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  1. Now i have LG with IPS panel but I don`t like it because backlight/ips bleeding. I am changing this because I like to play dark games (horor, cyberpunk) and I want good blacks without backlight bleed. On some Amazon reviews I see that that Acer have some problems with backlight bleed and flickering (cause headaches?) but maybe it just coincidence, I will need to do a wider research. I see that Samsung have good VA panel but also has stupid freesync range (48-72). I forgot to wrote that it must have freesync. With that option iiyama has only TN monitors so they are out of the gam
  2. I am slowly preparing for EU Amazon black friday where I will buy some good monitor. My request: Diagonal: 27" + Panel: VA Resolution: 1080p + Frequency: 75Hz + Budget: 200 - 300€ Advices? EDIT: It must have freesync
  3. ringo

    Samsung C27FG70

    Did Samsung with C27FG73 fixed the problems of C27FG70? Rebrand?
  4. ringo

    Samsung C27FG70

    Does anyone here has Samsung C27FG70? I don`t want to wait Freesync 2 monitors because they will be much expensive when they come out so I found this samsung monitor. Seems great but after reading some reviews on some web store it seems that it has lots of problems like flickering, one user says that he send his monitor 2 times to RMA in short time. Any opinions?
  5. Just for PC, gaming - movies - music.
  6. My budget is below 100euro but I would prefer something around 60-70euro so that I can invest money difference in other stuff , many headset/headphones from my list are above budget but I expect solid price drop on black friday.
  7. Headset = headphone - it all the same for me
  8. I am slowly preparing to Amazon black friday where I will buy lot of stuff including some headphones. I don`t know anything about gaming headphones, it a new area for me. Could you make a list of top 3 quality and top 3 best buy? I don`t know how much I will spend on them, probably depends on how much money will be left for them because they are not my top priority. Here is the list (I found these headphones in my local stores so I presume there are also available on Amazon): Corsair VOID Gaming USB Corsair VOID Gaming Stereo Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage Wireless
  9. any other opinion? according to this webshop b350 strix is 30 GBP expensive than b350m tuf, so x370 tuf should be definitely around x370 strix? https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-tuf-b350-m-plus-gaming-amd-b350-socket-am4-ddr4-m-atx-motherboard-mb-6ad-as.html
  10. ringo

    Gpu advice

    bump Does this news mean that Vega 11 will be released this year? http://wccftech.com/amd-preparing-launch-several-vega-11-graphics-cards-gpu-passes-final-certification/
  11. yeah but TUF is attractive because 5 years warranty I just have to wait and see in October
  12. Asus TUF B350M is coming out in october. That means that x370 tuf should be near? Some predictions, will x370 tuf be expensive more than x370 strix? What is the usually price position for TUF?
  13. More testing: I turned off PC, buzzing starts from sub after some 20 minutes. All my power cables are connected on one APC surgearrest. If I unplug power cable (connected to subwoofer) from APC buzzing stops. If I unplug cable from PSU from APC no effect buzzing continuous. I don`t think that DAC is the problem. I that this Logitech Z series of speakers have this kind of problem. If I send it to RMA in store where I bought them do you think that they would accept this as a problem for RMA or they would just say that this is normal behaviour?
  14. YOU ARE RIGHT!!! All passes through front filter. Stupid me my apologies I didn`t pay attention to details I presummed that it passes directly to components. Didn`t take time to to study it carefully
  15. I think not. Then you would see holes before front filter on that video (part when he opens the front door and removes the filter). Air though holes goes directly to components. Belive me I know EDIT: wait, I will chek on mine R5 soon
  16. look better, not that removable front filter, there are holes on the right and left side on the case (look picture on my second post here)
  17. I didn`t remove it yet, when I find good filter/net I will remove it. You can watch this short video and see how it looks. Veeery stupid for premium case
  18. No, they are behind dust filter. Every dust that enters there goes directly to components. Why is that stupid design, ask Fractal
  19. Today I wake up and I hear buzzing from sub. I tryed moving cable (audio, power) and nothing changes, buzz is still there. I turned off speakers on control pod but still same situation. When I turn on my pc buzzing stops. Does all "low" budget range 2.1 speakers have this problem? Is this normal? Should I RMA it? I am afraid that logitech will simply tell that this is normal....
  20. Buzz is definitly coming from sub. I will try tommorow move audio cable from power cables, maybe that helps. I would turn off speaker when I turn off my pc but problem is that I like to watch movie or listen music before I go to sleep in my bed so I set my PC with program that automaticly turn off after some time. In that case speakers will stay on. I heard those things about buzzing problems with whole Logitech Z series but I ignore it and between Hercules 2.1 Bassboost speaker I choose these Logitech Z333
  21. When my pc is OFF I can heard the buzzing sound form my subwoofer 2 meters away. I didn`t noticed this before because it was summer and my window was always opened. Tonight was too cold I and closed the window and noticebly buzz can be heard from subwoofer. Is there a way to fix this?
  22. ringo

    Gpu advice

    I already have 1080p 75hz freesync monitor so ATI is my only option. I am not thinking to buy that at price that I selled rx 480, I am thinking to buy that at some good price at Amazon black friday. Would it be better to wait for Vega 11? Vega 11 will be released at the early start next year?
  23. Before 3 months I sold my MSI RX 480 gaming X to miners and I bought some cheap backup card. Now I want to buy some rx 580/570 card that is not overpriced. What models of rx 580 should I search if I want to maintain performance and silent level of my former MSI rx 480 gaming x?