (that function is in defremengtation window) schedule on?
  25. MY friend board came with latest F22 BIOS. I found a post from one guy that wrote that his b350 gaming 3 bricked in January 2018....