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  1. On Amazon I am thinking to buy some headphone but new one are only for prime members. There are some that has marked as Used, like new. What does that mean? Do they have full warranty?
  2. Is is possible to remove 2.5" drive from this storage or is it soldered like some WD digital portable drives?
  3. Also when buying cable do I need to buy cable that has micro usb 2.0? in case if I in the future buy some better mobile phone..... can such mbo that delivers 1A usb 2.0 damage device, in this case mobile phone?
  4. Will I see any difference when charging from usb 2.0 and usb 3.0?
  5. it is on Asrock x370 K4 2 USB 3.1 Gen2 (1 Type-A, 1 Type-C)
  6. I have Sony Z1... https://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_z1-5596.php
  7. My motherboard has USB C and USB 3.1. What is faster between these two to charge mobile phone using micro usb?
  8. ringo

    Display port 1.2a

    So your are saying that monitor have 1.2a output (marketing) and that 1.2 cable (without a) will be good enough for freesync, that it will support it. Am I correct?
  9. I need to buy display port cable that support freesync. As far as I read I need version 1.2a? On amazon I am only finding 1.2 without "a" and 1.3 version is twice expensive than 1.2. So my only option is to buy 1.3?
  10. I am most worried about memory compatiabillty, will it work out of the boy on 3200mhz...
  11. I have the opportunity to switch my Asrock x370 K4 to MSI X370 Titanium. I have Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 memory (Hynix). Does anybody know will these memory work without problems on this mbo. Does mbo have any problems, is it stable? I haven`t follow MSI on AM4 socket so I don`t know much about it.....
  12. ringo

    G403 and G502

    I don`t like mouses in which thumb is on sniper button. If I liked them than I would buy G402 immediately. Some users of G402 says that sniper button is too sensitive.
  13. ringo

    G403 and G502

    Than seems that G502 will be my favorite. I cannot risk with g403 because it is too similar to Asus gladius. I will buy it on Amazon EU. For G502 will I have 2 or 3 years warranty? I know that Amazon gives 2 years warranty but will 3 year be valid directly in Logitech?
  14. Thinking between g403 and g502. I have some dilemma: - I bought Asus gladius but I didn`t find it comfortumbly, rubber seem very slippery so I returned it. Would shape of Asus gladius be to similar to G403, same grip? - For G502 I read that this mouse can have some latency problem (game stuttering) at polling rate of 1000hz and that button after some time tend to become double click. Opinions?
  15. - What is the best app to backup/save Viber and Messages conversation? - Best program on Andorid for find my phone/againt stealing? - Best program for Blue eye filter? I found some but in one schedule doesn`t work, other have too many notifications that jumps on.
  16. On my WD green that I use as my storage disk when I was copying something and listening music from that HDD I got a little stutter in music. Is that normal because of file copying? I also noticed one time when SSD booted Windows I immediately enter my WD green and there was a blank screen for a couple of seconds than everything was ok (probably it needed time to read files??). Smart data are OK. Slow or failling disk?
  17. App is simply called Browser. How to see internet history from that app?
  18. https://www.wdc.com/en-ie/products/wd-recertified/my-passport-ultra-new.html#RWDBGPU0010BWT-EESN 1TB - 27€
  19. Anyone here had expiriance with these drives, is it worth to buy?
  20. This is my page file settings, Windows is in charge with that. Should Win10 use more memory for page file? It is using only 2GB? I have 16GB of ram memory....
  21. I am asking this because I noticed some strange behaviour from my WD blue EZEX (storage disk). When I watched movie couple of nights ago I noticed that every couple of second it makes short audible sound like it is writing something (trtrtrtr). When movie is closed that sound is gone. It lasted 2 days, now everything is fine, no strange sound. I tested in HD tune, HD sentinel, Crystal disk info and WD lifeguard, everything is fine. OT - Stupid question: Every HDD when it is ON it produces woosh sound but does it also produces very faint constant trtrtrtrtr sound - like when is HDD writing b
  22. Will blur reduction work with freesync? That 34" is not curved, I read that 34" is best curved because it is too wide so it will be better eyes, I won`t get eye strain There is also UM59 version, can`t see difference except that UM59 has response time GTG 14ms (??). Difference in price is 50€. I will need to look some reviews. In my local stores there is no curved monitors, in that case I would rather risk it with that 27" curved Samsung at least I will know good quality picture without IPS bleeding.
  23. Stupid question: On my secondary HDD when I open one movie I get constant HDD activity during watching, I can hear small sound like when HDD is writing something. When I start some other movie, HDD activity is 0%. Why is that?
  24. I sold my LG 27MP68HM two weeks ago because I didn`t like IPS bleeding. I got used to TN panel before I bought him and also seems like that IPS has some more motion blur that was noticable to me. LG 34UM59 - this one seems interesting because it 34", it has 1ms motion blur reduction (don`t know how efficient is that??). Will it have worst picture since it has in name number 59 compared that my previous had 68? I will look some of reviews. My first favorite is Samsung C27F591FD, it has great picture, great reviews but not sure how will it look curved. I prefer VA because