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  1. Why is price of this mice so high? I am looking to buy one used for my brother but price on ebay/amazon for these mouses is insanely high. I have mx518, could I sell it for some good price?
  2. what about impedance sensing, should that always be on the same value?
  3. maybe this one?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/105mm-Replacement-Soft-Floss-Earpad-Ear-Cushion-Pads-for-AKG-K240-K270-K271-K272/141803912160?hash=item21042bfbe0:g:ER4AAOSwA4dWIcJ~
  4. I bought these today, do I need anything to configure or it is just plug and play?Do I need to have headphones icon in sound? there is only for speakers when headphone is connected. In Realtek audio manager to what do I need to put Headphone power (Balance, Dynamic, Ultimate)? Headphone in name have word Dynamic semi open, so Dynamic is the best? Headphone impedance settings always remian the same with headphone plug in or plug out. Is that normal?
  5. I already said that it passes long generic test in Seatools but Seatools doesn`t have Smart check unfortunatley
  6. Seagate support told me that program Seagate drive settings in not compatible with win 10 What about those Smart settings, is everything OK? Raw read error rate 84 -65?
  7. will any default AKG 240 pads be softer than superlux? I was thinking to buy something cheap like this: https://www.hagglezon.com/en/s/earpads akg k 240 First or fourth from the list?
  8. Didn`t help. HD tune, Crystal disk info and HD sentinel screenshot.
  9. I bought Seagate Expansion 2TB portable hard drive. First I installed SeaTools and run short and long test, everything compleated fine. After that I installed program Seagate drive settings program but it tells me that no external drives can be found (picture in attachment). Is this normal? I tried connecting it on front panel and on the back of my motherboard same results.
  10. I know they should worked fine but as I mention in first post, shipping and handling to my country is around 36$ so they are out of the game
  11. Anything cheaper? This is 60% of price of headphones. I would like if it can be like those I mentioned in my first post, price and comfortabilty. btw all this is advice from this video, one of my favorite youtube reviewer for headphones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAoJ7D0jqo8
  12. Those on ebay are like default ones at least I think. Default one are not to comfortable judging by many user reviews. other that you posted are form Amazon.com which has to expensive shipping for my county, I said I would like some form Amazon.de. I think AKG K 240 will fit, just look first result on amazon.com, it shuold be the same size as superlux.
  13. I bought Superlux 668B headphones and by some youtube review recommendation I was also of thinking to buy this comfortable earpads but with shipping on Amazon.com they are too expensive (around 40 $): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KLPRQMO/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A14FJL5O9CH7QK&psc=1 Can you recommend me some good earpad from Amazon EU (I prefer amazon.de)?
  14. how much time was latency moon on in idle' try update all of your drivers and reinstall audio drivers
  15. Here: http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon
  16. Maybe something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PC-Case-Fan-Mouting-Pin-Anti-Noise-Vibration-Silicone-Screws-20-Pcs-WS-N3M3-T6G7/282693813373?epid=1186319121&hash=item41d1dd447d:g:xr4AAOSwiYlZ8Opg
  17. Try what this commented: 1. remove unused trays 2. screw in the ones you do use (screws for 2.5" drives will work) 3. add sound dampener to 4 screws at bottom, and 2 screws at the sideside on my r5 screws for 2.5" couldn't fit so I found other screws. When you try this could you report here and tell me did it help you? I didn't try all this, I only put some screws (you put screws on the side of hdd cage, where is side connection to hdd), I didn't put screws in all usable trays so I hear a little buzzing, will try with all screws and s
  18. Just unplug the hdd and report. You have Windows on ssd, right?
  19. try with that HDD disabled and report back. In my case (also Define R5) HDD vibrates and then vibration go to side panel that produces humming sound....
  20. Try Lateny moon program, maybe you have problems with latency....
  21. Do you have hdd on your pc? Define r5 has problems with hdd vibrations...
  22. I found this review on newegg: "I've had 3 cloud 2's. 2 I bought, and 1 was a replacement. (as it was under the 1 year warranty period.) As good as they sound and as comfortable as they are, if they don't last I'm not going to be buying that product again. The first pair I had I wasn't as careful with them and they lasted just under a year, I didn't have a receipt so understandingly they wouldn't honor the warranty. Bought the second pair, but this time I made sure to save the receipt just in case if I had issues with them again. Sure enough it lasted about 8 months and went throug