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  1. On my recommendation my friend bought Gigabyte b350m gaming 3. Everything seems stable but I read that some Gigabyte boards still has bricking problems. Is this true?
  2. Can I transfer it somehow to SDD or do I need to repeat Win10 installation without HDD?
  3. On computer with one 120GB SSD and 1TB HDD I installed WIn10 on SSD. After Win installation I noticed that it created System reserved partition on HDD. Is this normal?
  4. ringo

    ALC887 vs ALC892

    Is there a big difference between these two on board audio?
  5. Since budget was on the thin edge my friend ordered Gigabyte AB350M-Gaming 3 (heard many good things about her), not Asus b350 prime plus. Later I saw that this board has ALC887 audio codec. Is there a big difference between ALC887 and old standard ALC892?
  6. what would you recommend from TP-link in that price range? I can buy D-LINK N USB adapter DWA-127 but it is quite old. also there is still: TL-WN823N D-LINK adapter Wirelles Nano USB DWA-131 Edimax bežična mrežna kartica EW-7722UTN V2 Asus bežična USB mrežna kartica USB-N13 Better to buy PCI card?
  7. What to choose from this TP link wifi sticks? TL-WN821N TP-LINK TL-WN727N Tp-link tl-wn722n OS is WIn10. Tp-link tl-wn722n comes with antenna but some say it work on win10, some say opposite.
  8. Does it come with default good picture? Just plug adn play and adjust brightness?
  9. Is this monitor good? I can buy it for a good price... http://eu.aoc.com/en/products/p270sh?redirected=true
  10. ok, thank you but my colleague will not wait. For SSD 120GB in budget range I have this options: - SSD 120GB TeamGroup L7 EVO - SSD 120GB Kingston UV400 -SSD Transcend 128GB SATA SSD230S 3D Nand - Silicon Power 2.5" S55 120GB SSD SATA3 TLC - SSD AD 128GB SU800 SATA 3D Nand Which of these should closer in speed to my kingston fury SSD and that it has cache? Also is Fortron Raider II 650W a good reliable PSU? Other options for PSU in that price range: - 700W FSP Fortron/Source Hyper - 600W FSP Fo
  11. Yes, there will be a lot of gaming. Yes. 1. Probably change of plan, Carbon is unavailable in my country, I can order it from another country but I think that colleague won`t like that. Also budget is on the limit. I think he will buy Asrock B350 pro 4, seems like a stable mbo. Will it eventually hold 8c ryzen in future without any big problems? 2. Probably this one: Patriot V Elite DDR4, 2666Mhz, (2x 4GB),8GB, CL16 3. Since 1050Ti is faster some25% I think it is the better option. Some medium settings in AAA games. 6. Is WD green faster
  12. One of my colleague asked to build a pc for him. For CPU I choose Ryzen R5 1600. 1) For MBO I am thinking between these: Asrock b350 pro 4 (ATX version, I read that microatx version has some problems with freezing lately, atx should be free of that) - 84€, Asus B350 strix and MSI B350 carbon - both around 120€. I am leaning towards carbon because it has best VRM of b350 (leave a possibility to upgrade in future for 8c ryzen) and better audio. 2) For Ram I think that 1x8gb 2666mhz will be enough? I have heard that only one stick of RAM can be crippling on Ryzen. Tru
  13. I tried running those files after that, just opened setup.exe, everything seems fine Could damage be deeper, something that I will know after installation of those files?
  14. I used option cut (not copy) to transfer some game installation files (data1, data2) to my other partition. During that operation exolorer.exe crashed and process was stopped. Could that damage my files?
  15. Ok, there will be no big slowdowns with SSD because relatively old processor?
  16. ok, I will tel my friend. And how much increase of speed are we talking about, more than 50%?
  17. On my friend laptop hard disk broke, I need to find a good replacement. Laptop is HP PAVILION DV7-6186EG (Intel® Core™ i7 Mobile Processor i7-2630QM (2 GHz mit Intel® Turbo-Boost bis zu 2,9 GHz, 6 MB Intel® Smart-Cache, AMD Radeon HD 6770M). I am thinking between: WD blue WD10SPZX 1TB WD blue WD10JPVX 1TB Seagate barracuda ST1000LM048 1TB or maybe SSD WD green WDS120G2G0A Would SSD had much better perfomance that these HDD? I am worried because SSD is only 120GB and on disk I will put Win7 (20gb space?) + Leagu
  18. I built a web page in wordpress for my friend couple of years ago and yesterday he told me to upload some new images on that web page. I didn`t use wordpress for years so I am a little rusty in that field. Today I updated WP plugin Easy gallery and I noticed after that that gallery thumbnail is always centered left no matter what I try. Any advice how to set it on center? This is code form wordpress: <p style="text-align: center;">[EasyGallery key='2']</p>
  19. can you post a screenshoot on latency moon here?
  20. ringo

    Folder list to txt

    @ExtraBlackMonster Thank you very much but I already did it with command prompt
  21. Is there a easy way to extract folder list to .txt file without messing with DOS programs?
  22. My friend has some Intel CPU that has GPU inside it. He says that his GPU in CPU died. He brought it to me and there is no picture on monitor when I connect it. I put my GPU in his computer and there is picture but if I plug HDMI on MBO connector three is also a picture. That seems strange to me. Is that posibble? Pci express GPU is taking picture from MBO HDMI?