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  1. Waiting for black friday Amazon EU, need some monitor (I prefer VA panel) recommendation for max ~300€. I found this for VA: Samsung C27F591FD - wobble stand, good reviews, but don`t like too much curved, didn`t used or see anything from curved monitors ACER XZ271bmijpphzx - causes headache by some user review, flickering problem HP Omen 32" - ghosting, flickering problems, not good for eyes Asus rog XG27V - too expensive, I don`t think his price will fall too much on Black friday AOC AG272FCX - good specification, but high price AOC Q3279VWF -
  2. ringo

    LG 27MP68HM

    When Freesync is on I got black screen on computer boot. restart solves it. How to fix this? This is also mentioned in this review:
  3. Not blacklight bleed, look at color transition on the roof. Something like this, only it is on other Benq monitor, but it is VA panel.
  4. I am thinking of buying VA monitor Benq EW2775ZH because of very good black and contrast but I found this: I understand that every VA panel has this problems but user in comments says that it is less noticable in personal than on mobile phone camera. What do you guys think, will it be too distracting?
  5. ringo

    Benq GC2870H

    Does anyone here have this monitor, is it good for gaming? What is the difference between GC2870H and GW2870H?
  6. This card have 1GB of VRAM. MSI Afterburner won`t work in Mafia 2 for some unknown reason. I also have stutter in older games (Morrowind, Operation flashpoint: Red river - directx 8 and 9). In that games stutter is more intense (0.5s frezee), in morrowind every couple of seconds, in OF every couple of minutes. With that in mind I don`t think VRAM is problem. Tested memory in MemTest 5.0 - 1500% coverage, no errors. Here is stutter from Anno 1404 (it stutters after load only when I move ship for the first time, after that is ok): Seems stra
  7. Currenty Ati 7770, rx 580 will come soon. Weird thing that in demanding games like Bioshock infinite and Metro LL everything is working fine, no fps drop. Is there a way that I can check that this is not a SSD problem? I have 2x8 GB (3200mhz) currenty at 2133, games have same problem when ram is on 2933mhz (I returned to 2133 because it wasn`t stable, I am going to change mbo soon so I don`t wanted to bother with ram tweaking). Some users with Ryzen have very similar problem, but some of them said than when they returned to win7 everything is working fine. I think I wil
  8. Thanks I am mention this because with new Ryzen platform I have small fps drops in some games after I load, I recorded that here: After I reload after stuttering everything is fine. I suspected that in small chance it could be SSD problem but it is probably win10 or memory problem.
  9. I am not worried of durabillity, I am wondering whey is there value of 95. Year ago I have a faulty mbo (freezes and restarting), maybe in that time that value of 95 was created. Now on Am4 everything seems fine, no freezeing and restarting. I presume if that value increases than I would see it manifest in some problematic way.
  10. High end would mean good quality components, like good VRM. I don`t understand how are they going to sell TUF as high end but meant for entry gamers. I was looking forward to Sabertooth series but if it comes with ALC 887 I won`t buy it.
  11. Great, thank you, seems like everything is fine. HD tune is probably for HDD only, it is strange that is Kingston faster than Samsung Only thing that I am worried that in Kingston SSD manager I get this: I think I get this reading (read error rate 95) before 1 year, it hasn`t changed. Overall things seems healthy.
  12. I was thinking to switch my current Asrock x370 K4 to x370 Strix/CH6 but I decided to wait for February where I will buy some from x470 lineup. I will aim for TUF series but today I saw on Intel new lineup (Z370) of TUF that they will have ALC887 audio chipset. Than I saw this, Tuf is not high end anymore. What high end mbo series that hasn`t been released yet can we expect from asus or others to release with x470?
  13. I can wait Program is HD Tune.
  14. Is this oscilation normal for my SSD?
  15. Samsung C27F591 reading this review it seems like a great monitor https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/samsung-c27f591fd/
  16. Ok but monitor I want is curved, there is no flat version...it will have negative effect? With my friends I usually play PES so we are not sitting on the centar of the monitor, will that be a big problem...
  17. Could someone help me here find replacement earpads for Superlux 668B because default earpad on superlux are not so good. One review recommended this one but they are only on amazon.com:https://www.amazon.com/Cosmos-Velvet-Replacement-Cushion-Headphones/dp/B00KLPRQMO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506798480&sr=8-1&keywords=cosmos%2Bpair%2Bblack%2Bcolor%2Bvelvet%2Breplacement%2Bearpad%2Bcushion%2Bfor%2BAKG%2BK%2B240%2Bstudio&th=1I need something from Amazon EU...
  18. I am thinking to buy 27" curved monitor and I was wondering is curved monitor a big change? I read that is good for eyes, less stress. How is for watching movies from 2 meter distance, will I see any negative effect?
  19. I heard that WD has problems with electronics in their external drive that they are not very reliable. Is that true?
  20. I don`t know anything about TV models so I need recommendation for some good durable budget TV from EU Amazon. I will buy it on black friday. Spec: 32" 1080p Must have DVB-T2 Max price that I will give on Black friday is 200€, you can recommend TV expensive from that but I expect some good discount on BK. I now have CRT so every new TV will be a big step forward.
  21. Title says it all. 1TB: TOSHIBA Canvio Basics, 1 TB, 2,5", USB 3.0 Transcend EXT 1 TB StoreJet 25C3, USB 3.0 Seagate 2,5" Expansion Portable 1 TB, USB 3.0 (STEA1000400) Seagate 2,5" Backup Plus Portable 1 TB, USB 3.0, (STDR1000201) Seagate 2,5" Backup Plus Portable 1 TB, USB 3.0, (STDR1000200) WD My Passport 1 TB (WDBYNN0010BBL-WESN) WD 2,5" Elements Portable 1TB, USB 3.0 (WDBUZG0010BBK-EESN) 1,5 - 2 TB: WD 2,5" Elements™ Portable, 1,5TB, USB 3.0 (WDBU6Y0015BBK) Seagate 2,5" Expansion Portable 2 TB, USB 3
  22. Thank for advice but won`t buy AOC again. I will keep this monitor unitl it last so I don`t want to make any compromise with picture. What about Samsung C27F591FD? On this page he got some nice review: https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/samsung-c27f591fd/ It has stupid freesync range 48-72 but I can live with that. Reviews on web seems great, without any problems. Also this Samsung seems great C27FG70 (C27FG73) - 144, VA, freesync, not too expensive, but I found reviews in which is stated that it has massive problem with picture (purple picture).